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Food Fight: Food in the Battledome

by dudeperson41


BATTLEDOME - Some of you may think that throwing a pea or a hunk of asparagus at your opponent is not going to do much harm; well, this is not the case! Some of the strongest battle weapons in the game are some sort of foodstuff. While most of these are (far) out of the price range of the average Neopian, it is still fun to think of knocking someone silly when throwing a tiny pea at them. In this article, I will go over some of the different food items that can be used in the Battledome!

Cardboard Baby Cabbage Cannon (formerly known as Cardboard Sprout Cannon)

Cost: 3.5 million from the Hidden Tower.

This is one of the more "fun" veggie items that you can use. It has a small percentage of hitting a bullseye, but when it does... ouch!!! I wouldn't want to be hit in the face with a baby cabbage being launched out of a cannon, and I'm sure most Neopets wouldn't either! Unfortunately because of the low percentage of this item hitting a very hard hit, it is not very reliable. When it does not get a bullseye, it is really quite weak. More like the cabbage rolled across the floor and you stubbed your toe on it.

Attack Pea

Cost: 320 million or so, originated from Smugglers Cove.

Yeah, I said 320 million. I know, it's insane, but it's rare, and ummm a pea, and that's their price. This does a solid earth attack, very strong, with the added satisfaction of throwing an itty bitty pea at your opponent and knocking them halfway across the Battledome. The only problem with this, is because it's only earth, is that it is very easy to block! I am sure the 1 player opponents would not like it very much though.

Radish Bow

Cost: 2 million from the Hidden Tower.

While you can probably get a much better item for 2 million than this, it is a food so I am highlighting it! Besides, who can overlook the delicious pun in the item's description? "Give your opponent a right royal radishing!!!" ... ha. While flinging radishes arrow-style at your opponent is sure to be a riot, you can definitely get something more effective than this, and for much cheaper!

Artichoke Bomb

Cost: Several million, unsure of current price. Originated from Smugglers Cove.

Splatter your opponent with artichoke when this thing explodes. Sounds like fun I'm sure, but it's not really all that strong, and you can get much better for a decent price too. This would look great in some kind of gallery, but as far as the Battledome goes, your opponent is more likely to point and laugh at you after this explodes, rather than cower in fear.


Cost: 8 million from the Hidden Tower.

Most likely created because of *someone's* love of asparagus. This is quite a hard hitting weapon, and the types of icons it does are nice, but again it is overpriced! Your Neopet would likely quite enjoy wielding around a pair of these all ninja-like. It's sure to surprise your opponent at any rate.

Chocolate Chip Battle Biscuit

Cost: 1,000. Buy it on the shop wizard.

This is quite a nice item, but it is similar to snowballs in that it is only one use. Once you use it, it's gone. Probably because your opponent will eat it, or maybe it's just so stale that it explodes into a billion crumbs. Either way, for a one use item it's not bad, but in all honesty if you are going to use one use items, stick to snowballs; they are cheaper.

Seasonal Attack Pea

Cost: 425 million, give or take. Originated from Smugglers Cove.

Another very high priced weapon, this one is better than the regular Attack Pea in that it also does some light icons, and it wears an awesome little Santa Hat!!! This weapon is stylish all year round, not just over the holiday season. Don't let its cuteness fool you; you'd best be running like mad if you see one of these fa lalala'ing your way.

Honey Potion

Cost: 850,000. Originates from Illusen's Quests.

Mmm, honey. This is a once per battle item that bombs your opponent into a sticky, gooey, honey-covered, very unhappy Neopet. It is one of the better bomb items in the game, and for its price you can't go wrong. Just make sure there aren't any bees around when you open this one... and keep an eye on your pet so he or she doesn't sneak a few licks.

Everlasting Crystal Apple

Cost: 3.8 million or so. Cooking pot recipe.

This item heals you 30 hit points and is useable multiple times in battle. This can be amazing for pets with 30 or slightly higher hit points. It also allows you to see your opponent's weapons, so you have some idea of what is about to come at you. Munching on a nice apple in battle, yum, of course it's refreshing!

Last but not least,

Super Attack Pea

Cost: 550 million or so. Originated from Smugglers Cove.

One of the most sought after battle weapons, and not just for the fact that you can get an avatar from it. This is the strongest constant-hitting battle item in Neopia... and it's just a pea!! Who said vegetables were good for nothing? At least you can throw them at someone and beat them to a pulp. Sporting a stylish red cape, the Super Attack Pea does earth and air icons and a lot of them which is sure to leave your opponent reeling.

There are of course, many, many more food items that can be used in the Battledome. Many of them are not so good for their cost, but others can pack quite a punch. Many of the not so good ones are sought after as gallery items, which is another reason for their cost. Remember to look into items before you buy them, because rarity isn't always everything! My only question is, where's the Cream Pie of Doom!?

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