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Two Sisters

by piratemastergirl


They stood in a circle around the steaming cauldron. They chanted in a lost tongue that only the elders knew. Steam poured from the large round mixing bowl. The voices echoed throughout the dark room.

     “Now is the time. Add your gifts,” said the tallest hooded figure.

     “Ground stardust.”

     “Root of a Puntec fruit.”

     “A drop of water.”

     “Light.” The gifts kept on coming. The elders were creating two sisters to defend Neopia. An Earth faerie and a Light faerie. The elders were growing weary.

     “Are there any more gifts?” asked the tall hooded figure. The room was silent.

     “Alright, then. Let us finish the ceremony.” She held a large wooden spoon. Each of the ten figures grabbed the spoon and stirred. They began chanting again. At first it was quiet, except for the chanting. Then a loud buzzing rang out from the cauldron. A green ball of light floated from the pot. What appeared to be a leaf in the middle turned into the form of a small baby, still inside the light.

     “We shall call you Illusen!” rang the voice of the tall figure.

     “Illusen,” echoed the elders in unison.

     Suddenly, a second ball of light floated from the pot. It should have been a shining gold, but instead it was a deep purple. The elders stared in shock at what happened. There was no reason this child would be purple. It was a sign that she was a Darkness faerie.

     “We shall call you... Jhudora.”

     “Jhudora,” the elders said, but not in unison like they had before.

     The two balls of light floated to the ceiling. They burst in a blinding flash of white light. When the elders opened their eyes, two children stood there. The first had on a green tunic and a large brown belt. Her long chestnut hair fell down to waist. Her hair had green streaks that gave her a certain look of Earth. Her wings were pretty and green. Her beauty was incomparable. Her tanned face was speckled with freckles. Her deep green eyes dug into your soul and made you want to cry.

     The second child was different. Completely different. Her deep purple hair fell just as long as her sister’s and had the same green as her sister’s. She wore a long purple and green dress that flowed around her feet. Her fingernails were long and purple. Her wings were leathery and demon-like. The strangest thing was her skin. While her sister’s was tan and sun baked, her own was a light purple.

     “Hello,” came Illusen’s sweet voice. The elders could not answer, they were so taken aback by their mistake. How could they have turned a light faerie into a darkness faerie?


     They left the sisters in the care of an Air faerie named Leyana. She was not so very old, and not so very young. She looked young, but somehow, you saw the oldness in her eyes. Jhudora was not keen on having to live with a Air faerie (she was a darkness faerie, after all), but Illusen was all for it. Leyana was very kind to Illusen, but was wary of Jhudora. Leyana did not like the looks of her.

     “Do you have a toy I could use?” Jhudora asked as sweetly as a Darkness faerie could.

     Leyana, taken aback by her seemed sweetness, just nodded and retrieved a blue Aisha doll.

     “Thank you.” She took the doll into her room and closed the door.

     “Can I have a doll, Leyana? Please?” Illusen asked. Leyana smiled at Illusen's sweet face. “Of course, dear.”

     Leyana came back with a beautiful Fyora doll, nothing like the beat up old Aisha doll Jhudora got.

     “Oh! Thank you so much!” Illusen hugged the doll to her chest and ran to her room.


     “Supper time!” yelled Leyana. A moment later, Illusen skipped merrily out of her room. “Hello, Illusen. Where is your sister?”

     Illusen shrugged.

     “I am right here,” came Jhudora’s voice solemnly.

     “Oh, there you are. Come, sit down.”

     Jhudora nodded. “Look what I did to the toy.” From behind her back, the little Darkness faerie pulled out the toy.

     “Oh my...” Leyana gasped. The toy was completely mutated. An evil grin spread across its twisted face. It was no longer the baby blue it had been. Instead, it was a dark purple with black spikes down its back. Leyana couldn’t control herself. She raised her manicured hand and slapped Jhudora’s young face. She immediately fell to the floor and began to sob. Hate burned in Illusen’s eyes. She did not care that they should have hated each other; Jhudora was her sister, just the same.

     “Why did you do that? She was just experimenting!” Leyana was surprised at Illusen’s reaction. She expected Illusen to not care. Instead she found Illusen helping up and comforting Jhudora.

     “I- I, well...” She was at a loss for words.


     That night, Illusen lay in bed, disturbed by what had happened. She tossed and turned thinking of what to do. Suddenly, an idea struck her. She tiptoed out of bed and down the hall. She opened Jhudora’s door and stepped inside.

     “Jhudora? Why aren’t you sleeping?”

     “I’m not sleepy,” Jhudora replied.

     Illusen looked at the floor. She felt nervous about what she was about to ask. “Jhudora, I have an idea.”

     At this, Jhudora slowly turned herself towards her sister. “What is it?”

     Illusen smiled. “Let’s run away.”

     Jhudora’s eyes widened in shock. “Really? This doesn’t sound like you, Illusen.”

     Illusen sat down on the edge of her sister’s bed. “I couldn’t bear to see Leyana treat you like that. It was terrible. We need to get away, tonight.”

     Jhudora nodded, as if in a daze, and gave her answer. “Okay. But where will we go?”

     At this, Illusen smiled even wider than before. “I have an idea. Pack and be quiet.” Illusen got up and left the room. Jhudora hurriedly began to pack.


     The two sisters silently flew away from Leyana’s home. Illusen lead the way to a cloud, just outside of the city. It was a purple color, deeper than that of Leyana’s. There was an entrance that lead into an abandoned old house. The furniture was old, but sturdy. The young faeries stood there staring for a moment.

     “I will always protect you,” Illusen said, still gazing at the room. Jhudora knew that it was not something a person would answer to, but something a person would react to. So she did. She embraced Illusen like sisters do, but like these never did.

     They then decided that they should share a room, even though they were all alone. Everything was perfect. But this would not last very long.


     After a while, the sisters began to test each other’s nerves. Jhudora could not help but act like a Darkness faerie, and Illusen couldn’t help but be the Earth faerie she was. Jhudora’s dark ways only gave Illusen a better reason to hate her sister. Illusen’s goodie-goodie ways only frustrated Jhudora more. For, as the girls grew older, they began to realize that they were too different to be friends. And that is where it ends, Illusen leaving, Jhudora going mad with anger at her sister, and how the most famous rivalry on the Faerie cloud started.

     Do not underestimate the power of what you are.

The End

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