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Meepit Juice Break On Zen Mode

by geneames1


Some very good game guides have been written on how to obtain a high score on the Meepit Juice Break game, perhaps even a score high enough to obtain the coveted “A Meepit - Run!” avatar. All well and good, if you are a capable enough player at the game to do it the usual way. If you are more like me, however, and are completely incapable of scoring well using this technique, then you may have to change your tactics. It IS possible to earn a high score on Zen mode (cue ‘dun-dun-dun’ music here) – a time consuming, sometimes painful and mind numbing method attempted by only the most desperate players. It will test even the hardiest and most dedicated among you. I speak from experience, having obtained my own best score this way (pat on the back to me). Let us discuss in detail how this can be done.

The first step in the process is to ensure you budget enough time to complete the game with a relatively high score. It’s probably easier to decide in advance what score you want to achieve, since having a specific goal in mind is a great motivator. A good rule of thumb is to allow one hour for every 300-400 feeds. For example, if you want to achieve a score of 2000, then you should figure on spending at least five hours laying pipe. For Zen purposes “enough” time to complete a game is anywhere between eight and twenty four hours. The game needs to be started and completed during the same Neopian day, so be sure to start after 12:01 am NST and finish by 11:59 pm NST on the same calendar day.

Step two is to make sure you have a comfortable environment to play in. After all, you are going to be in that space for a long, long time. Put some music on in the background, have a few munchies on hand, and sit in a chair that you can occupy for several hours without losing feeling in your legs. It also helps to have a computer with a reasonably reliable internet connection – nothing can crush your spirit faster than spending hours on this project only to have an internet error cause your window to shut down. Broadband is a definite advantage, but you’ll have to use whatever you’ve got. Lastly, take a peek out of the window and make sure the weather is fair. Playing on a stormy or windy night is an invitation to a sudden blackout -- if an errant lightning strike or fallen tree limb should cause a power outage in your area you’ll find yourself wishing you had waited a day or two to get started!

Step three is to begin. It helps to know that each feed that you make on Zen mode is worth one point. It doesn’t matter how many Meepits you feed on each completed match, what color juice you feed them, or what bonuses you pick up with each pipe laid. You get one, single, solitary point. Allow me to illustrate the tremendous job ahead of you: let’s assume you decide you want to achieve a score of 4000. Figuring an average of 6 mouse clicks for each feed you’ll realize to your horror that you are likely looking at in excess of 24000 clicks of the mouse. Is your hand starting to swell up yet? If not, don’t worry. It will. Heh, heh.

Step four is to take frequent breaks. If you don’t, you will either go insane in short order and start throwing yourself at the wall or you will find yourself getting careless and making mistakes. Perhaps you will want to minimize your game window, and without thinking you will click the little red “x” in the upper right corner instead of the little minus sign. Once you stop weeping you will realize that taking breaks is a very good idea. The length of the breaks is entirely up to you. If you want to get the job done as quickly as possible, then I would recommend a five or ten minute rest every hour. Get up, do some deep knee bends, take a walk around the block or watch a little television. Anything that will help clear the fog that is undoubtedly beginning to cloud your mind. Watching pipes being laid minutes after minute, hour after hour is hypnotic in a weird, sort of scary way – seeing the numbers of feeds completed slowly but inexorably creeping upwards is equally fascinating and will help you get into “the zone”, but a little respite is always a good idea. If you are like me, you will play for three hours non-stop and then you will go bowling. Hopefully you will do very well while you are bowling. That will put you in a much better frame of mind when you come home and realize you still have 2000 feeds left to make.

Eventually you will get down to the last three or four hundred feeds and your heart will start to pound in anticipation. Calm down; you still have almost an hour left to play. Do so for another fifty or sixty minutes. At long last, after many, many hours, you will be down to the last ten – five – one Meepit begging for juice – and then you have the score you want. With your heart in your throat you will push the “send score” button. Some players (like me) will be rewarded with the “something has happened” pop up window, which announces to the world that you have just completed a truly Herculean task and have been awarded the Meepit Juice Break avatar. Others (not like me, thank goodness) will get a “there is a problem with the server. Please close your game window and try again” message, which I can’t even begin to contemplate without my hair curling. In that case, you can either close the game window and try again another time, or you can quit forever. The choice is yours.

At this point you should rise from your chair. At a minimum you can expect your fingers to be stiff and your hand probably a little puffy. Land o’goshen, step away from the keyboard and go do something else! Some first aid might be in order; something along the lines of a little ice applied to your hand to reduce the swelling or a nice soak in the bathtub to relieve your aching muscles. You might also find it psychologically advantageous to reopen the Meepit Juice Break window, lay the pipes to feed the first Meepit his juice – and then close the window before you give it to him. Be sure to say “Ha ha, nasty little Meepit” as you do this. I know it made ME feel better.

So, Meepit Juice Break player, you have TWO ways in which you can earn the high score you so desperately desire. Get good at the game and earn many thousands of points in five minutes – or stay lousy at the game and earn them in eighteen hours like I did. Either way, good luck and happy feeding!

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