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Neopian Spotlight: The Fountain Faerie

by get_a_life10


FAERIELAND - Ah, the wonders of Faerieland. The land of the faeries, the land of the popular Wheel of Excitement. The place where every Neopet dreams of getting bathed in the ever so colorful Rainbow Fountain, the place where every Neopet dreams of someday being the Neopet to complete the most jobs in the Employment Agency. Well today, I, Get_a_life10, got to visit Faerieland for my second article for the Neopian Times. What was I going to write you ask? Um, well, I actually had no clue of what I was to write so I decided to visit Faerieland.

As I looked around at all the possibilities, I silently thought about whether I should write about this or that. Jhudora was written a lot about already, I knew nothing about the Wheel of Excitement, and Fyora was a very busy faerie. So I was relieved when my eyes settled upon the Rainbow Fountain.

What is the Rainbow Fountain? It's a Fountain that every Neopet dreams of, a Fountain that is most rare when you can bathe in it. Why is it rare to bathe in? Because you can't just bathe in it when you want to. When you complete a random quest (which are rare) for the Fountain Faerie, she will let you paint any pet of yours into any color. Only the luckiest Neopians get a chance to complete the quest for her.

As I was saying before you interrupted me with that confused look of yours, I took a deep breath and decided to interview the Fountain Faerie. As I approached nearer and nearer to the Rainbow Fountain, my hands started to feel sweaty and I had to clutch my notebook and pen to keep it from falling. I had never met the Fountain Faerie before, only heard of her quests and rewards. I didn't know if she was rude or kind. She could have been mean or conceited for all I knew. So I was expecting the worst as I saw her gently washing her tail but I told myself that there were lots of other faeries to interview if she wasn't nice as I walked up to her.

The faerie looked up at me as if she had been expecting me. "Hello, I'm a reporter for the Neopian Times and I would like to ask you some questions, if you're not too busy that is," I said quickly. She smiled and gestured next to her.

"Well then I guess you should sit down for you won't have the strength to stand up when I'm done answering your questions," she said in a kind voice as I sat down next to her. I started to relax as she smiled at me once more and I must say she was the nicest faerie I've met. She was the ONLY faerie I had met but ignore that fact and read the interview below:

Me: So you're running this beautiful Fountain. How long have you been running it?

Fountain Faerie: Well, I've been running it for years now and as soon as Faerieland existed, I came to live here but I must admit that if you're not like Jhudora or Fyora, you have nothing to do so I started this Rainbow Fountain and I've been leaving peacefully and happily ever since I have.

Me: Speaking of being happy what is your reaction when a Neopet completes your quest?

Fountain Faerie: As most Neopians know, if one completes my random barely-given quest I let their owner paint one of their pets into any color they want. It could be painted Baby, Island, Robot, anything that exists.

Me: I see. What is your favorite paintbrush?

Fountain Faerie: Well, seeing as how I'm the Fountain Faerie that doesn't really matter as I have all the paintbrushes I want. Now and then I do run out but I end up with more than enough of that color at the end of the day. But I am rather fond of the Faerie Paintbrush. *Laughs*

Me: *Laughs with her* Is the Faerie Paint Brush one of the popular colors used?

Fountain Faerie: There is no certain popular color but yes, the Faerie Paint Brush is used quite a lot and I must say that the owners who choose that color have remarkable taste.

Me: What gave you the idea of starting the Rainbow Fountain?

Fountain Faerie: Well, I am the Fountain Faerie and I had a whole bunch of useless paintbrushes. I thought it would be such a waste to throw them away unused but luckily my colorful brain thought of the idea and I loved the idea so much I just went with it without any hesitation at all.

Me: And I must say that it was a wonderful idea!

Fountain Faerie: Oh thank you, dear.

Me: What would you say if anyone asked you if they could take over the Rainbow Fountain for you?

Fountain Faerie: That is never going to happen but if it does happen, I would tell them that they are crazy and that there's no way I'm ever giving up this place. I have a reputation to run for Fyora's sake!

Me: But wouldn't you be flattered if someone did ask?

Fountain Faerie: I would be more angry than flattered! But I suppose it would be sort of flattering, wouldn't it?

Me: Yes it would, and what is also flattering is meeting you.

Fountain Faerie: Oh you're too much. *Beams*

Me: Anyway, many Neopians have been wondering if you ever let anyone bathe in the Fountain without having done a quest. Is that true?

Fountain Faerie: Absolutely greedy they are! How do you think I would manage this place if I let every single Neopian bathe for free? Tell them to save their Neopoints and stop buying rubbish!

Me: Um, right. Well it's almost time for me to go and have supper so one last question. What would you say to all the Neopets wishing to meet you?

Fountain Faerie: Oh really you are too much but I would say to them that I am truly flattered and that someday that might come true!

Meeting the Fountain Faerie was truly a remarkable experience for she was so kind! She even let me take home an Island Paintbrush! Next time you receive a quest from her, I suggest you do it! Oh and if you do, please tell her I said hi!

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