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What Type of Fangirl Are You?

by birdinggal


Ahhh, Valentine’s Day. The time when flowers are bought, chocolates are given, and fangirls run amuck.

Have you ever wondered what type of fangirl you were? Whether you were a calmer, more laid-back fangirl, or a true rabid-fangirl?

Well, if you take this quiz, you might just find out.

I advise writing down your letters as you go, so that way it’s easier to remember and count letters at the end. And just pick the letter that’s closest matches you.

And just because this is called “What Type of Fangirl Are You” doesn’t mean that you guys out there can’t take it.

Now, onto the quiz!

1: A new plot has just been released! What’s the first thing you do?

A: *screams* NEW PLOT! *memorizes each part as it comes out, buys anything and everything related to it, and starts drawing fanart of all the characters*

B: Ooooh... *drools* I like that character! *points* *makes sure friends know that you have claim on them*

C: Ooh, new plot! *reads the latest part* Looks cool.

D: ...Eh? A what? Oh. Whatever.

2: *points* LOOK! There’s *insert famous Neopian’s name here*!

A: *megagasp* It’s *famous Neopian’s name here*!!! *chases them down and tackles* Can I have your autograph? Please, please, please, please, please???

B: *gasps* *dashes over* It’s you! Can I have your autograph? *big blue watery eyes of pleadingness*

C: Wow, it’s *insert famous Neopian’s name here*! Cool. *bites fingernail* Should I ask them for their autograph? Or just watch from afar? *debates*

D: *blinks* Who are they? Do they have any cheese?

3: You are walking the streets of Shenkuu on a rather windy day, when you spot none other than Hoban himself! His hat blows off his head. Your reaction?

A: Scream loudly, and push everything and everyone out of the way in your quest to get the hat.

B: Squeal, and make a dive for the hat, but get pushed out of the way by the person in answer A.

C: Dash over (avoiding the people in answers A and B) and snatch it up, examine it, then walk over to Hoban and hand it back to him.

D: ... Who’s Hoban? Does he have any cheese?

4: Alabaster Chesterdrawers, the Meridell Cheeseshop Techo, Bug Eye McGee, the Qasalan Delights Shopkeeper. Which one doesn’t belong?

A: Who cares? They’re all famous, right? *grins and runs to each one, asking them for their autographs*

B: Bug Eye McGee. He’s the only one with bug-eyes.

C: Well, the Qasalan Delight shopkeeper is the only girl of the bunch. *nods* But then again, Bug Eye’s the only non-shopkeeper... Hmm. Is this a trick question?

D: What? Cheeseshop? FINALLY, some cheese. *wanders off to buy some*

5: Which famous Neopian has green skin?

A: Well, there’s Dr. Frank Sloth, Senator Palpus, the green Skeith on the Altador Cup Committee, the Bank Manager, Barry the baby Shoyru, Bazri, Berti, Blarthrox, Bug Eye McGee, the Buzz Alchemist, Captain Astounding, the Evil Elf from Snow Wars, The Incredible Grarrl, The Wall, Chelo Binay, the Cliffhanger Tuskaninny, Tekel, one of the Disgruntled Townspeople from Neovia, the Happiness Faerie, Sergeant Brexis (also known as Danger Buzz), Harry, Fingholl, General Crustygums, the Tax Beast, Gragarex the Grarrl Trooper, Ned the Skipper, Ol’ Stripey, Gargarox Isafuhlarg, Garrox5, Ghartun the Grundo Commander, the Grundo Nature Guide, the Spider Grundo, Tazzalor, the Mystical Hissi Knight, Pomanna, Wrawk the Merciless, the Krawk Thief, the Maraquan Sergeant, the green Elephante from Jazzmosis, the Giant Slugawoo from Old Maraqua, the Mootix Warrior, Leeroy, Leirobas, the Gourmet Club’d Maitre D, Morris, Quaglor, the Quiggle Warlord, the Wheel of Monotony Quiggle, Green Scale, Marillis Harbane, Scordrax, Shumi, Kelby, King Hagan, Slychi the Skeith Invader, Snargan, Eyes of Dark, Federismo Corvallio, the Qasalan Delight’s shopkeeper, the Techo Master, and who knows how many others! *pants*

Then, of course, there’s Chiazilla, Farlax V, and Arlox VII, who kinda look like they have green skin, but it could be fur. And for that matter, Ilere looks like she has green skin, but I don’t know for sure – I’ll have to ask her sometime.

Then there are the Sloth clones who LOOK like they have green skin, but it’s really metal so it might not count.

And I’ve heard that there’s this Chomby that’s made out of jelly that stars in some game... but that’s ridiculous! Who ever heard of a Chomby made out of jelly! That’s almost as absurd as Jelly World itself! Which, of course, doesn’t exist.


C: I think there are too many to list, but apparently the person in answer A disagrees.

D: Um... Chet Flash?

6: Who of the following does NOT have a plushie of themselves at time of publication of this article?: Roxton A. Colchester III, Hannah, Jake the Explorer, Galgarrath.

A: Galgarrath. Because I have all the plushies of everyone famous, and I don’t have one of Galgarrath.

B: Galgarrath. But he has his own action figure. Which is cooler, ‘cause then he can thwack other plushies with his sword! =D Take THAT, you giant Moach!

C: *researches* Galgarrath.

D: Who are they? *munches on the cheese that was gotten back in question four*

7: How many plushies of famous Neopians are in existence at time of this article’s typing/publication?

A: I lost count at 280-something. But last time I counted my collection (which was yesterday), I got a count of about 286. *nods*

B: A few hundred. And I have over half.

C: A lot. And I think I have a few.

D: Cheese.

8: How many Neopedia articles are there about/featuring famous Neopians are there at time of publication of-Oh, you get the picture!

A: 216! And I’ve read and memorized them all!

B: Around 200, I’d say. And I’ve read most of them.

C: A lot. And I’ve read some of them.

D: Do any of those Neopedia articles feature cheese?

9: How many avatars featuring famous Neopians are there?

A: At least 144! And I have as many as is possible!

B: Over 100. And I have almost all I can.

C: Dozens. And I have some of them.

D: I don’t know, but some of them have gotta have cheese, right?

10: Keeping on the subject of avatars, which of the following closest matches you?





11: Why do you think Dr. Frank Sloth wants to take over Neopia?

A: Because he’s a cool evil genius! And he has spaceships that go ZOOM! Oh, and he wants to buy some hair goop from the Grooming Parlour so he can smooth down that mohawk of his. *nodnod*

B: Because he was here first, and we kicked him off Neopia. So he’s grumpy and just wants to come back to Neopia and see if he really did leave the oven on in his neohome.

C: Because he wants all the ice-cream. *nods wisely*

D: Because he’s evil. Duh.

12: Two! Four! Six! Eight! What’s the newspaper that’s really great?

A: THE NEOPIAN TIMES!!! YAAAAAY!!! 8D *jumps on the table and does a funky dance* I especially love anything having to do with famous Neopians. *cheesy grin*

B: The Neopian Times shall pwn all! *grins bigly and waves a flag* I *heart* plot-related stories! =D

C: The Neopian Times! GO NT! Which reminds me, I really need to finish that story with that famous Neopian... someday... soon. I hope. *cough*

D: The, um... Gabbling Gobbler?

13: True or False: Sloth truly like Usukis.

A: True! And who couldn’t? I have them all, and they’re so kay-UTE! *hugs random Usuki until it’s head pops off from so much squeezing* ... I can fix that.

B: Supposedly true. At least, that’s what the NT Writers tell us... *shifty eyes*

C: True. He does like them.

Likes setting them on fire, testing how strong they are via dropping a ten-ton weight on them, feeding them to Florg, and who knows what else, that is.


14: True or False: If you give Magax sugar, he will go into orbit due to sugar-highness.

A: *gasps* I... I... I DON’T KNOW! *sobs for a few moments, then stops crying* *sniffles and wipes nose on shirt-sleeve* I shall have to find out! *grabs some sugar and dashes off to the Haunted Woods*

B: *blinks* Y’know? I don’t know. I’ll have to take some sugar with me next time I go to the Haunted Woods and find out.

C: *grimaces* True. Just trust me on this one. -_-;

D: Psh. Cheese is way better than sugar!

Now, I hope you kept track of your letters, because it’s time to find out what type of fangirl you are!

Mostly A: If you answered mostly A, you are a true super-fan. Wow. *inches away* You love reading plots, and have probably read them many times over. You probably have a ton of stuff directly and indirectly related to aforementioned plots, and have memorized your favourite plot. And you like to amaze (or annoy) others by reciting the plot/quoting your favourite lines of dialog when the opportunity presents itself.

Mostly B: If you answered mostly B, you’re a slightly calmer fan. You really like the plots that TNT puts out, and there’s a good chance you have most of the merchandise related to the plots. You have quite likely read and re-read the plots so many times that you almost have them memorized, and you never tire of reading them one more time.

Mostly C: If you answered mostly C, you’re a much calmer, more laid-back fangirl. You’ve read most all of the plots, and have some of the items related, but not all of them. You may be a fan of a particular character, but are too shy to admit it (or just don’t want to). You’ve read your favourite plot quite a few times, and hope they’ll make a sequel to it.

Mostly D: If you answered mostly D, you aren’t much of a fan at all. But you like cheese, and I don’t blame you. So that’s fine. Maybe read the news to keep up with plots and if you don’t know where to find them, ask your friendly neighbourhood neoboarder! Or just hunt around the news page archives. *shrugs* Your choice.

Welp, now you know what kind of fangirl you are. Don’t you just feel so happy now that you know?

So until next time, this is Birdy, saying that any feedback is appreciated.


Oh, and I am not responsible for what happens to you, your pets, their petpets and petpetpets, your items, and everything else if you really do decide to give Magax some sugar. *runs off*

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