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The Kiss

by reggieman721


An old grey Gelert hobbled down the front porch steps, bringing with him a waft of pine scent that seemed to cling to him wherever he went. He carried a wide, plain, white envelope with an address handwritten in careful script, and he made his way toward the mailbox which stood at the end of the front walk.

      The Gelert shivered as the chilly air blew across his face, and he opened the small wooden door, ready to deposit his paper delivery. He paused for a moment, stared at the envelope, and then leaned forward, pressing his warm lips to the surface of the letter.

      The kiss leapt from the Gelert and alighted on the white envelope, perching in the center as the Neopet dropped it into the mailbox and closed the little door.

      It was not long before a bulky Skeith postman meandered down the street, picking up and dropping off his deliveries accordingly as he passed each house. He wore a heavy red jacket and had a large sack over one shoulder, looking for all of Neopia like Santa Kaus swinging by a couple months late. He even had a jolly smile, despite the biting wind and backbreaking load that he was transporting.

      When he came upon the small wooden mailbox, he opened it with a gentle hand to find a single letter inside. A smell of pine drifted up to his nose, and he grinned as he reached out to pick up the envelope.

      The kiss, sensing this kind soul, hopped from the plain white paper and landed on the postman’s big hand, as he deposited the letter in his sack and went on his way.

      It was not long before a young Lupe came into view, dragging a sled behind him through the street. He was bundled up from head to toe, with only his eyes peeking through the gap between his scarf and his hat. The wooden sled which he dragged had clearly been the centerpiece of a fun-filled morning, and the exhausted Neopet walked slowly as he made his way down the road, hoping that a cup of hot borovan might be waiting for him at home.

      He was staring down at his boots, his head heavy with so many warm adornments, and therefore did not notice that he was about to walk into a large postman until he bumped into a heavy leg and slipped to the ground.

      “Watch it, there,” laughed the Skeith, putting down his heavy load and stooping to help up the young Lupe. He reached out and patted the Neopet on the head.

      The kiss, knowing the feeling of innocence and youth, made a leap from hand to head. The little Lupe gave the postman a big smile as he picked up the string to his sled and continued on his way.

      It was not long before he arrived home, dragging the toy up the lawn as a tall Lupess stepped out the front door. She wore a long coat buttoned up to the chin and carried a black purse, in which several red cards could be seen peeking out.

      “Hey, little brother,” she said with a wink as the Lupe dropped his sled and ran up to her.

      “You’re leaving?” asked the little one, pouting as his sister squatted down to look him in the eye.

      “Yes,” she said, ruffling his hat and making the fabric slide down over one of his eyes.

      The kiss, sensing the bond between brother and sister, slipped onto one of the warm black gloves that covered the hand of the Lupess. “But I’ll be back soon, don’t you worry.”

      “Bye,” said the Lupe, waving as his big sister walked off down the walk.

      It was not long before her Eyrie taxi arrived, and the Lupess asked to be taken to Faerieland expressly. Her carrier nodded and burst into flight, flapping his powerful wings as he soared up through the chilly air and up into the clouds. He arrived at the bustling gates of the Faerie City in almost no time at all, and the Lupess reached into her purse to retrieve some Neopoints as payment.

      With a smile, she handed them to the Eyrie with a gloved hand. “A little extra,” she said kindly, “seeing as it’s a holiday and all.”

      The kiss, feeling the great generosity, leapt from one hand to the next, as the Eyrie gratefully accepted the coins and nodded to the Lupess, who disappeared into the busy streets of Faerieland.

      Having completed his final task of the day, the Eyrie decided to go for a walk in the city. Faerieland was at the height of its business, with Neopets milling about in all directions. Every shop was filled with hearts of pink and red, chocolates and roses were exchanged by shy friends, and smiles were everywhere. The Eyrie couldn’t hold one back himself as he wandered through the streets, wondering where he ought to spend his newly-earned Neopoints.

      It was not long before he came upon a very worried-looking faerie Kacheek, fluttering around nervously and trying to peer at street signs though the crowds. She carried a bag of letters that had just been given to her, which looked like it was about to overflow and spill all over the street. She was beginning to regret volunteering to help with the overflow of mail delivery, as she frantically scanned the area for an address.

      “Need any help?” The faerie Kacheek was relieved to see a kindly Eyrie approach her. “I know the area pretty well,” he said. “I come here often; I can deliver some of those.” He winked. “I know the post office gets pretty busy this time of year.”

      “Oh, yes,” nodded the Kacheek, allowing herself a small smile for the first time all day. “It’s just this one,” she said, holding out a wide, plain, white envelope that had an address handwritten in careful script. “Do you know it?”

      The Eyrie glanced at the street name. “I certainly do,” he said. “It’s not a far walk. I can take the letter there, if you like.”

      “I would appreciate it,” said the Kacheek gratefully, handing him the envelope.

      The kiss, understanding the value of this act of charity, hopped from the hand of the Eyrie to the surface of the paper as the Neopet took it from the thankful volunteer.

      The Eyrie carried his delivery through the busy road and turned off at a boulevard that he knew quite well. As the crowd thinned out, he wandered down the street, looking around at the warm lights inside each house and deciding that he would head home as soon as he dropped off the letter.

      It was not long before he arrived at the specified address. A young yellow Gelert was sitting inside, sipping a mug of borovan and reading her favorite book in front of the fireplace, when a knock came from the door. She got up and walked into the front hall, looking curiously at wide, plain, white envelope which had been dropped through the slot in the door.

      She picked it up, and the young Gelert could detect the faintest scent of pine. As her mind drifted to bygone days, she lifted the paper up to her soft cheek.

      The kiss, realizing that it had reached its destination, moved from the letter to the face of the Gelert, spreading its warmth and love through her body and, at last, into her heart.

      She smiled.

The End

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