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Celebrating Lenny Day

by chicenhog


In my neopets household, one of the most important days of the year is the Lenny Festival (or better known as Lenny Day). Have you ever noticed, though, that Lennies could be one of the most lost, forgotten, pushed away, etc, neopets on the site? Well that's my cue to help you realize how great Lennies are, and why Lenny Day should be just as important to you, as it should for me.

Lennies, to start, are far, far down the list of 'popularity'. To be exact, there are around 1.5 million Lennies around, compared to the ever so much more popular Shoyru, who have around 14 million. Also, did I forget to mention that Lennies are 41st most popular out of 54 neopets? That means that the Lenny is just above the limited edition pets. Ouch! That's why I think you should go out and adopt a Lenny.

A Lenny's personality is also very different from, say, a Grarrl. Grarrls tend to be meaner and fight their way out of situations, while Lennies use their cunning to outsmart their opponent. Yes, that means that Lennies are very smart. In fact, some of them spend all day reading about magic and lands they haven't visited. However, not all Lennies fit that description. There are the few who use their talents as smart cookies to do other things. For example, a Lenny might not read books, but rather write them! Or, maybe even paint pictures, play sports that involve cunning, (a very few, heh) and much more. So, you see, Lennies have a big personality, which is another reason you should go adopt one. :3

At meal time, Lennies love to chow down on just about anything (and, did I forget to mention that they are great cooks, too?). However, if you would like to treat your Lenny to something special on their day, why don’t you try a superfantabulous meal? ;D

To start, I suggest that you should have some Lenny Vegetable Soup, or, if you don’t like that type of soup, you could have some Lenny Cream of Onion Soup; I am told neither are made with real Lennies! Yay! For your main dish, I would try the Rainbow Burger with Cheese, with Rainborific Slushie to drink. No, I did not make any mistake. Even though the two 'rainbow' items about have little/nothing to do with a Lenny, the little birds will just love them! Rainbow is a really good flavor, and Lennies love the way the food looks from the elegant preparation, so, Lennies seem to think rainbow items are just simply to die for. Lastly, for your dessert, there are many choices, because Lenny bakeries tend to specialize in making baked goods. I asked my Lenny, Girbon, and she said that her favorite dessert to have would have to be Lenny Day Strawberry Cheesecake, because of how "gracefully it was prepared, and how much time and effort it must have token the baker to make it. Oh, it also tastes good." Her words, not mine. After some research, I found that if Strawberry is not your flavor, you could also try the ever so popular Lenny Day Carrot Cake or the Lenny Day Caramel Cake, which are both very pretty. Also, other items you could have as dessert include: Strawberries and Cream Lenny Cookie, Chocolate Lenny Cookies, Lenny Strawberry Ice Cream, or, the Lenny Strawberry Ice Cream's close relative, the Lenny Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream. So if you decide to have a feast on Lenny Day, those are just a few suggestions that you could have for this ever so special day.

And now, for the first time ever in history of ever, I will interview, the one, the only, LENNY! Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's only Girbon, my Lenny, but I had to make it sound fun, right?

Me: Okay, so you’re a Lenny. You like books and art and all that jazz, so what do you Lennies do all day, besides reading books?

Girbon: Well, most people say that we are always tempted to use our higher vocabulary, but most times I try to keep it at a minimum. Besides reading books, we Lennies enjoy writing articles (or reading them), painting and sculpting great works of art, and we even enjoy the occasional sports oriented game.

Me: So, you guys are not all about the books all the time?

Girbon: Most times Lennies like to read about books to achieve a goal of some sort, say, painting a great masterpiece. This takes much time and hardening research, so that’s why most times you will see a Lenny's beak in a book.

Me: How do you plan on spending Lenny Day?

Girbon: To be truthful, I plan to completely let it out.

Me: Let what out?

Girbon: My ttly kool chatsp3aking thing. It goona be soo kewl to b3 abl3 to like say w/e u want at ne time. Ahem. I am still working on the little final details of the language. Did you know that there are many books at the library about chat speak?

Me: Wow, I really wouldn’t have expected that from you.

Girbon: Yes, well, it is after all, our day, the Lennies' day, so we should be able to do whatever we wish.

So, as you can see, even Lennies too need to wind down and just totally 'let it out' as Girbon would say.

In conclusion, I would like to say that Lennies, though neglected, can be just as wonderful as that little Shoyru. Lennies are smart and talented in not just only the smarter areas of the map, but, also are very interested in the arts and baking, along with a very few selected sports games! Lennies may not sound amazing at first, but, if you really get to own one, you too will realize that Lennies could become your best friend!

Oh, and by the way, I deny the existence of Jelly World. -shifty eyes-

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