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A Uniquely Conventional Valentine's Gift

by love_charmed


What better way to fully thank your owner for all they have done for you than Valentine’s Day?

Hello, fellow brethren. I’m Piper, a Yurble. Pet of one eccentric owner named BL.

Do note: I won’t be giving you a long list of red, heart-shaped items as potential gifts and their prices. After all, for those of you who’re like me and don’t do jobs but instead use NP that your owners earn, then obviously you can’t buy a present. But that’s just one of the more shallow reasons.

The Perfect Present

Now you may be thinking, what else could we possibly give? You’re reading advice from a cheap, sentimental Neopet to cheap, sentimental Neopets everywhere. Well, remember that three-lettered phrase that’s been used so constantly that it’s losing its meaning? And since it is Valentine’s Day—do you know where I’m going with this? No?

Thanks for everything, (insert owner’s name). I love you!

That’s right. It’s finally time to redeem the three words that have been an underestimated present for far too long. That single phrase, paired with a cute face, big eyes and timid stance can soften the hardest, most incorrigible owners. Take it from me; I should know.

‘Owner’ Specimen A: The Stable

Insecure about such a thing? Thinking that, maybe, saying such a simple yet complex phrase won’t be enough?

If you’re thinking that, then you probably have the type of owner who keeps track of every single NP s/he gets and likes, no, loves getting new things. In other words, your owner is the type that is fairly stable and trying to get rich. Do remember that it’s the thought that counts and whatever way your owner goes about doing things they still adore you.

Still not enough to convince you? Think of it this way then; saying that phrase is way better than giving nothing at all and it didn’t cost you or your owner a thing.

‘Owner’ Specimen B: The Higher-Up

Why should I bother with saying that when I can just get him/her an actual gift?

Now, if you’re thinking along the lines of that particular question then obviously you have the type of owner who’s way too rich to care how much NP you use. Those types are usually the gurus who have gotten tired of being able to get anything and everything they want and/or need. That makes this Valentine’s gift that much easier and more meaningful.

Leave the expensive presents to their friends. You can be the unique one. By deciding to go with the seemingly easier but more effective gift, you’ll be giving them an experience they’ve probably forgotten.

Reaffirming your affections for someone is not something to be taken lightly and they most likely know and appreciate that.

Delivery! Delivery!

Ok, now that we’ve established that saying ‘I love you’ is the better present, let’s work on how you go about giving said present to your owner.

You need to be strong yet soft. Confident yet meek.

The strength and the confidence is more for your inner-self. You need to feel and believe it when you say it, otherwise it wouldn’t have as much impact as it could have. Blatantly saying the phrase would probably be the worst thing you could do.

The meek and soft part is more for your presentation of the gift. Be “cutesy”, but only if you can be. If you have a fierce nature, find a way to implement soft sentiment when you say it. You don’t need to be “cutesy”; it just needs to be an intimate moment. I say “cutesy” because it usually works for most.

One thing that you should always remember: Never be a moment-ruiner. Ever. Especially when it comes to things like these.

Time’s a Wastin’

Now that we’ve covered the ‘What?’, ‘Why?’ and ‘How?’, we need the ‘When?’

I can’t tell you when exactly, but I could give you advice on how to find the perfect timing.

Method #1

There are certain situations that call for you having to step up and above your owner’s schedule (i.e. when either of you are busy with other things). When you find yourself in such a position, I’d say the best way to deliver would be to “forcefully” take some time out of their busy day via glomping them.

Yes, glomp. It’s a mix between a tackle and a hug.

You have to remember to stay hugging them until they pat your head or hug you back or give any more contact than what you’re already giving. Then, you give them a big grin or “cutesy” face, greet them Happy Valentine’s Day and say it.

If you’re not the outspoken, boisterous type and are uncomfortable with said actions, then find some way to make them notice you and give you their attention. But you have to be sure that they know what you’re about to tell them is important.

Method #2

The other situation is when you, your siblings and your owner are calmly sitting together in a room, doing your own things. For such a circumstance, it’s hard to give you a precise way and time of delivery. It’s better for you if I say that it’s to your own discretion, your own creativity. It’s a moment you’re making for your owner, so you know the level of intimacy it should take.

Obviously there is much more variety, but I only went over these two circumstances seeing as they’re probably the best depiction of the general times you should be considering on giving your present.

The ‘Wall’

Sadly, a problem some Neopets face is showing affection. Do you experience such an inability? Don’t despair. There are other ways you can convey your gratitude and love. One of which is through a simple message. Yes, a short, hand-written greeting.

While the flamboyant reds and pinks of 2D hearts do help the presentation, such a factor can be easily surpassed. How? Easy.

So, you’ve got that heartfelt message contained in that white piece of paper, right? Good. All you need to do now is place it where you are 100% certain your owner will find it. Not only does that show effort, but it also tells them that you know and care for them that much. So much so that you even know of a location they would never miss.

Now, isn’t that better than some red piece of paper with little hearts here and there?

There we have it, some advice on how to brighten your owner’s Valentine’s without using so much as a single NP whilst giving 100% of your heart.

I wish you the best of luck in your endeavor. Have a great Valentine’s Day!

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