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Kicking Back at the Kadoatery

by tyleraapje


What It's All About

The Kadoatery is where Kadoaties go when their owners are on holiday. It's a nice place, but it doesn't take long for them to get lonely.

Each Kadoatie really wants an item to make it happy until its owner returns. If you have the item the Kadoatie is looking for, then you simply feed it (click on its cage) and you are one step closer to earning some nice rewards. Not to mention that you'll make the little Petpet very happy, and your name will be displayed at the Kadoatery so everyone will know how kind you are.

1 Kadoatie Fed = Bronze Trophy

10 Kadoaties Fed = Silver Trophy

25 Kadoaties Fed = Gold Trophy

75 Kadoaties Fed = "Mew" Avatar

??? Kadoaties Fed = Kadoatie Petpet

The following guide covers my personal adventures at the Kadoatery, including my feeding log, tips on how to feed, answers to frequently asked questions, etc. If you feel there is something I should add, don't hesitate to Neomail me with your suggestions, as the better the guide, the more helpful to others it will be.

My special thanks to the former KFCers group for their support, congrats and general fellowship during my time among them.

My Kadoatie Adventures

My personal goal was to reach the grand total of 75 fed Kadoaties that is required to obtain the "Mew" Avatar, and now that I have achieved that goal, my days at the Kadoatery are done. However, it is my hope that my writings here will prove helpful for those of you just getting started or who are having trouble in reaching your own feeding goals.

I fed my very first Kadoatie the day that the Kadoatery opened. I, like everyone else in Neopia at the time, wanted to see what all the fuss was about. Usually I'm not much of one to carry a lot of items on hand, as I've had my experience with the Pant Devil and his friends stealing my precious things and almost always dump my goods in my SDB for safe keeping. It was my fortune though that I'd just finished a round of Dice-A-Roo and happened to have a number of food items on hand.

That's when I spotted Lily the Kadoatie looking sad and yearning for a Vanilla Milkshake, which I just happened to have with me. I tapped her cage and gave her what she wanted and so began my quest for the "Mew" Avatar. I left the quest for a time though, hoping to let the fad die down before I earnestly involved myself in the daily tries of feeding those kaddies, and so it was that in the month of October, I began again to try to make hungry Kadoaties happy.

By November 4th, I'd fed enough to obtain the "Mew" avatar and decided to retire and permit another to take my place on the Kadoatery board. It was an interesting experience to say the least, but I hope TNT waits a bit before they come up with anything else even remotely similar. :P

To clarify my "strategy", I never used the shop wizard, as I found myself more often than not too slow to even pull something from my SDB, let alone try to do a search and visit a shop. So I did not bother with buying anything on the spot and relied on my either having the item on hand in my inventory, or with a lot of luck, being able to pull it from my SDB.

My primary schools of food were Desert Foods (sand shroom, cheops plant, tut trout, etc) and Healthy Foods (organic foods, vitamin tablets, vegan cheese, etc), with a few odd and ends in between (pimplepepper, mummy spaghetti, Lenny veggie burger, etc). Most of the items I fed the Kadoaties were prizes from various games, like the Fruit Machine with the rest being leftovers from my days of packratting for the Pack Rat Avatar, so essentially I spent very little. If one wanted to put a number on it though, I'd guess that the items in total would run you roughly 30-40k max, if you took the time to bargain hunt. That's pretty cheap, considering some feeders have been known to spend that much and more on a single feed.

Things To Remember

Kadoatery Lingo

While chatting it up with other feeders, you will likely hear a number of terms that are commonly used among "veteran" Kadoatie feeders. Familiarize yourself with the lingo and you'll better be able to follow along with discussions, tips and guides a lot better. Remember, if at any time you are unsure about something, don't be afraid to ask.

RS or Main RS = When all or majority of Kadoaties will want to be fed.

Mini RS = When one or more Kadoaties want to be fed at a time different than the majority.

Kad, Kaddie, Kitty, Kat = Kadoatie Petpet

Main Restock/Refresh (RS)

Every 30-50 minutes the Kadoatery experiences what is called a refresh or restock (RS for short). Those referring to the upcoming RS will usually quote it something like "next RS :15". The number/time given is minutes after the hour, NST time. So if it is currently 1:07pm NST, then approximately 8 minutes from then will be the next predicted time to feed the hungry Kadoaties

Understand that the times given in help boards are estimates, and not exact. If you are told that an RS is to occur at :30, then it can happen then or any minute thereafter. The times given are simply there to give you a starting point, to know when you need to visit the Kadoatery and begin checking regularly for new needy Kadoaties

Mini RS

General rule, the Kadoaties are fed at the same time in one big group. So when the next RS arrives, they all change to hungry Kadoaties Sometimes though, one or more Kadoaties will ask for expensive foods like Draik eggs and will sit unfed for a long period of time. Later, usually at a different time than when the other Kadoaties are fed, someone (with a lot of NP to spare, or a newbie who doesn't know any better) will come along and feed this expensive item to the Kadoatie.

When this happens, the time is noted and a mini-RS can be predicted using the same scheduling calculation as you would for a main RS, adding 30 minutes to the fed time and so on and so forth. Because the times between feedings, both main and mini, can fluctuate, eventually minis will merge with the main. What that basically means is that all of the kaddies will be back on the same schedule.

Kadoatie Feeding Help Boards

You can usually find a thread related to the Kadoatery in the Games Board. Players ranging from veteran feeder to greenhorn will gather and exchange helpful tips and encouragement while waiting for new hungry Kadoaties to appear.

Please do take the time to read previous posts before cluttering the board with questions that have already been asked and answered. Usually by visiting the board and reading a few posts back from the latest, you can discover the next RS time, without having to ask it again yourself. Also understand that most folks on the board are doing any number of things besides chatting on the boards, so do not become impatient or ill-mannered if your question or presence is not instantly acknowledged.

Basically, use common sense and courtesies when visiting the help boards and you'll soon discover that it can be a rewarding experience and will help pass the time between feedings.

Fanatic Feeders

During my visits to the Kadoatery, I've noticed many feeders that have reached the goal of 75 kaddies and have gotten the avatar, yet they remain vigilant in the fight to feed as many as they possibly can. Generally this is due to the supposed reward of a Kadoatie petpet to those who feed enough of them, though I often get the feeling that at least for some of them its either their addiction to the feeding or the desire to be "top feeder" that drives them. Below you'll find the names of some of the individuals that have taken up this calling, with some having fed well over 500 kaddies and counting. Amazing, isn't it?

0o_shell_o0, accepted3, annneonet, aphromeda, aquariss, azancolli, b3v3rly13, bubbleminy, carmyyyyy, cinfulgirl, confuzerated, desertpoppy2004, dman_is_the_man, doglover4life218, eeyorepacino, empyrean_star, eqfanart, evil_bob_y2k, jzbell, kendassa, kirbysback, kyc614, locke1911, matt_boy26, mirkwood_bloom, ownerofanevilgelert, ox_christina_xo, pata_x, pauliepickle, pikachu1ii1, poliostar03, sekhmet42, serena3176, shazrinasharif, silverythread, starlite__, stealth187, stefabug10, strangeperky, svesgejta4, swtnvietgurl, unexpected_miracles, wwjn, xeldon39, xo_barbie_xo, xphreak, xxhalloweenxx

Special note: Now that I have retired from the Kadoatery, this list has not be updated too often, as I don't check the Kadoatery anymore. However, if you know of an individual that isn't on this list, and they have fed beyond 75 Kadoaties, please feel free to send me word and I'll be happy to add them.

Feeding Tips

1. Don't waste your NP buying the expensive items. Not only are the chances great that someone's beat you to the punch while you made your purchase, but you are also more likely to spend more than you would if you had time to casually bargain hunt with the Shop Wizard. Impulse buys are no-no's, after all.

2. Keep 30+ "cheapy" food items in your inventory if you plan to visit the Kadoatery for a bit. While chances are somewhat small that one of them will want what you have, there's still the chance. I've also found that keeping an extra window open to my SDB, while not as quick as having it on hand, permits me access to an even broader range of foods. If your connection is fast, then this is even a greater benefit to you. For those of us with slower connections though, our best chance is to be lucky enough to have it on hand, whatever it is that they may want. Please be aware that TNT will not appreciate you keeping more than 50 items in your inventory and has been reported to have used the deletion button most generously to rectify that. Moral to that would be, play fair.

3. Take a break often. I've kept my eye on the NeoBoards and a lot of what I see is pure frustration from those that have been trying non-stop and still have had no luck. Remember folks, it's just a game and if you let it get to you, then how's that fun? So take a walk, a bathroom break or just twirl around in your wheely chair if you have it and then when you feel ready, come back on to have another go.

4. Many feeders prefer to organise the type of foods they keep on hand by specializing in certain groupings of foods, like spooky foods, desert foods, healthy foods, etc. You can choose to keep several foods of each type in your inventory or concentrate on one area. It's completely up to you. Again, 30 or so items on hand will give you a fair chance and if you are quick enough, you might even keep the shop wiz open in another window, though I don't recommend impulse buying. My preference is to use the SDB for those odd and end items. It will help too, as you work to regularly feed, if you learn by heart the types of items you carry so that you can recognise them quicker when a "refresh" occurs.

5. As for when "refreshes" occur, my method is to log in, open the Kadoatery and start checking every minute on the dot. Once I notice a refresh has happened, besides trying to feed a Kadoatie, I try to note down the time that it happened. The next "rs" will take place anywhere from 30-50 minutes from that time, so this permits you a bit of freedom to do other things once you get in sync with the "rsing".

There are also "mini-rs's", which occur in the same manner as the "main RS", and they can be anywhere from 1-4 new Kadoaties needing attention. If you happen to catch one of these, again you can note down the time and then check back around a half hour from that time and begin regular refreshing till the next one occurs.

6. For additional help, I'd recommend that if you are able, to visit the Game Board and look for any thread related to the Kadoatery. There are some regulars that hang out in those type of topics and are usually very helpful to newcomers. You can almost always find out the time of the next RS (most often found in a "veteran's" signature/siggy), as it's usually announced regularly, which can be handy. Just remember to read back a few posts to see if it's been given already, before you flood the chat with "when's next RS???", as repeated asking can get rather annoying.

Other Kadoatery Guides

Here are a few other individuals that have guides where you can find helpful information about the Kadoatery, Kadoaties and foods to feed them.







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