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A Tiki Tale: Color or Companion? - Part Four

by mzkimmi


Tikhasis the pink Draik was startled awake by the loud sound of a slamming door. She opened her eyes, feeling awful and wishing she was still asleep.

     Her eyes were puffy from the tears she had cried the night before. Stretching out her legs, she looked out her window to another beautiful sunny day, an almost perfectly clear blue sky, with the exception of a few small fluffy clouds scattered here and there.

     How unfair it was, she thought - that the weather should be so perfect, when the world was such an unhappy place for her right now! She wanted nothing more than to go out into that sunshine and spend the day playing.

     It had been several days since she had seen Siyana, her Kadoatie. As well as that, her owner Kimmi hadn't spoken to her an awful lot lately. She knew her owner was disappointed in her, but how long was this going to continue?

     Tikhasis didn't think she could bear it anymore.

     She crawled out of bed, and quietly crept to the door, carefully and slowly pulling the door open.

     As she stepped out into the hallway, she noticed it had all been in vain, since her owner was in the lounge room, looking directly at her. Biting her lip, Tikhasis walked into the lounge room and sat down with her owner.

     "Good morning, Tikhasis," Kimmi said, placing her cup of vanilla tea on the table. "I think it's time to discuss the events of the past week. I asked you this question once before and now I will ask you again.” Her owner paused briefly.

     “Which do you prefer? Would you like to keep Siyana here, or would you like me to purchase you a faerie paint brush, so you can have your own wings?"

     Tikhasis breathed a big sigh of relief. Kimmi wasn't going to get rid of Siyana! Tikhasis had been so scared that she would have to send Siyana back after their bad behavior.

     "I want to keep Siyana. I really do. I've missed her terribly!" Tikhasis replied, her eyes welling up with tears.

     "Come on, Tiki, there's no need for tears!" her owner said, taking Tikhasis into her arms and cuddling her.

     Although she was cross with the pair of them, Kimmi couldn't bear to see either of them upset.

     "Promise me that the two of you will never, ever try a stunt like this again, Tikhasis," she finished, looking straight at her.

     "I promise we won't, Mother," Tikhasis agreed, with complete honesty.

     "You realize this means that I will not buy you a faerie paint brush - you will not be able to become a faerie. You're sure you're okay with this?" her owner queried.

     Tikhasis nodded, thinking of nothing aside from her Kadoatie. "Can I see Siyana now?" she breathed, excitedly.

     "Okay, you can go and play with Siyana," Kimmi replied, smiling.

     Unbeknown to Tikhasis, her owner was extremely pleased at how little concern she had for her own wings, especially since the extensive plan the pair of them had carried out made it clear just how important her wings were to her.

     Yet, it was obvious that she was far more concerned at keeping her new friend, than making herself appear more beautiful. Perhaps she had taught Tikhasis well, after all.

     Tikhasis rushed into the spare room to tell Siyana the good news – the news that she was going to be staying with them!

     Bursting the door open and startling a sleeping Siyana awake, Tikhasis shrieked, "You're staying here, Siyana!"

     Siyana smiled, and stood to cuddle her owner. Tikhasis could tell Siyana was happy to see her, but her eyes were missing that sparkle that Tikhasis had come to know so well.

     "Is something wrong?" Tikhasis asked.

     "No, no..." Siyana replied, trying to convince her owner she was fine, and failing dismally.

     "Come on Siyana, what is it?" Tikhasis pressed, looking concerned.

     "Well," Siyana started, uncertainly.

     "I'm so happy to still be here with you both, I really am. I guess it's just that we were both so excited about getting wings, and now it probably won't ever happen.” Siyana trailed off, uncertainly.

     “Go on, please,” Tiki said, encouragingly.

     “I didn't mention it before, but I was particularly excited because my previous owner named me Siyana after the faerie Siyana. I was painted yellow to match her. That was the best my last owner could afford.” She paused briefly, lost in thought.

     “I was so happy to be the same colours as the faerie I was named after, but to be painted faerie to me just would have been so perfect," Siyana finished, the disappointment evident in her voice.

     Tikhasis felt a feeling she had never felt before. It wasn't something she could describe, but it made her feel awful seeing Siyana so disappointed.

     "Oh, Siyana." She smiled, suddenly realizing what she must do.

     "I have some neopoints I had put aside in the bank, as savings for my own wings. But I'm so far away from that, and I can afford wings for you. We must get you wings, as soon as we are able. Tomorrow, I shall check the trades and purchase you a faerie paint brush," she concluded.

     Siyana's face lit up, with happiness and love for Tikhasis.

     "Thank you so much!" she cried, hugging her owner.

     Unbeknown to the pair of them, Tikhasis's owner Kimmi had been passing by their room at the beginning of this conversation. She had listened in on the entire exchange, and later that evening wandered past their bedroom, and peeked in.

     The sight before her was that of Siyana and Tikhasis, curled up and asleep together on Tikhasis's bed. She was filled with pride at Tikhasis's behavior and attitude that day, and had come to a decision of her own.

     They would work together and if Tikhasis would help her raise the funds honestly, then Tikhasis would have her wings, just as soon as it could be afforded.

     Tikhasis and Siyana rushed toward the door, and bumped straight into Kimmi.

     "Mother," Tikhasis began, "would you mind if I purchased Siyana a faerie petpet paint brush, with the neopoints I have saved in the bank?" she asked.

     "That's perfectly fine," Kimmi replied, smiling and stepping out of their way.

     They both rushed out the front door, heading outside into the beautiful warm sunshine.

     Siyana could hardly believe it. Today was the day when she was going to be taken to the Petpet Puddle and painted faerie!

     Hand in hand, they headed to the auction house once more.

     Tikhasis bid on several paint brushes, and was outbid each time. Tikhasis began to become impatient, and she noticed Siyana's excitement beginning to drop a little as boredom and a little frustration set in.

     They were both growing tired of the auction house, so they agreed to leave and try the trading post.

     A few moments after arriving and checking out the latest faerie petpet paint brushes up for trade, Tikhasis had traded her flower purse and a sum of neopoints, and been given a beautiful faerie petpet paint brush.

     For a few moments, Siyana and Tikhasis studied the pretty object in awe, before skipping off towards the Petpet Puddle together.

     As they passed the Rainbow Pool, Siyana quickly glanced at Tikhasis for any signs of disappointment or unhappiness, and was pleased to see there were none. Why, Tikhasis looked as excited as she felt!

     As they neared the puddle Siyana’s eyes widened with excitement and exhilaration, and the brush Tikhasis was holding began to glow. Tikhasis gasped as the wings started to gently flutter, sparkling brightly as the brush left her hands and hovered in front of Siyana.

     "Are you ready?" Tikhasis asked, and Siyana nodded, holding her breath and closing her eyes with anticipation.

     All at once, there was a blinding light, and Siyana's body tingled from head to toe. As their eyes readjusted to the light, she noticed Tikhasis staring at her, a huge smile on her face.

     Siyana peered into the puddle, and they both stared in amazement at Siyana’s reflection in the rippling water of the puddle.

     Siyana had taken on a far more slim appearance, and her beautiful wings seemed to glow in the light. Her eyes shone happily and they hugged each other, laughing and chatting excitedly.

     They were so caught up in Siyana's new look, that they didn't notice Kimmi approaching until she stood right beside them.

     "Siyana, you look beautiful!" she enthused, patting her gently. "Tiki, you've made me so proud of you today," she continued. "If the two of you will agree to help me to raise the neopoints required for a faerie paint brush for Tikhasis, then some day, we will purchase Tikhasis her very own faerie paint brush," she finished, smiling at the two of them.

     "Oh, of course we will help, we’d be glad to!" Tikhasis and Siyana agreed at once, looking at each other excitedly.

     "Of course, it will be in a respectful and honest manner, and in a way that doesn't annoy anyone else, right, you two?" Kimmi said, laughing as they both nodded vigorously.

     Together they all headed home, each one of them feeling extremely happy and looking forward to what the future would bring.

The End

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