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Neopian Fashion Guide to Backgrounds

by soaringeagle25


You spent those hard earned neopoints on stylish clothes for your pet, from the purple feather boa down to the pink knitted purse, and as you rush to your lookup to admire and then neomail all your friends about your newly customized pets, you realize that something is missing. Your poor pets are floating in a white void! Not only does your neopet's airsick green faces take away from its fabulous clothes, it’s just plain missing something.

You need a background! But there are so many to choose from and there are more released by the diligent TNT every day. Here’s a guide to which backgrounds look best with your pet’s color and clothes.

Backgrounds that Probably Should be Avoided by the “Highly Fashionable”

Starry Backgrounds- Coming in red, blue, yellow, and green, these backgrounds have little neo stars spread at random across the background. They are the cheapest, but let’s face it... EEEEEW! No self-respecting neopet with a sense of style would be caught dead being seen in one of those. There are many other just slightly more expensive backgrounds to choose from that look much better; avoid these.

Altador Cup Backgrounds- These special backgrounds released for signing up for a team in the Altador Cup II (go Darigans) come in 16 different varieties, each representing an Altador Cup team. Matching the team with your pet’s paintbrush color (Altador Cup Team Background – Faerieland with a Faerie pet) is a great use for them. Be careful; the fashion for these follows a specific season, namely the time around the Altador Cup. Anyway, subjecting your pets to the constant noise of a cheering crowd can result in a trip to the Neo Hospital.

Packing Related Backgrounds- When I mean “packing related” I’m talking about the Cardboard Box Background and the newly released Bubble Paper Background, and Used Bubble Paper Background. These are, well, fun ideas but don’t really look great on any particular pet. Maybe if you put a Blue Newsboy Hat on your pet, he or she can pretend to be a delivery pet. But really, people, if you really want to look faboo, not a great choice.

Painted Backgrounds- These come in Faerie, Fire, Sketch, and Split and matching them up with their respected painted pets can give a look you can’t beat. Great for those who have a matching disability because the color of pet they look best in is right in the name. Nobody can say your pet doesn’t match, but let’s face it; your pet is still floating in the air! Though these backgrounds can be easily matched, it is slightly unoriginal if you’re going for the extra stylish stretch.

The Backgrounds of the Not-so-Great Outdoors- The Grassy Meadow Background and the Gormball Field Background speak of grassy fields and endless boredom. They are cost efficient, and maybe you could pull off the Pretty Flower Mask and Grassy Meadow Background look. BUT LET’S FACE IT! Everyone in Neopia seems to have a pet frolicking through a rather mundane field of grass with a possible chance of flowers. If you want unique, these aren’t for you.

Those Backgrounds made of Questionable Substances- We are talking about the Dung Cave Background and the Cheese Shop Background. Not only are these just a bit unorthodox, they don’t have a great smell on a hot day. I’ve heard the rumor of Jelly World, but the idea of a Cheese World or the Incredible Dung World is just silly.

Backgrounds that “Are Sure to Land Your Pet on the Front Page of a Fashion Magazine”

Underwater Background- The ONLY background that is Maraquan pet friendly. Don’t be cruel and have your poor Maraquan Pteri floating around in a grassy meadow; give her some water for goodness sake! The one problem with this background is its rarity; being rarity 91, it is not very cost effective but oh so nice. Other aquatic neopets such as the Peophin and Flotsam look good as well, and hey, it’s the only place where you can wear a squid hat and not get laughed at.

Moon and Stars Background- Shadow, Skunk, Ghost, and Halloween; if your pet is a creature of the night or just dark hearted, this night themed background is perfect for you. It looks particularly well with a ghost Hissi in a Hissi Thief Set. Foreground items that go well are the Techo Torch and Campfire.

Lawyerbot Warning: We are not responsible if your pet trips on something like a foreground item in the dark of this background; please use caution.

Artist Studio Background- Ah, is your pet an aspiring artist for the Neopian Art Gallery? What a great background to show your pet’s artistic flair. Give your pet an Artist Smock to put over their clothes so that they don’t ruin them! The Yurble Artist Set looks great as well, and any Origami (particularly the Origami Rock) or a Modern Art Sculpture would complete your look.

Neogarden Background- All the fresh air of the outdoors with all the elegance of a palace. Why no parade through the fragrant flowers with your Shenkuu-Inspired Paper Parasol? This background is fantastic for Royal pets or just pets that are treated like royalty and adding an Anubis Fountain would make it extra special.

Fireworks Background- Not only does it come with the glittering sparkle of fireworks, it seems to be frozen in time at the peak of the flares! Add a Campfire and a Hot Dog on a Stick or Mini Marshmallows on a Stick and you can have a fireworks cookout. Although this background comes with an expensive background, doesn’t having that high fashion look pay more? Anyway, it’s a good excuse to use a Sparkler... FWEEEEEE!

Cloudy Sky Background- There’s nothing like flying in a sky full of fluffy clouds against a blue sky. This Background makes any Faerie pet or light colored pet with wings shine! Even if your pet doesn’t have wings, these clouds are mysteriously firm enough to hold your pet. Anyway, is there a greater place than a cheery cloudy sky to fly a Techo Kite?

Creepy Cave Background- I’M NOT GOING IN THERE! It might have meepits... Not to mention creepy eyes, but if your pet is Halloween they will feel just at home! Explorers are welcome, but bringing a Techo Torch is a must because it is rather dark in there, and your trusty Daring Adventurer Hat. If you really want to go the extra mile, an Origami Spyder is the best for this background.

Ice Caves Background- Despite your pet might have to avoid occasional ice blasts from the irritated Snowager; this background is a must for any Ice, Snow, or Christmas pet! Any other pet will have to dress warm, but thankfully you can choose from A Woolen Cap, Woolen Scarf, Brown Winter Hat, and/or a Brown Winter Scarf to keep your pet snuggly warm in the cold. Why not also show your Snowager appreciation by purchasing an adorable Snowager Cap, not nearly as pointy as the real thing and much more huggable.

Pretty Floral Background- So your pet will be floating in space... but floating Faerie pets in a cascade of colorful flowers along with a Vase of Pretty Flowers is just pretty! Why not add a Flower Purse, Purple Feather Boa, Heart Shaped Glasses, a Purple Neopets 8th Birthday Bead Necklace or a Usukicon Y9 Attendee Badge, and a Sparkly Pink Neopets 8th Birthday Hat or Pretty Pink Flower hat as well. Perfectly Pastel!

There’s “Room in the Rooms” Backgrounds- The Game Room, Classroom, and Neohome Backgrounds are all categorized here in the same category because they all look great with the same thing... BABY PETS! Who couldn’t resist a little pet with big adorable eyes and Colourful Building Blocks? NO ONE! And neither did the voters of Week of December 15th in the Customization Spotlight where a Baby Eyrie in a Classroom Background with Colourful Building Blocks won 3rd Place. You might also want to consider a Chia Clown Ball, Clockwork Techo, Green Skeith Pencil Case, or any other colored neopet with a School Girl outfit on and a puppet.

“Trip To Tyrannia” Backgrounds- What backgrounds look the greatest with Tyrannian pets? The Tyrannian Concert Hall Background and the Tyrannian Volcano Lair Background of course! These backgrounds are quite in style, seven pets of the Customization Spotlight have one either First or Second place with these primitive yet tasteful backgrounds.

Holiday Themed Backgrounds- The Holiday Home Background, Inside a Jack-o-Lantern Background and the 8th Birthday Celebration Background all have one thing in common. They’re seasonal! One thing is for sure, there is no end to wearables that match these. Any Neopets 8th Birthday items along with a colorfully painted pet such as Rainbow go great with the 8th Birthday Celebration Background. With the Holiday Home Background the Advent Calendar was very generous this year with wearables, and Neopians should have no trouble finding some cheap ones. Lastly, the Inside a Jack-o-Lantern Background goes great with any Halloween pet and Mask, along with a Jack-O-Lantern Pail.

Now that you are armed with super-background-customization knowledge, why don’t you try some out and create your own fashion statement. The Customization Spotlight beckons!

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