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Appealing Apparel: Wearables for Valentine's Day

by babyazndragon


Valentine’s Day is here, and what better way to show off your Valentine's Day spirit than dressing up your pets? But wait, you say, I know that there are holiday paint brushes for Christmas and Halloween, but last time I checked there definitely isn’t a Valentines Paint Brush. How am I supposed to make my pets look fit for this holiday of hearts and love? Well, no need to worry! I’m here to give you a list and descriptions of cute, affordable wearables perfect for this special day of caring and affection.


Heart Shaped Sunglasses

How cute, now your Neopet can see everything through little pink hearts.

Aw, who could resist these? Shaped like two pink hearts, these sunglasses are a must for any pet on this special Valentine’s Day. Not only will your pet look absolutely lovable, but these sunglasses will also match those twinkling hearts in his eyes when he gazes upon his Valentine. Another plus: everything your pet sees will be framed in pink hearts! Makes even the sorriest of sights instantly festive all day long.


Vase of Pretty Flowers

This charming vase of flowers is the perfect gift for someone you care about.

This Valentine’s Day, why not show someone how much you care? The vase itself is a lovely piece of pottery made with a sturdy clay mixture, and the blossoms inside come in a variety of shapes and colors. Any pet would feel proud to display this Vase of Pretty Flowers so that everyone can see how much he is loved. Another plus: as a foreground item, this wearable can be worn with any pet, even unconverted and baby ones.

With so many gifts of Valentines cards, bouquets, chocolates, and rings being passed around, how is a pet supposed to carry it all? Well, these cute purses will definitely help.


Flower Purse

There are a lot of flowers on this purse.

The Flower Purse has an exquisite floral pattern alternating between pink and white, and the handles are attached with slightly larger flowers. It’s perfect for pets with cheerful, friendly personalities.


Pink Knit Purse

This darling hand knitted purse is simply charming.

This purse has a more classic look. The pink fabric is deliciously soft to the touch, and you can be sure that a lot of care went into making this hand-knitted purse. The light pink trim and delicate bow, though simple, finish off this look flawlessly. Give a Pink Knit Purse to a pet who may be a little shy and reserved, but still wants to look festive for the occasion.


Stylish Red Purse

This stylish purse will dress up any outfit.

Does your pet fancy herself grown up and sophisticated? Does she want something a little more expensive and refined? If so, this is the perfect purse for her. With a modern, fashion forward boat shape, short handle, and tasseled flap, the Stylish Red Purse is a must for any cosmopolitan pet. This purse will send the message, “Yes, I receive many Valentines gifts, and I’m worth every Neopoint.”

Backgrounds are an essential part of any ensemble, so here’s a list of backgrounds that will complement any Valentines-themed pet.


Grassy Meadow Background

Ah, nothing but grass, grass and more grass.

If your pet is wearing a multitude of items and has foreground and background items to boot, then this simple, clean background is perfect. Its clear, wide expanse is ideal for those decked out pets who don’t want to look too busy. The Grassy Meadow Background won’t distract from the pets who want the focus to be on them and their clothes.


Neogarden Background

Ah, the perfect surroundings for a picnic!

What better place to spend Valentine's Day? Your pet can smell the freshly-blooming flowers, listen to the soothing sounds of the pond, and taste the crisp, fresh air. There’s even a handy gazebo for all of those romantic rendezvous.


Faerie Painted Background

Wait, where is everyone?

Unlike the other two previous backgrounds, the Faerie Painted Background is more of a color backdrop than an actual setting. The pastel colors of pink, light blue, and lavender swirl together, providing a simple yet color-coordinated addition to your Valentines-themed pet.

Okay, but what about the pet who isn’t so into Valentine's Day? Maybe he’s had a bad past experience, maybe he doesn’t have a Valentine this year, or maybe he’s just tired of googly eyes and mushy love poems. If your pet fits any of these descriptions, worry not, because there are a couple of wearables that will suit his mood.


Novelty Glasses

A perfect disguise, unless you happen to look like that already.

The bushy eyebrows and moustache and the bulbous nose practically screams, “I have no interest in looking cute and cuddly.” For a pet who is rather anti-Valentine's Day, these Novelty Glasses will exude apathy and jadedness. An added bonus: these can also, and should, be worn if your pet is ridiculously popular this Valentine's Day. Stave off the mobs of fawning, adoring pets with this clever disguise. No one will recognize your pet, and he can enjoy a Valentine's Day in anonymity and peace.


Giant Moach Costume

ROAR!!!! Scared ya did we. This was given out by the Advent Calendar in Y9.

If your pet is sunk so deep in the doldrums, so drooping with dreariness, and just so utterly grey that the Novelty Glasses weren’t enough to express his deep distaste for Valentine's Day, then this Giant Moach Costume should definitely do the trick. The buggy eyes, sharp fangs, and lethal pincers are the dead opposite of all things flowery, heart-shaped, and pink. What’s more, this costume is sure to frighten away anyone within a ten meter radius, making certain that your pet won’t have to interact with anyone who might irritate him with their sweeter-than-a-Bag-of-Sugar Valentine's Day spirit. Dressed in this Giant Moach Costume, your pet can have a very satisfying anti-Valentine's Day.

There are certainly many more Valentines-themed clothes, especially some of the full outfits for certain species, but I wanted to include only wearables that are multi-species and available through the Shop Wizard. That way, this article can be applicable to a wider audience. With that said, I hope you enjoyed this article and that it helped you pick out some things for your pets to wear this holiday. As always, thank you for reading, and have a wonderful Valentine’s Day.


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