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Honoring Kacheeks: How to Celebrate Their Day

by ridiculer


One of the most exciting days of the year on the Neopian Calendar is the official day for the Kacheek, which is the 29th of the Month of Sleeping this year! Why would this day be so important? It’s quite simply actually, Kacheeks have been a very popular Neopet since they’ve come out (they’re currently number two on the Neopets popularity page, with over 13 million Kacheeks already created and owned), and they’re wonderful Neopets almost anyone can appreciate. So, how should we honor them you ask? Considering it’s pretty hard to think up ways to celebrate Kacheek Day, it’s a bit tough to figure out what could make your Kacheek Day special! Don’t worry though, this guide is here to help and ensure that your Kacheek Day is a complete hit and one you’ll remember! Here you’ll find the top ten ways to celebrate it.

01. Make a Kacheek Day Lookup

It may seem a little silly at first to think about making a whole lookup dedicated to Kacheeks, but honestly, it’s probably one of the best ways out there to celebrate. On your lookup you can put many of your favourite Kacheek pictures and backgrounds, and perhaps even Kacheek fun images! The best part of decorating your lookup is that it’s usually where people look at when they want to see something about a user, so it’s a great way to pass on how wonderful Kacheeks are and how happy you are that Kacheek Day is here to celebrate!

02. See the Blue Kacheek Group in Concert

Possibly one of Neopia’s best artists and musical group is the Blue Kacheek Group. They’ve been entertaining us once a week (every Monday) for as long as pretty much everyone can remember! Since Kacheek Day this year is the 29th, and the Blue Kacheek Group performs the day before Kacheek Day, Monday the 28th, it would be a perfect opportunity to take your Neopets to see the Blue Kacheek Group live at the Concert Hall in Tyrannia. It could be the start of your Kacheek Day celebration and would be a great opener for a fabulous and festive Kacheek Day.

03. Play Kacheek Games!

As silly as it sounds to play Kacheek Seek, it’s a cute and fun game that will probably make your Neopets happy to play, and would be a joyous way to celebrate. The best part of Kacheek Seek is that your Neopet doesn’t have to be a Kacheek to play! This means any Neopet could celebrate with you and enjoy the official day for Kacheeks without actually having to be one. Another great thing about Kacheek Seek is that while other celebrations might take awhile to do, like making an entire Kacheek Day lookup, if you’re not too interested in celebrating for long but would like to honor a Kacheek, you can spend a minute or too enjoying a game created in their honor.

Another game you could play for Kacheek Day would be Kacheekers. It’s a pretty easy to game to master and another plus is that it’s possible to even get a trophy for playing it! Your Neopets will surely enjoy playing Kacheekers and it’ll be a great way for you to reflect back on how wonderful Kacheeks really are!

04. Create a Kacheek Gallery

Did you know there’s over 150 Kacheek themed items?! Well, there are, and a fabulous way to show off your love for Kacheeks would be to create a gallery for them! Whether you pick a sub-category like Kacheek foods or Kacheek toys, or even go for the entire set of Kacheek themed items doesn’t matter! Feel free to decorate your Kacheek gallery and show it off during Kacheek Day!

05. Get a Kacheek or Decorate Your Current One!

That’s right, I said it, get a Kacheek! Whether you use a morphing potion, adopt a Kacheek, or even create one, getting a Kacheek will surely show your dedication towards Kacheeks and will probably be the best gift you can give your other Neopets or get yourself for Kacheek Day!

Also the great part of having a Kacheek is that you can use Kacheek Day as an excuse to decorate and customize your Kacheek! Perhaps if you do want to spend some Neopoints but not splurge too much on your Kacheek, you might customize it with some new accessories, or even buy and item or two from the NC Mall to keep your bank in the safe zone. Or if you’re really out there, go nuts and enter the Customization Spotlight to show off your Kacheek’s new looks!

06. Write a Kacheek Day Poem

The Poetry Contest is always open to celebrate Neopian holidays, so by entering a Kacheek Day poem, you could show the Neopians that read it how important and wonderful Kacheeks are. It’s a great way to show off your poetic side and honor a few Kacheeks that have changed Neopia.

07. Have a Kacheek Day Meal

Kacheek Day is a great theme for pretty much anything you could think up, therefore a Kacheek Day themed meal wouldn’t be too hard to create. Foods like Spaghetti A La Kacheek or Kacheek Cheese Burger would be a fabulous and tasty main course. Kacheek Pretzels could be a great snack or side dish, especially for picky Neopets. The meal could be topped of easily with a nice dessert like Kacheek Vanilla Pudding or even a nice and delicious Kacheek Sticky Rice Cake. Buy a few Kacheek food items, eat, and enjoy!

08. Read a Few Neopedia Articles

If you’ve ever wondered what a few famous Kacheeks were, you can find them in the Neopedia! Samrin and Albert, for example, were Kacheeks who became well known in Neopia and were famous enough to go into the Neopedia. If you love to read, this is a fabulous way to celebrate Kacheek Day if you’re feeling a bit lazy and would just like to have a relaxing Kacheek Day.

09. Enter a Kacheek Drawing into the Drawing Contest

Almost every Neopet Day, artists from all over submit the most eye catching and beautiful art to honor each Neopet. Kacheek day isn’t any different! Whether you’re good at drawing, painting, sculpting, or even origami, whatever your favourite art form may be, make a Kacheek Day creating and send it in! If you get in, there are fabulous prizes including a trophy, and it’s a great way to honor and celebrate Kacheek Day!

10. Decorate Your Neohome Full of Kacheek Items

A lot of Neopians absolutely love to add and decorate new rooms, so if you’re already looking for a theme, Kacheek Day would be a perfect idea for one, and would be a perfect way to celebrate Kacheeks! In fact, there are even a few great posters you could hang up on the walls of your Neohome like the Blue Kacheek Group Poster, the Rainbow Kacheek Poster, or even the Kacheekers Poster! Kacheeks can work well in pretty much any room. So for example, if you’re decorating a kitchen, the Purple Kacheek Fridge, the Purple Kacheek Refrigerator, the Blue Kacheek Teapot, and the Red Kacheek Toaster could fit well together in your kitchen to give it a nice Kacheek theme, but still keep it useful as a kitchen! Just remember to have fun while keeping Kacheeks in mind!

Remember to have a wonderful Kacheek Day, and hopefully this guide has helped you decide how you’re going to celebrate your Kacheek Day! :)

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