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The Best Gifts for YOUR Valentine!

by pretty_feet


Also by knucklestheechidna52

Valentine’s Day shopping can be intense! I mean, if you get your valentine the wrong gift, your life is officially over. So, I am going to attempt to give you some good starting gifts based on your valentine’s personality and gender. Let’s do this! With my help, this Valentine's Day will be your best gift-giving experience ever (not to brag or anything...).

For the Skeith (if you know what I mean...*yarr*)

Girl- Chocolate is truly a girl’s best friend. I mean, sure, a diamond lasts forever, but chocolate makes you feel great now. For your Skeith of a friend, I recommend either a Valentines Chocolate Selection or a Valentines Heart Shaped Chocolate Box. Both look delicious! However, if you are on a budget, the selection is a tad cheaper than the box, and probably has just as much chocolate in it!

Boy- Let’s face it... all guys can eat. So, how about some nice Valentines Cookies and/or a Valentines Muffin? Both have lots of sugar, and are fairly cheap!

For the Hopeless Romantic

Girl- We all know this type of girl. She desperately wants to find true love (or twoo wuv for those who mock). There is no better way to say “Happy Valentine's Day!” than by giving her a Chocolate Heart, a Valentines Bouquet, and a Valentines Day Ring. That’s a gift combo that will truly sweep the romantic off her feet.

Boy- This boy is always trying to woo his sweetheart, so there is nothing better than a Sweetheart Scroll. He probably already has some poem memorized; what harm can this do?

For your mom

Oh gosh, buying something for your mom is definitely the most important thing you NEED to do on Valentine's Day. There is no doubt that a Valentine Centerpiece or Three Red Roses is the best gift you can give to her. She can display them and brag to her friends... until the flowers die.

For the Fashionista/o

Girl- High fashion is high priority for this girl! Definitely consider either a Gold Valentines Ring or a Silver Valentines Ring. Remember: Gold is better than silver (although platinum is best). So, take that into consideration before you spend. Also, you may look into purchasing some Valentines Earrings. Relatively cute and simple, you can’t mess it up.

Boy- How about a Silver Heart Charm Bracelet or a Ruby Heart Pendant? They will look fabulous on any high fashion boy neopet (well... if they ever go wearable!)

For the Ultimate Collector

Girl- Everyone collects something. Personally, I like flowers. But that’s not the point (though gifts are appreciated ;)). Anyways... how about a Valentines Boy Usuki or a Valentines Girl Usuki for your collector if they collect usukis? Or, if they collect other things, do a search for something that shows your true feelings of love for this girl.

Boy- A Mysterious Valentines Card is perfect for any serious collectors! Why? Well, send it and find out! :o

For the Neopet you really don’t want to buy a gift for, but have to =/

Girl- A Torn Valentine's Day Card, a Ripped Valentines Chia Plushie, some Wilted Red Roses, or a Deflated Heart Balloon will show your feelings... I mean, if you got something ripped and battered to pieces, what would you think? Lets use our brains, people!

Boy- As I mentioned earlier, most guys are very good at packing away grub. So be mean to this neopet! Give them something that looks delicious, but utterly inedible! A Bitten Heart Muffin, a Smooshed Heart Cake, or a Mouldy Chocolate Heart should do the trick.

For a younger sibling

Girl- Your younger sister could certainly appreciate a Valentine's Day T-Shirt, a Pink Heart Bracelet, and Heart Shaped Sunglasses! Especially since the sunglasses are wearable and chic! Your sister will LOVE you.

Boy- Your younger brother might not understand Valentine's Day yet. Maybe he thinks it is too mushy. Get him a Valentines Bean Bag to show him that definitely is not true. This day is supposed to be fun for all!!

For your gothic friend

For either a girl or boy, Black Roses are an astounding choice, if you can pay the price. They are... well... as gothic as you can get for Valentine's Day. Also, what a great investment gift, huh?

For the Packrat

You’re pathetic... asking ME how to help YOU shop for a packrat? Psh. Let’s be serious... anything previously mentioned will be an amazing present! They will throw the gift in his or her safety deposit box, and never look at it again. But still, that is what they love! So buy them whatever!

For the Nerd

Girl- Only give this to a girl if she self-identifies herself as a nerd. I mean, if she thinks she’s not, she will be insulted (even though she should be proud of who she is!). A good romantic book should do the trick. I recommend renowned titles such as Lenny Love or Techo in Love. What fantastic books.

Boy- How about an I Love Kacheekers T-shirt? Or an I Love the Neopian Times T-shirt? Both should go over quite well in my opinion.

For the Sloth Worshipper

Girl- Last but not least, we have the Sloth Worshipper. The best gifts are obviously an I Love Sloth Poster and an I love Sloth Cushion. Both will be perfect for your idolizing friend.

Boy- Well, this boy clearly needs an I Love Sloth Bean Bag. We already mentioned earlier that they were great fun, but they are so much better for the Sloth Worshipper with his face plastered on it.

Well, this is the end of our walkthrough. I hope you got some good Valentine's Day gift ideas from this article. If not, try to think of what makes the gift recipient unique; what traits are exclusive to him or her? A plushie lover? Maybe a keyring collector? Find that uniqueness, and then look for the perfect gift based on that personality trait. If you need additional ideas, drop me a neomail with some background information on your Valentine and your budget. Together, we can and will find the perfect present!

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