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Tilting Terror Mountain

by birthinganoctopus


Let me start by saying that I am in no way, shape, or form an expert of any kind at this game! Other players have nearly double the scores that I do. I have learned a trick or two at the game, however, and I don’t see anyone else sharing- so here goes nothing!

This has to be one of my favorite games out there right now. It’s fun, animated, and challenging.

You use your mouse to tilt the ice platform in a particular direction. The space bar can pause the game. There is no restart button, but I’ve found that you can right click and select restart from the drop down menu it gives.

The goal, of course, is to get your Bruce through a hoop of the matching color. There are four different colors: Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow. I haven’t seen any advantage of a certain color over the rest, no special talents with each one, or anything.

Before we start, let me tell you about the bonuses and penalties. The best bonus is the extra life! You will need all of those that you can get! They show up in the form of a green Bruce in a yellow star, and you have to touch it with your Bruce. The other bonuses come in the form of yellow stars with a certain amount of points inside it. You can get a bonus of 35, 50, 75, or even 100 extra points. Get all of these that you can, as they can make a huge difference in your final score.

The penalty that I hate with a passion is the dizzy Bruce. You hit one of those, and the entire rink spins around making your Bruce look like a toddler who hasn’t yet learned to walk! There are also red stars that take away points, but don’t fall off the edge trying to avoid one of them, as they only take away 15 or 35 points.

The first stage begins, and you start off with five little Bruce lives. In this first level, there are just the four exits through which your Bruce can fall. The faster you get your Bruce through the hoop of the appropriate color, the more points you get for it! Each hoop starts out at 25 points, and will fall all the way to a measly 5 points if you take too long. Once you have dunked the first three or four Bruces, the rings will rotate one space. You are given warning, however! Before the rings rotate, you will hear a shivering (or rattling) sound, and the rings will tremble.

Another thing to watch out for is the color change of the hoops! That is what usually gives me the most grief. Again, you are given fair warning—you will hear three beeps, and you can see the hoops blinking from the color they are currently to the color they are going to change to. More on that in just a little bit. As the game progresses, the hoops will rotate more than just the one space. Keep an eye on them.

This stage ends when you have managed to get ten Bruces through the hoops. I typically have around 300 points when finishing stage one.

The second stage has six exits. Remember, though, that there are only four colors, and therefore, only four hoops!! Watch out for those cookie dough spouting volcanoes! They are cute to look at, but keep in mind that every time it erupts - it bulges outward. What this means for you is that, if your Bruce is leaning up against it, the eruption could bounce you off!

Another hazard to look out for on this level—the Snowbeast! He is lurking inside his igloo, waiting to whack you across the ice rink when you come near him! Bad Snowbeast!!

I almost forgot to mention the rings that will appear out of nowhere and surround your Bruce, turning him into a different color. If you know that you can maneuver him into the hoop before he changes color, then go for it. Sometimes it’s kind of hard to tell what color he is when the rings are surrounding him... just take a quick peek at the number of lives you have left. The Bruce that is standing next to that number is always the same color as the Bruce out on the rink! Trust me, that will come in handy sometimes!!

There is what I call a “sweet spot” on this level. In the corner where the igloo and volcano meet - if you can position yourself right there, it’s usually pretty stable. It’s a good spot to wait out a rotation or color change.

You have to get twenty Bruces through the right hoops on this level. I usually have between 800-1000 points by now.

Thought you had it rough on level two? This third stage is a killer for me... I have yet to get through it.

Another two exits for your Bruce to fall through, spikes and a lamppost to bounce off of, and the Snowbeast is still busy scratching himself and whacking you right off the rink! I’m assuming that thirty Bruces are needed to finish up this one, but since I haven’t been able to get there yet, I can’t tell you for sure.

Just a few tips to hopefully help you out a little...

You can turn off the music, but do NOT turn off the sounds! Remember, the noises alert you that a change is coming. You don’t want the hoops to rotate or swap colors without warning, do you?

Watch those hoops! Keep an eye on their pattern. Do they rotate just one spot, or three? Where do they stop? After the first level, there are exits that the hoops never stop at. Knowing where these are will help you line your Bruce up correctly, and you can be ready and waiting for the stop!

Don’t forget to watch the color of the hoops during those three beeps. If you know what color they are turning to, then you know how to line up your Bruce.

Remember that your Bruce is the same color as the one next to your remaining lives. This is useful when your Bruce is behind the lamppost or surrounded by the color-changing rings.

Sometimes it’s better to try to maintain a position, and let the hoops come to you. Chasing them down often leads to falling over the edge and into the net, especially in the later levels.

OK, that’s about all that I can give you. I hope that I’ve given you a little bit of insight. Right now whatever your score is, that’s the amount of NP you will get! Have fun and enjoy the animations in the game... they really are cute. If you have any game tips, please feel free to neomail me!

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