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Biscuit Brigade: Become a Top Cookie Crusader

by thealleycat13


Hiya! Justine a.k.a. Alley here to inform you upon the latest game that’s greeted Neopia. What, Terror Tilt? Oh no, my friend, a game much greater! I present to you, the official guide to Biscuit Brigade: Hagan’s Last Stand! Yes, the newest game to enter Neopia, and my favorite of all. I must say I’ve been obsessed with it ever since it came out for Premium users to beta-test. I’ve had a lot of practice playing this game, and in this guide I will teach you battle strategies and tactics that will not only get you closer to the High Score Table and a trophy, but will also whip you into a battle master! Now let’s get started.

Before you get started, you’re going to want to know a few basic things. You need pieces to build towers, blocks, and decoys. You start out with some pieces, and as you destroy Skarl’s troops, you will gain more pieces to build with. In Normal and Hard mode you get one piece for about every two troops you shoot down. The troops come in waves and waves get harder and harder to destroy. Troops also get faster, thus making them even MORE difficult to destroy. And as the waves increase, time between waves decreases.

Modes for every gamer... and battler:

To start off, there are four different modes: Practice, Easy, Normal, and Hard. Practice is the easiest as it gives you a chance to learn the game’s basics and gives you lots of pieces and time to start out with. However, it does not award any points. Easy mode will only give you half the amount of points you can get than in regular mode, but it does also give you a few extra pieces and some more time, but not as much as Practice mode. Normal mode is that standard gaming mode. Basic supplies, income, and cookies, as well as no extra time. And then Hard mode. I wouldn’t recommend playing in Hard mode until you’ve got the hang of the game. Hard mode restricts cookie supply, income, and starting funds, as well as having no extra time. However, you get twice as many points as you would get in regular mode.

Learning the field:

Now the field is fairly simple. In the Northwest corner sits your brother Skarl with his toy box full of little mechanical troops, which will be attacking your castle full of cookies, which is in the southeast corner. Between these two areas you will place towers, blocks, and decoys to keep Skarl’s troops from stealing your cookies. I mean, who would want to have their precious chocolate chip cookies taken to be devoured by their greedy brother?

I sure wouldn’t!

Know Your Enemy:

A very important part to the game is to know your enemy. Currently your enemies are troops of small mechanical Techos, Scorchios, and Skeiths, each maneuvering around towers and other obstacles as they make their way to your castle of cookies. Now in the beginning waves they are easily shot down with a single hit by a crossbow, or exploded simply with the launch of a rocket. But as the waves increase, so does the strength and durability of the troops, thus making it harder to destroy them, and requiring more towers to shoot at them. Our enemy also has the ability to attack obstacles in their path, such as the basic fortification around your cookies, blocks that protect them, and even towers that stand in their way! And once a tower or block has been lost, you can’t get those supplies back, or even build in that same place. So you have to be careful about where you place your towers.

Tip: If a tower looks like it’s about to be lost, instead of letting it go to waste, you can quickly disassemble the pieces by clicking on the tower and clicking on the destroy button (which looks like a blackened area) which will give you back all the pieces it took to build that tower.

Fire the... what’s it called again?

Probably the key part to this operation is knowing your weapon. If you choose the wrong weapon, it may just cost you the battle. So let me give you a little insight on the different weapon options:

Your first choice is between ball launcher or bag thrower. Ball launcher does damage, while bag thrower stuns. From those options you will then (for Damage) choose between slingshot (focused damage), which will take you to potion slinger (damage over time) or Crossbow (direct damage) or cannon (group damage) between gravel cannon (close range) or rocket launcher (long range).

If you chose to go with a stun method, you then have to choose between sludge thrower (slow down) which will take you to net thrower (single target) or wind mill (area effect) or you could have gone with oil thrower (slip up) and onto paint thrower (blind) or water thrower (weaken). Kinda confusing, I know. But, after a few couple of games (and reading the instructions) you’ll get the hang of it.

Tip: I recommend starting out first with a damage weapon, preferably crossbow or rocket launcher, and then either getting a stun attack like net thrower or wind mill. If you want to have a stun attack, I would advise to get it in the early stages where you only need one or two damage towers. That way you’ll have a stun attack, and won’t have to worry about wasting a possible damage attack.


Always have a strategy. All the battles that have been lost were lost because the losing side had a poor, or no strategy. Well, at least that’s what King Skarl tells me. He’s won a lot of wars, so I guess he must be right. To develop a strategy that you find to your liking I would suggest playing a few times in Practice mode, or a few practice rounds in Easy or Normal mode. Once you find a strategy you like, stick with it, but remember to be a little flexible about things. The two most important parts of strategy are weapons and placement. Decide which weapons you will start with and add/remove throughout the game, and where you’re going to place them. Also decide if you will use decoys to distract your enemy (which sometimes do and sometimes don’t work), and blocks (which I really recommend) to fortify your castle and block out enemies.

Tip: I would suggest starting out with a crossbow placed a bit towards the middle, but still close to your castle. Then add a rocket launcher, and stick with rocket launchers throughout the game, as those do the most damage. As well, surrounding your castle with one or two fortifications of blocks is always a good idea (especially if those little mechanical devils have broken in!)

Well, I hope this guide has helped you learn about Biscuit Brigade, and has taught you enough tips to become a Top Brigadier, and even take you to the High Score List and even a spiffy new trophy for your cabinet. For more questions about Biscuit Brigade, or comments and criticism (or fan mail!) about this article, please feel free to neomail me. Good luck, Cadet! *salutes*

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