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Guide to Slumber Party Survival

by jenlin_25


I'm sure we've all been there. All of your neofriends are happily chattering away and painting their toe nails at the sleepover of the year, until... BLURP! You chose THIS moment to accidentally let out a burst of 'natural gas'. Ugh. Your face turns a shade of red that's quite similiar to an over-ripe tomato, and you pretend you weren't the one who cut the cheese. Embarrassing? Very. Luckily, with this slumber party guide, you will learn how to avoid sticky situations and, well, basically how to survive a slumber party. And here to help me, Jenlin, are my four pets: Dandelion the yellow Wocky, Fyora the white Usul, Maraqua the Christmas Kacheek, and Sunshine the yellow Acara!

1. Haven't decided what to wear to the slumber party? No worries! Just wear your favorite pair of pajamas. After all, it'd be quite difficult to sleep in your sleeping bag wearing a prom dress.

Dandelion: But remember, just because a pair of pajamas is your favorite doesn't mean that it's slumber party worthy. Try to stay away from Petpet-print pajamas, okay?

Fyora: *looks at Dandelion's comment* Uhhh... totally. *quickly shoves Mallard-print pajamas into closet*

Maraqua: *rolls eyes* Dandelion, it doesn't really matter what kind of pajamas you wear to the slumber party. I mean, pajamas are pajamas, right?

Sunshine: *ignores Jenlin's advice* Wear something dazzling! Wear something spectacular! Wear something like... a prom dress!

2. Pack all the slumber party necessities (tooth brush, tooth paste, etc.) into a duffel bag. It's showtime!

Dandelion: Speaking of tooth brushes... if you just snacked on a bag of chips, remember to brush your teeth before you go to the slumber party. Nobody likes sour cream and onion breath! Well, I suppose a couple of people do. *points at Fyora*

Fyora: Ooh, don't forget your favorite plushie!

Maraqua: Make sure you remember to pack EVERYTHING you'll need for the party.

Sunshine: 'Nuff said.

3. Slumber parties are always a bit tense at the beginning. Try making a conversation with the people who have already arrived to pass the time.

Dandelion: I'll pass. The first thing I do when I get to sleepovers is sign autographs and share beauty tips. *sigh* Neopia would be lost without me.

Fyora: *glares at Dandelion* Drama queen...

Maraqua: Jokes are the perfect thing for times like this. Try to break the ice with a few jokes you've been practicing for King Skarl!

Sunshine: Or you could try giving out beauty-themed wisdom tips that you've been meaning to tell King Hagan. They're the perfect ice-breakers!

4. Slumber parties wouldn't be slumber parties without scary movies. If watching ghost-themed movies just isn't your thing, you can always chat quietly with a nearby friend.

Dandelion: Right on! *pumps paw into air*

Fyora: I'm kinda more into the popcorn than the movie...

Maraqua: If you'd rather chat, remember to keep it to a low volume so you won't disturb people who ARE watching the movie.

Sunshine: I'm agreeing with Dandelion on this one.

5. Once the big bowl of popcorn comes around to you, don't eat ALL of the popcorn!

Dandelion: Agreed! I'm not a genius, but I'm pretty sure your friends are gonna be beyond disgusted by the way you slurp up popcorn. It's best to keep the limit to a handful (or pawful) of popcorn each time someone passes it to you.

Fyora: *scoffs* So what? They probably have more popcorn popping in the kitchen anyway!

Maraqua: I agree, Jenlin. After you get a handful of popcorn, remember to pass it to the next person you're sitting by.

Sunshine: Hey Jenlin, would popcorn, like, be counted as a veggie? I mean, it's got the word 'corn' in it!

6. Make-over time! Whether you do your own nails or someone else's, remember to be careful not to make a mess.

Dandelion: Please, please remember to only paint your nails a shade of color that actually looks good. Seriously, I've seen some repulsive nail colors out there. *shivers*

Fyora: But... my paws can't even REACH my feet! *sobs*

Maraqua: If you've got paws, try to help the others who DON'T. You know, like JubJubs.

Sunshine: *smiles innocently* I think that no matter what we look like, we're ALL beautiful in a unique and special way... HA! For once, I was the Neopet who's the nice, advice-giving one! Beat that, Maraqua!

7. Don't worry if you accidentally send out a burst of 'natural gas' during one of the slumber party activities. Just remember: it happens to anyone!

Dandelion: *sniffles* Even the glamorous ones, like me...

Fyora: Yeah, I'm sure all the perfume during the make-over session will drown the smell out.

Maraqua: Hmmm... that was actually some pretty good advice, Fyora!

Sunshine: Well, it kinda helps if you don't eat beans right before you go to the party...

8. Pillow fights are one of the key activities at a slumber party. Just remember not to hit too hard! Or too soft, either...

Dandelion: Puh-lease, I'm, like, the pillow fight champion! *throws a pillow at Fyora, but misses* Wait a second! Umm... I MEANT to miss her!

Fyora: *picks up pillow* Yeah right! You missed me by a full fifteen inches! *hits Dandelion with pillow* And THAT'S how you win a pillow fight, sis!

Maraqua: If you want, you can pair up with one of your friends for extra defense! Two heads are better than one, right?

Sunshine: *confused* Since when did we start talking about heads?

9. Try not to be the first person to fall asleep at the slumber party. The first person to snooze has always been known to be the number-one target for shaving cream tricks...

Dandelion: Agreed. *clears throat nervously* Of course, no one's ever DARED to do that to me.

Fyora: *looks at Dandelion* But don't you remember? Tiffany sprayed shaving cream all over your chin so that you looked like Santa Claus at last year's slumber party...

Maraqua: *giggles* Oh yeah! We were planning to put it on your head, too, but then you woke up...

Sunshine: *muffled giggles*

10. When you leave the next morning, remember to say 'thank you' to the person who planned the slumber party.

Dandelion: Yeah, whatever.

Fyora: Even if you thought that was the worst party in the history of parties, you still have to thank them for the effort.

Maraqua: I... I... *falls asleep*

Sunshine: *pokes Maraqua* Could you stop drooling on my shoulder?!

Well, I hope we were helpful! Did you learn some great sleepover tips? No? Well, I never! Hmph!

This article is dedicated to my pets. Thanks for reading! :)

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