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Quiz: What Kind of Avatar Collector Are You?

by anamya


Maybe one day you woke up in the morning and decided: 'I'll start collecting avatars!' Or maybe, you just got one avatar, another, a third one and started enjoying that. Or maybe, 'something has happened' a lot of times and your collection increased like magic! There are many reasons for people collecting avatars in Neopia - and many ways to do it. Answer ten simple questions and find out what kind of avatar collector you are!

1- What kind of avatars do you like most?

a) The newest one that was launched today!

b) Those I took a long time to get, saving money or training games.

c) Randoms; they appear a lot to me!

d) Any one; every avatar is an avatar.

e) Those I got free after asking for a lot, without spending any money!

2- When a new item avatar is launched, what do you do?

a) I spend all the money I can to buy it immediately! Then, I'll think about selling or lending.

b) I wait a bit until prices are fair or I get the money. While that doesn't happen, I try to restock the item on stores.

c) I hope I get the item from a faerie, or from Sloth, or that I someway get the money to borrow it.

d) If I can get the item easily, I get it. If not, I try to borrow it a few times, you know, normally.

e) I ask all my friends to lend me the item and create a board on the neoboards asking for free or low collat.

3- What was your first avatar?

a) I got lots at the same time, I looked for an avatar guide and took all I could.

b) Faerie Queen Doll, MSPP or similar. I waited until I could get them, because I wanted to start with a BIG one..

c) Sloth. Or Faerie Soup.

d) It was a clickable I went through without even knowing.

e) An item avatar a friend lent me.

4- How do you get painted pet avatars?

a) I create a pet, buy the paintbrushes, and get it.

b) I spend some time in the pound, or save some neopoints until I can paint one without breaking my savings.

c) My lab ray does that for me! Or got the paintbrushes from Jacko.

d) I painted some, I found some in the pound.

e) I create topics in the boards until someone abandons one in the pound and I get it!

5- And how do you get aged petpets avatars?

a) I buy the petpet, but also start zapping another one on the petpet lab. And look for some in the pound too.

b) I buy the petpet and wait.

c) Oh, I had some petpets already aged... And after that, the lab zapped the other ones!

d) I buy some, I look for some in the pound, I try to borrow some, I put some in the lab.

e) I ask all my friends if someone can give me a petpet, or abandon a pet with it in the pound.

6- Do you like game avatars?

a) Of course! I don't stop playing until I get them!

b) Yes, I train each game, and after some time I get them.

c) Yeah, sometimes I have a lucky streak and get some, even without playing that much.

d) Some I do, some I don't. That's because some games are great and some are boring.

e) No, because I have to try too many times until I get them!

7- If you were an avatar, what would you be?

a) Avatar Collector. There's no other reason to collect avatars.

b) Kadoatery - Mew. Just people that try hard get this one.

c) Fountain Faerie. Not everyone is lucky enough to receive her visit.

d) Whack-a-Kass (or your favorite game). Ah, because I like it!

e) SUAP. I hope I get this one for free someday.

8- Do you act when a new plot is released?

a) I complete plot steps as soon as it's possible, and hope there's an avatar as a prize!

b) I try to complete all plots; I like to follow the stories and to find out how to solve the tricks.

c) Sometimes I get lucky and complete some plots! Not that I really look for it...

d) I have some difficulty, but even though I try to solve it.

e) I look for petpages and boards with plot solutions. I prefer those that explain everything, because plots are hard!

9- What was the craziest thing you've ever done for an avatar?

a) I spent all my neopoints in one item.

b) I spent weeks training a game.

c) I sang the Tooth Faerie Song in front of my computer, and she really appeared!

d) Well, I spend some time and money... but I'm not crazy for it

e) I cried a whole day.

10- Why do you collect avatars?

a) Because avatars are the COOLEST thing in Neopia, I must get them all!

b) Because it's challenging.

c) Dunno, they just come to me.

d) Oh, because it's fun!

e) Because aaaallll my friends have lots of avatars and I want to have them too!

Now, check your answers. See which letter you've marked most and read the list below. Finally, find out what kind of avatar collector you are!

More A: You are the Desperate Collector. You want to be the first one to get every new avatar and you don't care about spending lots of money buying items or time playing games.

More B: You are the Patient Collector. It may take lots of time, but you get what you want. You save money to paint your pets, you train games, you wait for hard items to restock. Your collection increases very slowly, but never stops.

More C: You are the Lucky Collector. Random avatars appear suddenly in your account, you have lucky strikes in games to make enough points and you probably win the lottery or any other random events that provide you money and items to get what you want.

More D: You are a normal collector. Congrats, you're normal!

More E: You are the Crybaby Collector. You beg for everything: free items, low collateral, game hints, pets and petpets. Maybe you should make a bit of effort to really get what you want.

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