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Chia: Soon to be Limited Edition?

by ray177483


An interview by: Ray177483

In a recent survey, the Neopian Government asked: Should Chias be banned from Neopets? 50% of the votes came in as 'No, they should just be Limited Editions', 8% of the votes came in as 'Yes', and 40% of the votes came in as 'No'.

Yes, I was one of these voters. I cannot reveal which vote I made, but I can tell you that I sat down with Gary, the secretary of the Neopian Government Council. I got to go behind scenes and ask him what he thought about this survey.

"I believe that Chias are the oldest Neopets that Neopian users can still adopt. If we make this law, then Buzz will be the new oldest pet on the block," Gary told me. "Our conclusion to this massacre is still undecided. Thousands of users have been using their freedom of speech rights too much. They have all been striking outside of our buildings! Every other day it's 'Keep the Chia population, or we'll all be in devastation'. Or it's 'Chias don't belong; they're all just so wrong!'. It's madness, I think that we might just have to make them limited editions. But, then again, that is just my opinion."

So, when we were done, I ran to the Coffee Shoppe to get some warm mint tea for the holiday season. When I ordered, Madam Charkay was talking with Donnabeth. I couldn't help but notice that it was on what I had just happened to talk to Gary about. As I eavesdropped, Donnabeth said, "Ugh, Charkay, you're almost 80 years old; you have no idea what you're talking about! Chias should so be banned from Neopets. They're too old! So are you!"

As Charkay said, "Why you little... I am 67, thank you very much, so I know exactly what I'm talking about. Youngsters that come to Neopets and adopt Chias are adopting history, notice it or not. And because they're history, they should stay."

I quickly paced out of the store with my mint tea and sat down to write about my case. When a blue and red Chia walked by me, I quickly got up and asked them a few questions.

"Excuse me, I hope you don't mind, but I am a reporter for the Neopian Times, and I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions," I said to them.

They both agreed and sat down on a bench with me near the Money Tree. Once I got their names, Olivia (the red Chia) and Charles (the blue Chia), I asked them how they felt about the whole 'banning Chias from Neopets' thing.

"Well, since there aren't that many of us in Neopets, I don't think that they should ban us, because I really want the Chia population to continue to grow!" Charles told me.

"I definitely agree; Chias should be allowed to stay! We take pride in being the oldest Neopets still able to be adopted! We don't want the Buzz, who are 3 years younger than us, steal our spot. I still would like to meet more Chias; that'd be great!" Olivia exclaimed.

So in this session of Ray's Interviews, I've learned that surveys do not usually put a Neopet life in Neopians' hands intentionally. So, to all of you newbies out there, if you were considering a Chia, I would get one right now. Because I can guarantee you, they're going like hotcakes right now! Check the adoption center and even in the boards, there might be a message or two saying, First Come First Serve: Chia needing best available owner. I know that I've just adopted a yellow one. Her name is Bailey and she loves her new home. I am also looking into volunteering at the adoption center and finding some! So thank you all, and please, please, please, start helping save the CHIA NATION!

A while after my first survey...

To all of my readers that have read my very first survey on the Chia nation, thank you so much! You have saved the Chias from becoming banned and/or Limited Editions! Quite recently I found Charles again and sat down to talk to him once more.

"How do you feel now that Chias are safe back in Neopets once again, Charles?" I asked him, gently.

"Why, I'm so glad that my eyeballs are dancing in my head! I could just jump for joy right now! Literally! Yippee! I love meeting all of the new Chias that were made during the Chia scare. I have triple the amount of Chia friends now than when the first survey was being made! Thank you so much, Ray!"

So, as you can see, Charles is very glad that the Chias are back in Neopets.

Wanting to learn why the Neopian Government Council changed their minds on making Chias Limited Editions, I tried to catch up with Gary again.

"We've figured that because Chias are not the oldest Neopets available to be adopted, we didn't think that they were at the correct age yet. We've been studying and so far, we think that they are actually closer to the younger side of the Neopets family. We will keep searching for an answer to who is actually the youngest Neopet yet, so all of the Neopets better watch out!"

Gary took out a book for me and showed me the genes of how a Chia was made. It was actually made from a Shoyru and a Poogle. Then after the Chia is the JubJub and the Blumaroo. But the research still isn't finished. But when they do find the oldest Neopet, don't worry. They're keeping all of them. The oldest one will be preserved and available to all for adoption. Thank you to all of the Chia voters who thought that Chias should stay, because you influenced a lot of the decision. So keep on fighting for the freedom of Neopets to stay! Only because our beloved Poogle, Hissi, Koi, and etc. have already been made into Limited Edition animals. So thank you all who have listened to the Neopian Times, and the Neopian Government Council!

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