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The Joy of Durians

by dogglefoxgirl


The durian. The spiky, yet fascinating fruit we all love. But how much do you really know about durians? In fact, you may be wondering, what, exactly, IS a durian? My friend, you have come to the right place. Welcome to Durians 101.

Let's start with the basics. A durian is a specific fruit with a spiky exterior. You may know it by it being a semi-popular Chia colour. Durian Chias resemble the fruit, having a spiky body with its face towards the top, like most fruit Chias. More on durian Chias later.

The closest Neopian item to an actual durian is the Fresh Durian. It restocks at the Neopian Food Shop, and sells on the Shop Wizard for around 8500 NP to 9000 NP. It is a great addition to any durian or fruit gallery, but if you don't want to pay 8500 NP for a mere fruit, there are cheaper, yet less valued alternatives.

The cheapest durian item would be the Flattened Durian. However, unlike the Fresh Durian, the Flattened Durian restocks at the Health Food Shop. If you don't want to wait around for Health Foods to restock, you can purchase one on the Shop Wizard for up to 1000 NP. Though no substitute for the Fresh Durian, it is a much cheaper alternative. But if you'd prefer a lighter, more snack-ish alternative, you can search for a Durian Biscuit. They usually go for around 1000 NP on the Shop Wizard, or you can restock them at the Neopian Food Shop while you try to restock a Fresh Durian. :)

For another durian food, search for Durian Custard. If you're a little worried about spending, use this as an excuse to feed your pet. Your pet will love it, and you'll walk home with a well-fed pet.

And yet ANOTHER durian food, the Durian Pie, is another delicious addition to your durian gallery (or your pet's dinner!). This one will guarantee the most interesting dessert your pet's ever had! And if your Lupe has a taste for durians, buy them a Durian Lupe Treat! These Chia-shaped treats are perfect for your Lupe with the wonderful taste of durians mixed in. Alas, the treat isn't shaped like a durian Chia, but you can't win them all, right?

Enough about food. There are a couple non-edible durian items out there as well! One of which is the treasured Durian Chia Pop. This is undoubtedly the most expensive and prized durian item in Neopia, going on the Trading Post for about 6 million NP each. But if you somehow manage to restock one at the Snow Foods Shop, or obtain one through a lucky random event or an "auction snipe", you could be faced with a difficult decision. Sell it for 6 million NP, use it on a Chia, or add it to your wonderful durian gallery? Even a durian fan such as myself would sell it, given the opportunity.

And now, the last durian item. The Durian Chia Costume is not wearable yet, but you can just imagine how good your durian Chia-wannabe will look in the spiky costume! It can be restocked at Unis Clothing, as all good outfits are, and goes for about 1000 NP on the shop wizard. Not many people see the true beauty in this costume, however, and I'm sure many people are more than willing to sell you their costume. They don't know what they're missing.

But enough about the durian items. Let's talk about the durian pets! Yes, a pet CAN be durian coloured. Unfortunately, it's only available through a Durian Chia Pop, the Lab Ray, or the Rainbow Fountain, and currently only available for the Chia. Durian Chia Pops can get quite expensive, and the Lab Ray is really unpredictable, and your Chia could end up turning into something completely different! So your best bet for a durian Chia is successfully completing a Fountain Faerie Quest.

The Fountain Faerie Quests are similar to normal faerie quests. But, for a Fountain Faerie Quest, you have to wait. A lot. There are some users who have been around for years and never gotten a Fountain Faerie Quest. Yet there are some Newbies who have already gotten one. As I was saying, you need to wait for the Fountain Faerie to appear in a random event and ask for an item. She looks very similar to the Water Faerie, but usually asks for very expensive items. Some people get lucky, however, and the Fountain Faerie asks them for cheap items that are only a few thousand NP.

Once you have given the Fountain Faerie her item, she'll be so grateful that she'll let you paint one pet at the Rainbow Fountain for free! You may be tempted to get a plushie pet, or maybe a faerie one. Don't! This is your opportunity!!! Go create a Chia, or if you have four pets already, go buy a Chia Morphing Potion, and take the Chia to the Fountain! Select the colour "durian" under the menu and confirm, and now you have a beautiful durian Chia. Feel free to go brag about it as much as you like to durian lovers, but make sure they don't get mad, or you may find yourself being pelted with many durians. Trust me. I know.

So now you know all there is to know about durians. You know where to restock durian foods, how to get a durian pet, and what items are needed for a complete durian gallery. You could become the ultimate durian fanatic. Put pictures of durians all over your user lookup, use the Altador Cup avatar, and put durian related things in your neosignature. People will take one glance at you and notice your obsession with the fruit. Who cares if they stare? Who cares if you're famous for being the insane durian fanatic? All that matters is your love of durians. Because durians are the best fruit ever.

This article is brought to you by the Meepits, who will use your obsession with durians to rule Neopia.

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