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Christmas in the Haunted Woods: A Step-By-Step Guide

by ghostwolf18


Boo! It’s Ghost, back with another article for your spooky needs. It's cooler in Neopia with the coming of a new season! I’m here to tell you that now you can celebrate this winter in the Haunted Woods! Once you’ve finish reading this step-by-step guide, you won’t need to hike all the way to the top of Terror Mountain to feel the Christmas spirit! So what are you waiting for? Let's get started!


As you all should know, Christmas is a time for jolly carols, hot cups of borovan, snow, and of course... the advent calender. Of course, you can get any of these things in Terror Mountain. But how would it feel to throw your own holiday party in your Haunted Woods Neohome? That is what we have all been waiting for... a chance to celebrate Christmas in the Haunted Woods! In this guide you will read how to decorate your tree, decorate the outside of your Neohome, great gift ideas and so much more! Follow these simple steps to create your own Haunted Woods winter wonderland!

Decorating the Tree

Alright, so you are all gathered around in your Neohome swamped in the heart of the Haunted Woods. First, you will need a tree. Now, I’m sure that if you go looking for one, you could find a nice, slouched, demonic looking tree to suit your fancy. Just don’t go chopping down the Brain Tree. He is much too big and cranky.

Next, you will need some lights. I suggest the colors orange and black, but whatever you have will be perfectly fine. Make sure you cover the whole of your tree, so that the light really portrays on the room. It creates a valuable theme and a warm glow for you and your pets to enjoy. Once you have your lights up, go and try looking for some holiday ornaments. You may even want to pick up some Halloween candy canes to make your tree even sweeter.

Helpful tip: Try stringing some candy corn to a colorful string. Then, you can loop it around the tree several times to make it even more colorful. However, I don’t suggest using leftover candy corn. Your Meepit might get hungry...

Outdoor Decor

Once you have your tree all set up, you can now focus on your outdoor Christmas lights. Once again, I suggest that you use the colors orange and black. But then again, it is of your own preference. Now, make sure you are careful, because this could get painful. Use a sturdy ladder and then begin hanging your lights along the rim of your Neohome. It may take a few extra hands, but once you have finished, it will give your home that much needed extra glow. You could also lay out some Christmas-themed gnomes to make it seem even more mystic.

Helpful tip: If you want to go over the top, you could get powdered snow and sprinkle it on your rooftop. You may also like to decorate your lawn and porch as well. Anything to make Christmas a little more unique. Just note that getting real snow from Terror Mountain will not work. (Believe me... I have tried.)

Great Gift Ideas

Everyone knows that getting gifts at Christmas is half the fun. But we all know that giving is an even better feeling. If you want to give that someone special a great gift from the heart of the Haunted Woods, prepare for a short shopping experience. Who would ever go shopping in the Haunted Woods at Christmas time... right? Luckily, you are different from all of the other Neopians who go shopping in Neopian Central. The list has been put in order from cheapest to most expensive. Also, any gift is great if it comes from the heart. Here is a short list of my personal favorite holiday gifts:

Spooky Food Ideas-3,000 NP

Spooky Stories-5,000 NP

The Ghost Lupe Plushie-30,000-100,000 NP

Ghost Petpet Paint Brush-80,000-110,000 NP

Halloween Petpet Paint Brush-110,000 NP

Ghost Paint Brush-150,000-200,000 NP

Halloween Paint Brush-650,000-700,000 NP

Halloween Candy Cane-600,000-800,000 NP

Zombie Paint Brush-10,000,000 or above

Helpful hint: Try going shopping on Half-Price Day. It is the third of every month. Also, please note that many of these items are very expensive and that your pet will be happy with anything you can come up with. Also note that most of these items are listed in the Trading Post and not in the Shop Wizard.

Santa’s Little Helpers

We all love Petpets! Make sure that you know the history of the Petpet before you buy it, however. Some of these Petpets are very expensive and may require you to go onto the Trading Post. Others you can pick up in the local Shop Wizard or in the Spooky Petpets shop in the Haunted Woods. Here is a list of all of the Spooky Petpets that can be painted Christmas:

Christmas Meepit-

Careful... they bite.

Christmas Meowclops-

Doesn’t Sophie have one of these?

Christmas Ghostkerchief-

*needs to sneeze*

Christmas Chumablah-

Careful, it may eat your socks.

The Editorial

Q: Is it just me, or do you want to turn Christmas into Halloween?

A: I’m afraid it is just you. Of course I don’t aspire to turn every holiday into Halloween. *evil cackle*

Q: Of that list, what is your favorite gift item?

A: My favorite would have to be The Ghost Lupe Plushie, because I am obsessed with the Ghost Lupe. No wonder he filed a restraining order against me...

Q: What sort of stories do you suggest that I tell my Neopets?

A: Anything scary. Christmas is a little different in the Haunted Woods...

Q: Any sorts of carols that you suggest I sing?

A: I don’t know. “Trick or treat, smell my feet”... oh wait. Wrong holiday.

Q: Do you believe in Santa?

A: Of course I do! What do you think?

Q: Cookies or milk?

A: Did someone say “cookies?”

The End

Alright, now you are fully prepared to celebrate Christmas in the Haunted Woods! All you have to do now is set out the Haunted Milk for Santa and go to sleep. Just make sure you lock your front door. You know how pesky those Werelupes can be. Also note that there is no need to panic if you hear a thump on the roof. It’s just Santa... I hope. Until next time... Merry Christmas!

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