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Double Painting Your Pets

by jillian3_3


What does double painting mean?

Double painting is the act of painting your pets to acquire clothing then painting them a different color. Your pet retains the clothing from the first painting but is a different color. This is why you see Island pets in Royal clothing. The result is pure art. It is highly coveted to possess a double painted pet.

Will my pet lose its clothes if I paint over them?

No, the clothes will simply be there over the new color. This is where it gets fun. You can paint your pet with several deluxe paintbrushes and keep the clothing from each. Later when you settle on a base color, you can combine Halloween and Christmas clothing together to get a whole new look. You can also mix and match clothing purchased from Neopian shops with your painted clothing. This too can produce a totally original look for your pet. Painted clothing is removable and can be worn with that nifty pink flower hat you found.

Where can I get painted clothing?

You automatically receive clothing when you use a deluxe paintbrush on your pet. You can also get clothing when your pet is zapped a deluxe color by the lab ray. Another option, is to use a morphing potion that offers the same color as a deluxe paintbrush.

What is a deluxe paintbrush?

A deluxe paintbrush changes your pet to a color and as an added bonus offers removable clothing. The deluxe colors are Christmas, Lost Desert, Halloween, Island, Robot, Royal, Pirate, and Usuki. Not every pet acquires clothing from these brushes. For example, the Christmas brush gives clothing to Draiks, but Korbats only get stripes. You will have to make sure first that your pet receives clothing from it.

I want to sell my painted clothing

Sadly, painted clothing cannot be removed from your closet. It is there forever, waiting to be worn. You can't buy, sell, or trade painted clothing, sorry.

I want to double paint my pet. Which colors should I choose?

The possibilities are endless. The important thing is choosing colors that compliment each other. Each Neopian has their own idea of what colors look good on their pets. Remember, whatever brush you use last will give the base color. For example, if you want your pet to be Darigan purple with Halloween clothing, use the Darigan brush second. This is meant to be a guide to get you started in selecting unusual looks. The only colors that cannot wear clothes are Baby, Fruit/Veggie, Mutant, and Maraquan. That being said, I give you the good, the bad, and the simply humorous.

The good

Now it is time to explore the colors that compliment each other the most. Ideally, you want colors that are very similar or contrast boldly. Here is a list of the best color combinations.

5) Deserted Island Pet

Paint your Desert pet with a Mystery Island Paint brush for this nice even look. The colors compliment each other very well. Behold! You now have a Desert Native pet.

4) Royal Faerie

Two of the most sought after brushes blend to make one delightful pet. Paint your Royal pet with a Faerie Paint Brush to get this appearance. The result is simply lovely. A good choice if you want to make your Neofriend green with envy.

3) Ghost pirate

Paint your scurvy Pirate pet Ghost for this spook of the high seas. Your pet can be the true spirit of the ship. He can also say "Arrrr" and "Boo" as often as he pleases.

2) Christmas Biscuit

Paint your Christmas pet Biscuit for this delectable outfit. Be careful he doesn't get mistaken for an Advent Calendar treat and eaten!

1) Darigan Royalty

Does your pet know Lord Darigan on a personal level? Paint your Royal pet Darigan to show where your loyalties lie.

The bad

5) A Christmas Split

It may sound like a sundae but a Christmas Split is not a treat. The colors clash badly and make for an unattractive pet. The color is hard on the eyes and could blind someone.

4) Pirate on the Rainbow seas

Wow, this sounds like a spiffy pet. Sadly, the Rainbow color ruins the look of the pirate. A pirate is supposed to raid other ships for wonderous booty. No one would take his commands to walk the plank seriously. Do you hate your pet this badly? All of his friends will make fun of him if he is painted this way. Bottom line, this is not a good match.

3) The magical Halloween Faerie

This combination is just confusing. It doesn't make a clear statement on your pet's personality. Not to mention, it simply doesn't look good. In my opinion, not very magical at all.

2) Checkered Halloween

These colors do not mesh well together. The overall look is dry and bland. It looks like your pet fell asleep on a chess board then got dressed. This combination is not very appealing.

1) Electric Christmas

Great, now I am truly blind. The blue completely overpowers the outfit like too much bad cologne. Any Neopian that gazes at your pet will have the sensation of searing pain to their optical nerves. Did you do this to me because I forgot to give you a cookie?

The simply humorous

Do you want your pet to reflect your sense of humor? If you want your pet to stand out in a crowd, one of these choices may be for you.

5) Stinky Pirate

Paint your Pirate pet with a Skunk Paint Brush to get this unusual look. The colors blend together nicely but with a bit of humor. Pirates have always looked a bit dirty and dusty. Now your pet can be stinky too!

4) Frozen Christmas

Paint your Christmas pet Snow for this ultra chilled look. The colors make sense together. I bet you are wondering why that would be funny. Tell everyone your pet froze while waiting for the Advent Calendar to open.

3) Sketchy Robot

Paint your Robot pet with a Sketch Paint Brush to achieve this look. Make Neopians wonder how a simple drawing can hold the weight of all that metal. That is quite a feat.

2) Scary Christmas

This is like leaving Halloween decorations out while hanging mistletoe. Paint your Christmas pet Halloween for a spooky good time. Instead of handing out candy canes, this pet can give gross foods to your Neofriends. Have a Gothic Christmas!

1) Snotty Royal

This pet is so full of himself that it shows. Paint your lovely Royal pet Snot for this gooey aristocratic look. Your pet can attend the upper class balls and still be the snottiest pet there!

I hope this tongue-in-cheek guide was helpful to you. When it comes to painting your pet, let your creative juices flow!

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