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Mining Made Manageable

by lions_critters


Also by frosted_chooch

On the most famous moon of Neopia, the only moon, lies the Kreludan Mining Corp. There stands a S750 Kreludan Defender Robot guarding the entrance to the mine, and very few know the password he asks for. However, many know of the back entrance to the Mining Corp, the Action section of the Games Room. This article will discuss some tips and tricks to the game and also offer you a walkthrough for the first five levels.


The game only uses three of the four arrow keys; the down arrow is not used. The left and right arrows control the direction of the ship while the up arrow controls the ship's engine. The space bar is used to fire the laser. The other two keys that are used are the “B” and “N” key; “B” turns on the beam to pick up the ore and “N” turns it off. All of these can be controls can be edited in the game, but these are the default settings.


The main focus of this game is finding the Kreludan Metal and returning it to the refining plant. The ore is a yellow ball and the refining plant looks like a few buildings put together with a yellow glow coming out of the bowl shaped building. The goal is to find the ore and then drop it in the refining plant. The game tells you to drop the ore but you can keep it attached to your tractor beam and have it touch the yellow glow to finish the level. At the beginning of the game you are given four lives; you lose these lives by crashing into the walls or being shot by a monster.


There are three ways to score points in this game. One way to score points is returning the ore to the refining plant, which awards you with 100 points. This should always be done last in a level since once you complete it you cannot get points by doing the other two things, killing the green monsters and collecting gems. To kill a monster, you have to shoot it with your laser or crash into it, not recommended. For killing it you are awarded with 5 points. The final way to score points is collecting gems, which awards you with 20 points. To collect a gem, you have to turn on your tractor beam and aim it at the gem.


The goal of this guide is to help you score the most points in each level and eventually win a trophy. We are going to give you walkthroughs for the first five levels and the rest of the levels will be contained in future articles; got to give you time to practice. ;)

Level 1-120 points possible

As you start and fall a little, you will the see the ore below you and the refining plant to the right. Resist the urge to pick up the ore because as we said in the intro, I am going to show you a hidden gem first. Start off by heading all the way to the left wall and then go towards the ceiling. In this corner you should notice a section of roof shaking. Start firing your laser, and after about 20 shots all of the shaking roof will be gone, revealing a hidden gem. This gem will require some practice for beginners since it is in a kind of tight area. To collect it go up towards the ceiling, turn on your tractor beam, and turn around. Now you can finish the level and go return the ore to the refining plant.

Level 2-105 points possible

This level does not contain any hidden secrets as did the first level. As the level begins, fall towards the ground and move to the right. You then should see your first monster; aim carefully and kill it with the laser. Now fall down the tunnel and pick up the ore. You should've already seen the refining plant, but in case you didn’t, it is back at the top on the right side of tunnel you just went down.

Level 3-135 points possible

When the level begins, you immediately see two monsters below you; kill them both and now head to the top right corner to defeat another monster. You may be tempted to head down the tunnel now, but head to the opposite corner and kill two more monsters. Now head down the tunnel and defeat the last monster guarding the ore. After this monster is gone, pick up the ore and carefully maneuver back out of the tunnel and to the refining plant. When you place the ore into the plant, you will be awarded with an extra life.

Level 4-170 points possible

This level is almost three times as long as any of the other levels you have seen so far, so be prepared. Start off by going to the upper right and killing the first monster. Now head down and kill the monster to the left of the tunnel and head down the tunnel. The tunnel turns to the right and you face three more monsters guarding this entrance; kill them all. Continue down the tunnel and into the next cavern where you will be faced with two more green blobs to annihilate. Be careful while continuing downward since there is a monster on the left side of the tunnel that makes the tunnel much narrower and gives him a very easy close shot, so it is best to kill it from afar. Now you are at a long, low cavern with three monsters. One is in the lower left, one in the lower right, and one on the ceiling halfway through it. At the other end is the tunnel upwards to the final cavern, the one with the ore. In this cavern are the final three monsters, trying to prevent you from accomplishing your goal. Now pick up the ore and slowly head back to the beginning, being very careful to not touch the walls. Congratulations on getting through this very challenging level.

Level 5-125 points possible

As this level starts, you immediately see an enemy to your right. As you continue down to the first tavern, there is another monster on the left. Farther down the tunnel, you come to the ore, a monster, and a blue semi-circle on the wall. This blue object is a button that operates the gate directly to its left. These gates are now included in every level after this, so get used to using them. I recommend not picking up the ore and activating the button to continue to the left side of the tunnel. This portion has two monsters in it; kill them both and return to the ore. You now have the option of carrying the ore out of the way you came in, or the slanted tunnel through the gate. I find it easier to carry the ore back through the way you came down as it is much wider.

Final Words

Hopefully this guide has given you a much better understanding to one of the best games in all of Neopia. This game has helped me get the Better Than You trophy when it was featured. Also when you become proficient, the game is an easy 3,000 Neopoints a day. To get 1,000 Neopoints per game you only have to get two levels farther than what this guide goes through. The next levels will be contained in a feature article, so practice, practice, practice and hopefully you will be ready to use the next section of my guide. As I said in the beginning, I was going to give you hints. Here is another, but you are going to have to figure out what it means. “The miners often forgot where they reside; maybe you can send them a message with this information.” If you are cunning enough to figure out what this means, you will be awarded with an extra life.

Thank you to my friend frosted_chooch for helping me write this guide. She has always been a great person and she also deserves credit. Also if you have any questions please feel free to neomail me. Thanks for taking the time to read our article.

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