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Top 10 Garden Gnomes

by reeses_pet


10) Straining Aisha Fishing Gnome

A great gnome to place on a rock in your pond, this little guy is trying to prove the Loch Ness monster DOES exist! Be careful, though; one little mishap and your little friend will fall head-first into the water, never to be found. He is a great classic and goes well with almost any garden theme! He would look nice if you take some other fishing-themed gnomes and place them together on a wooden mini-port overlooking your beautiful and expensive pond. Even though he isn’t one of the best, some can say he symbolizes patience and soon, you will get what you want. (The Aisha had to wait a REAL long time to get a bite!)

9) Pouting Ona Gnome

Aw, a cute mutant ona! Okay, maybe he isn’t really that happy-go-lucky ona. This guy doesn’t seem to be in a good mood and that mushroom he’s resting under seems to be dripping with poison... Here’s a Tip- Don’t let your pet mistake it for anything edible or else, if eaten, they will get a severe case of Bloaty Feet! Believe me, you don’t want to hear your poor pet complaining about their favorite pair of shoes exploding or that they can’t walk. Those who want a magical cheery garden, this isn’t the gnome for you. He may fit in with a spooky theme though... Anyway, he IS unique! He may even suit some of those pets who are mysterious or grumpy.

8) Pant Devil Gnome

An exact copy of the real one! This gnome is said to be around when things start to disappear. His mustache and hat separates him from the real Pant Devil, but rumors are that the gnome is the better-made version of a Pant Devil Attractor! All I’m saying is to be wary when putting him in your yard. To some people, he is also a special character. Some people say that having him in their garden is worth losing some items. I know someone who said it looked scary in the *hands outstretched and evil glare* look. But hey, he’s a different type of gnome!

7) Unlucky Usul Fishing Gnome

The opposite of the Straining Aisha Gnome, this poor Usul can’t find anything! He goes well with a sad and dreary theme, but also stands out surprisingly well in a garden full of happy gnomes. You may place him near a pond too, but I suggest making him in an area where there is no Loch Ness monster- just to keep his dreary expression on. In some eyes, though, he looks rather cute and innocent.

6) Seasonal Shoyru Gnome

Tis the Season to be jolly! This Shoyru will have absolutely no trouble spreading the good Christmas Cheer. He goes well with any snow-theme garden and is also very cute! Personally, I think he’s the best. With a wonderful Santa Outfit, he can make even the saddest grey pet... smile. If you want the Neohome spotlight, go for it in the winter so he can shine your way to stardom as the judges remark on how excellent he looks on the frosty, snow covered ground. Who doesn’t want that shiny, golden, pretty, glittery... oh, sorry... trophy?

5) Day Dreaming Xweetok Gnome

To provide your garden with a sense of peace and bliss, add this little Xweetok! With a cute little smile and clear, dreaming eyes, she will just make you want to relax. I don’t think she will fit in with certain themes though such as dark and spooky. Who would love to be so tranquil in a scary place? Not me! Anyway, I think she’s adorable! This gnome will soon bring even the rowdiest pet into the world of bliss, peace, and relaxation!

4) Leaf Carrying Bori Gnome

This little guy is getting a workout! Er, not really, the leaf isn’t even a pound. But whatever! He goes with almost any theme and is adventurous! You might like to line some up next to a bush, you know, to make it seem they are taking its leaves? Heh, that was kind of lame. But, anyway, he is really the one who stands out from the crowd! You also get an advantage, when it rains, water droplets slide down the leaf and onto the dirt, making any plant grown there have a slow steady amount of water without getting blown down by the storm! You might need a lot of those Bori gnomes, though. He is also a very good welcome host!

3) Acrobatic Mynci Gnome

Poor guy, he has to stay in that pose for all of eternity. But he is a way to express your green thumb; plant a flower or two in that pot he holds to make him happy. No need to have an angry gnome, eh? Beware, though he is a good storage pot, he can easily tip over and spill out the contents. Be careful with this cute little pet! His acrobatic talent makes him very special and goes well with cheeky gnomes.

2) Surprised JubJub Gnome

He is one curious character! With those big blue eyes and innocent stare, he is unbearably cute! Among the flowers he sits looking confused, but that is what makes him special! While most gnomes are cheeky, smiling or sad, he is surprised! Putting him near your flower patch will make things much more happy and sunny!

1) Curious Blumaroo Gnome

Another one of my favorites is this cute blumaroo! His red color makes you jealous and he is the only one with a butterfly! Doesn’t he remind you of when your pets were younger? Reaching out to touch a butterfly? He is a happy gnome who will bring joy and peace throughout your home. And yet, curiosity fueled the fun!

In my opinion, these would be my top ten. I apologize if you disagree with me, but this is a way to express my opinions. Good non-offending comments are welcome! I think gnomes are special characters and each can give any garden a special feeling. Even creepy gnomes can find a way for them to fit in and look like they belong.

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