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Gifts For The Month Of Celebrating

by rayquaza_lover


So you start thinking one day, "What should I get for my pets and Neofriends?" Christmas is on its way, and you still haven't been able to get anything. This article should help you think of something perfect!

First of all, what do they like? Start asking your neofriends what they have really been wanting. Do they collect anything? Many people have collections. They can range from collecting Underwater Fishing items, to Paint Brushes. I, myself, am a plushie collecter, but I also collect many other things, like Codestones. Some people collect more than one kind of item, so it's best to think about what THEY would like most to add to one of those collections. If one of your friends has a nice Battledome collection, but they also have been wanting that last Meowclops item for so long, if their Meowclops collection is more important to them, you might consider that last item that will make their collection complete.

Ways to Save

Okay, so what if you don't have many neopoints? I say start saving. Make a bank account (if you don't have one already) and deposit some neopoints in there! You gain interest every day depending on how many neopoints you have in your bank. (Remember, you don't HAVE to get things for your friends and Neopets, but it is a nice thing to do!) :)


If you have about 5,000 to 10,000 neopoints, you can consider restocking. That is where you can go to Neopian shops and buy things for less than what you can sell them for. You have to be really fast, though. There are others that are going to try to snatch up that Fire Faerie Doll before it will even let you get to the haggling page. So try to be as fast as possible! Also, keep common numbers copied, like 2500, or 5000. Often when you see numbers like this, the item might be an unbuyable, meaning that it normally would cost over 99,999 neopoints. But don't let that fool you! It's not always true! Sometimes you could be paying more than what you have to...

If you are a beginner, you may want to try less crowded shops, like Ye Olde Petpets. That's where I went when I first started restocking. For example, one day, I went down to Ye Olde Petpets, I refreshed a few times, and I saw a Gallion for only 14,173 neopoints! I had always wanted one, so I haggled 14141 neopoints. Repeated numbers usually work pretty well. I got the Gallion, and I gave it to my Peophin. The next morning, I found another one! I was able to snatch that up too! ^_^ So do your best and stick with a shop that you are comfortable with.

Random Events and Dailies

There are also nice items that you can get from Dailies, or random events. For example, Codestones, Paint Brushes, Bottled Faeries, Secret Laboratory Map Pieces, and even Petpets! If your friend is trying to get all of the pieces to the Secret Lab Ray, a piece to the map might help them out, and they will also be very grateful! And maybe your friend has always wanted a Buzzer. Maybe if you are lucky enough to win one from the Fruit Machine (along with a nice amount of neopoints), you can give it to them!


And now, games. One of the easiest ways to earn neopoints. Play games that you are good at and that also have a high neopoint ratio. Playing the Featured Game is a good way to get neopoints also. The Featured Game awards you double the neopoints that you would normally get from sending your score for that particular game. The Featured Game is random, so you can't choose what you want the Featured Game to be. It can really help if you are good at the Featured game. But the games I tend to play most are Turmac Roll, Meerca Chase II, and Jubble Bubble. Why do I play these games? Because they have a nice neopoint ratio, and you can be done with the game pretty quickly. I also think that these games are fun, but that's my own opinion. ;)

The games that I mentioned above can each easily give me 3k (3,000) neopoints per day, per game. That means with only those three games, I can easily rack up 9,000 Neopoints.

Now another nice part about games are the Flash World Challenges. These are where you enter the challenge for the Flash Game of your choice (with a fee of 100 neopoints of course) and send the highest score you can for that game. You are against random opponents, so you never know what their score will be. You can win by having the highest tally, highest score for the hour, and a couple other ways. For Turmac Roll, I usually get a prize by sending maybe one or two scores of 2,000+ If you beat the person you are against, you will have a tally of 1. If you lose, your tally will be -1, and so on. You can bring that up, though, by sending a score that will beat another random opponent. Ok, now I guess you want to know what the prizes are, don't you? They will be a World Challenge (WC) Map piece of the world the game is in (Maraqua, for example). When you complete the set for (let's just use Maraqua) Maraqua, you can redeem it for an item. It can be anything from a Codestone to a Maraquan Paint Brush! It's random. You might be better off selling the pieces that you get, though, which, depending on the piece, can range in price from 15,000 neopoints, to over 99,999 neopoints!

Now what about your pets? They would like something too, of course! Pets like almost anything. Food, a Petpet, some additions to their Neohome, or maybe some nice, shiny Battledome equipment! And about the food. There are some foods that your pet may not like. My Peophin, as ironic as it may sound, refuses to drink a Cup Of Water. So find out what your pets DO like, and what they DON'T like.

And now, even Petpets deserve something nice. If you have a Petpet, you might consider getting them a Petpetpet. Though it is a little risky. You will have to put it in your inventory, and refresh until it attaches to your petpet. Meanwhile, the Pant Devil may try to steal something from you! So keep a full inventory of junk, along with the Petpetpet just in case.

I hope that helped those of you who took your time to actually read this, and everyone, HAPPY MONTH OF CELEBRATING!!!

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