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Luck and Lucky Charms

by neo_cool_dude12


Clutching her Fake Lucky Cybunny Foot hard, my beautiful little Zafara closes her eyes and wishes for the best. I watch as the slightly disturbed yellow Scorchio adjusts his equipment to point towards my angel. He moves towards the control panel, and begins pressing buttons. It’s worrying to see, as he seems to be choosing buttons at random, as though he has just dispensed a token into the neocola machine! As the ray charges up, I can’t watch any longer and close my eyes too. I feel the static charge building up in the room and then with a sudden ‘buzz’, ‘zap’, ‘pling’ I know it’s over. I open my eyes to see a delighted strawberry Zafara staring back at me.

“It worked!” Zatle shrieks. “I told you this was lucky.” She waves her Cybunny Foot at me like a trophy. “I’m never letting it out of my sight!”

Superstition. Many Neopians have it; many more disregard it with a laugh and a wave while secretly touching the four leaf clover in their pocket. But the truth is that all Neopians have their own little superstition and in this article, I plan to uncover the most common.

Meerca Chase:

My own personal superstitious ritual. It is said by many that by touching the Meerca’s right eye, you will be more likely to get better neggs throughout the game. Never have I seen this to work, however many believe strongly in the connection. In fact like must superstitions, people merely choose to believe that anything good arising must be the effect of the object or act. In other words, when you finally by complete and utter random chance see that Fish Negg, you immediately assume it is because of the Meerca’s eye. While many believe in this superstition, it has never been proven.

Fake Lucky Cybunny Foot:

Don’t try to tell me you don’t have one of these tucked away in your safety deposit box! I will happily admit for the sake of this article that I have one too, of course. That’s only because it was given to me by a guild member and you can hardly throw away a gift! Right? The mysteries of this object baffle many great scientists, and I’ll bet you my Lucky Fishing Hat that the only reason Aaa got his status as Games Master was because he keeps one in his back pocket.

Uni Shoe:

Ever wondered why Unis are so blessed with good looks and style? Ever wondered why they never seem to fall over despite the fact they have two more feet to trip on than you? It is because the lucky things were born with good luck. The Uni Shoe is said by many to hold marvelous mystic powers of good fortune.

Lucky Uni Charm:

If you want the luck of a Uni (and why wouldn’t you?), you can attempt to get yourself one of these. The only problem of course being that they are so rare, only Unis are lucky enough to find them.

Lucky Pandaphant Doll:

Yes, yes, you don’t believe in it. It just makes a cute wearable for your baby or mutant neopet and they really don’t have many other clothing choices! But when you find 200 NP on the floor it is all because of this trinket’s magic. Of course, the real power in the Pandaphant Doll is its ability to grant wishes, but who’s to say you didn’t subconsciously wish for those neopoints? What a smart little trinket it is.

Four Leaf Clover:

Ah, the ever elusive four leaf clover. The real mystery here is do they actually exist, and if so, where can I get my hands, paws or fins on one? Everyone knows, though, that these yield the great positive power: Luck. Rumor has it that Illusen the Earth faerie can use her magic to coax one to grow. Lucky her!

Five Leaf Clover:

Really, now you are getting ridiculous! Five leaf clovers? Well, the truth is that these are actually quite common in Neopia. Trouble is no one knows whether they provide good luck, bad luck, or maybe even no luck at all. Personally I’d rather not risk it; they look a little ominous to me.

Unlucky Mirgle Paw:

While we are on the other side of the spectrum, I shall issue you with this warning. Whether or not you believe in good luck charms, use extreme caution when it comes to bad ones. The Unlucky Mirgle Paw is said to hold deep dark powers and I strongly advise that you avoid, avoid, avoid. This mystical claw is said to have haunted Neovia, around the time they were all had the extreme misfortune of being turned into savage beasts. It is also said to have been in the possession of none other than King Jazan himself at the time his empire of Qasala fell to the ground. I also hear word that it briefly passed through Altador, and you can guess how that turned out! Even Maraqua has been affected by the paw when a poor young Usul, driven crazy by the paw, tossed into the depths of the sea to be rid of it, and poor Maraqua was destroyed by a ferocious whirlpool. The list could go on and on, all Neopian disasters have occurred when this Paw has been around. There is no denying these facts and evidence. The paw is cursed, and whether or not you believe it, do you really want to risk it?

Lucky Green Boots:

Now you may be still believe that good luck and bad luck doesn’t exist, and I am here to prove you wrong. In closing I would like to say that while there are many false superstitions and luck charms, there are also plenty out there that will boost your luck significantly. How do I know this? you ask. Well, here is all the proof and evidence you need; when I got this article into the Neopian Times, I was wearing my lucky green boots!

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