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Not Another Pound Pet

by blackiesilver


I know that you’ve heard tons of other stories about pets being abandoned by their owners, being thrown to the pound weeping their eyes out. Well, my story is nothing like theirs. I’m no sleek Uni or fluffy little Usul, ready to skip off to a new loving home.

     I admit that I’m big boned and can get a little hungry sometimes, but it wasn’t my fault that I was created as a Skeith! Besides, that was what my once upon a time owner thought was cool.

     My owner said I’d have a new home in no time. I wasn’t too sure. I wasn’t a bad thing to look at, just a little on the big side; I had a good personality and wasn’t too terrible at fighting. My only downfall was my name; it was just a whole heap of numbers that simply didn’t make any sense.

     So here I am now, cowering in my cage, watching, hoping, and most of all, wishing my heart out. I watched people come and go, newbies, old players, sleek sophisticated owners, poor ones just coming to look for a friend. I glanced at my neighbour, a slim and pretty red Aisha who was crying her eyes out.

     “Hi,” I whispered softly to her. She continued on crying.

     “My name’s 6312348965, what’s your name?”

      This time she looked up at me; her eyes were swollen from crying.

     “My name’s Misa928272,” she mumbled.

     “That’s a pretty name.” I smiled, hoping to cheer her up. She looked down, blushing slightly.

     “Your name’s... interesting...” she fumbled, trying to return the compliment. I snorted a little rudely.

     “Thanks... do you think I could call you Misa?”

     “S-sure... I think I’ll be here for a while...” she sighed unhappily.

     “Don’t be silly, you’ll be gone before you know it, you’re nice and pre---”

     “Shut it will you, over there!?” shouted a Kougra rudely. I glanced at him. He glared furiously back.

     “What do you want, Skeith?”

     “W-with that type of manner, you won’t get a new home anytime s-soon!” scowled Misa.

     The Kougra scoffed.

     “What would you know, Misa928272? I may have bad manners but at least I have a name, a good name that is,” he said, witheringly.

     “And what’s that?” I asked.

     “It’s corin_0, and I can assure you that I’ll be out of here, fed and painted before you even get considered being adopted!”


     A day went by, and then another, until a whole week had passed and I was still hoping. Then, there it was, a young man strode confidently into the pound. His smile lit up the room, and my heart raced as he came towards me. He was coming closer... this was it. I was going to have a new home! Misa scrambled to the front of her cage too. Maybe he’d be kind enough to take both of us! Then we could have the same owner and become sisters and---

     The man stopped. In front of corin_0’s cage. For once, corin_0 looked anxious, even a little hopeful. It wasn’t before long corin_0 was led happily away, chatting all the time about what color he looked best as. I glanced at Misa; she looked just as dejected as I was. Then her ears pricked up and she spun to look at the door, so I turned too. A young girl wearing tons of makeup glided in, wrinkling her creamy nose at the not so fortunate pets. She grimaced, then called to the pink Uni in charge.

     “Miss! Yes you, the pink Uni, come over here! I want some help!”

     Misa and I looked at each other; we looked shocked.

     “I hope she doesn’t adopt me!” whispered Misa.

     We glanced up in horror when we saw a shadow fall over our cages.

     “Well, these two have been here for a while...” said the Uni. The young girl’s horrified face matched ours.

     “Me? Adopt something so... hideous like that?! You’ve got to be kidding me. Now, that little red Aisha is cute, but I don’t want an Aisha. I’d like a Usul, the prettiest one you’ve got.”

     The pink Uni scowled.

     “Well, why didn’t you say so earlier?” she said, irritated.

     “Phew!” I exclaimed. “Imagine if she adopted one of us!”

     “Yeah...” said Misa, a little wistfully.

     “What’s the matter, Misa?” I asked.

     “If I’m cute, then why hasn’t anyone adopted me yet?” she said sadly.

     “Don’t ask me, I mean, look at me, I’m defined as hideous, would I know something like that?” I said offhandedly.

     “63! Don’t be silly! Don’t forget, beauty is only skin deep!”



     I glanced up, ecstatic. Was someone going to adopt me? I couldn’t wait! Then I noticed they were kneeling down by Misa’s cage.

     “What’s you name?”

     “I’m Misa928272...” stammered Misa nervously. I nodded encouragingly at her.

     “I’m Golden_Stardust_x, would you like to come home with me?”

     “Would I?” exclaimed Misa. “Of course I would!”

     Then she seemed to remember me.

     “63... I...”

     “Don’t worry, Misa, you have fun! Just promise not to forget me when you’re painted and pretty!”

     “I’ll never forget you!” vowed Misa. “We’ll be friends forever!”

     Then her new owner knelt down by my cage.

     “I’m sorry, 63, but Misa928272 is going to be my fourth pet. I hope you understand.”

     “It’s fine!” I said as cheerily as I could muster. Her new owner nodded, then left with Misa. I slumped to the floor of my cage; tears glistened in my eyes. If beauty was only skin deep, why did no one want me?


     A week passed. I had new neighbors that came and went. I was losing all hope. Maybe I just wasn’t an adoptable pet. Maybe no one thought I was unique. The door opened for the fifty-sixth time of the day. My eyes widened. Corin_0 was coming through! He saw me and walked over to my cage.

     “See? I was right. No one wants a boring old red Skeith that doesn’t even have a proper name. I’m painted and I’m loved and you’re still here in the pound!” he crowed.

     I narrowed my eyes furiously at him. It wasn’t fair. How could it be that corin_0, with his nasty attitude and poor manners manage to get a home, get painted and get loved before I did? I wasn’t trying to be vain but I know for a fact that I’m not nasty. Then the door opened again. I saw another young man stride into the pound. I saw him glance over at me... or was it corin_0? He came over... and pushed corin_0 gently aside. I felt my jaw drop.

     “H-hi,” I managed to squeak out. He smiled, and all of a sudden, I knew that I could trust this man.

     “My sister is Golden_Stardust_x, do you remember her?”

     “She adopted Misa?”

     “Yep.” He chuckled, “And she didn’t stop bugging me to come here and adopt you, she said that you and Misa got along well.”

     I nodded like crazy.

     “So...” Suddenly he looked nervous, “I was wondering, do you want to become part of the family?”

     I resisted the urge to scream and cry in happiness and throw my arms around him.


     He chuckled again.

     “Come then, let’s get out of here, Misa missed you so much.”

     “Ooh! Will I get to see her?”

     “Of course.” He nodded. Then he asked the question I thought I never would be asked.

     “What color do you like? I was saving up for a paint brush.”

     I nearly whooped out loud. We walked out of the pound, laughing. Finally. I wouldn’t be seen as just another Skeith in the pound. Boring. Useless. Plain. In fact, I think this is the best thing that has happened to me! No, my story is not just another pounded pet story, because no pound pet’s story is the same, but perhaps, we’ll all get the same happy ending.

The End

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