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Three Ways to Make This The Best Christmas Ever!

by giggles22zz


With the holidays fast approaching, it can be a very stressful and trying time. I know that around this time every year I am so bogged down on deciding what to get all of my friends and pets, that I can become a bit of a scrooge. Not to mention all of my pets asking for all of the latest toys and clothes, it can be hard to remember all of the little things that go along with spoiling your pets rotten. However, with much thought I have compiled a simple list that is guaranteed to get you in the Christmas spirit in no time!

Get your Freebies at the Advent Calendar. This is a surefire way to get you saying “Ho, Ho, Ho!” in no time. Located in Happy Valley, the Advent Calendar (thanks to TNT) has been giving free gifts and NP each day during month of Celebrating, starting on the first day of December to anyone who visits. Some items given away in the past have included Battledome equipment, toys, unique food, and paint brushes (it’s true!), and it doesn’t stop there! A couple of benefits that might never occur to you include the following:

• In the past, TNT has picked a certain day to give away a secret avatar to anyone who visits the Advent Calendar. These avatars are normally one day only specials so it is important to visit it as much as possible! Example: Plastic Fir Avatar given out on December 1st, Year 6.

• With a wide variety of items given out each year, there is always something to intrigue everyone. A new plushie can be added to your gallery, or your pets can try a new and delicious treat! Perhaps your garden is in need for a makeover, and the Advent Calendar just gave out the cutest flower accessory. It is just the thing you needed. The items and NP are yours for whatever you like, but if you don't go, you will miss out.

• Don't feel that you have a use for a freebie? No problem! Since everyone has the same opportunity as everyone else to get the freebies, if you are patient you can make a nice profit off some of the items by putting them in your safety deposit box. Many of these items are in fact retired and over time the price can fluctuate substantially. Example: Kreludan Christmas Carols given out in Year 6 now runs for about 20k!

• While getting your freebies, it is the perfect time to see everything that Terror Mountain has to offer. Your pets will love getting in the Christmas spirit by playing in Snow Wars in Happy Valley, checking out the Ice Crystal Shop in the Ice Caves, or by repairing some of your old broken toys on the mountain top to give away to friends!

Participate in a Secret Santa with some of your friends. What says Christmas more like presents? Well in a Secret Santa, everyone wins! It is a great way to participate in the holidays with other Neopians, and will definitely get you in a jolly mood! The rules are quite simple.

1. Get a group of your friends together. You need at least four to keep it a secret until Christmas; otherwise you will be able to figure out who has who. However, the more you have, the better.

2. Draw names. The best way to do this is by finding someone who is not involved. Give them the names of everyone involved and they can be in charge of drawing to see who has who. They can tell each person who they got. That way it will stay a secret!

3. Set a price range. Come up with a reasonable price range of items within 5k. This is important because it will insure no one person will spend too much or too less on another person. Example: 15k-20k.

4. Make a wish list. Send all of your friends a few items you would like in that price range. That way, whoever has you will have a general idea on what to get you!

5. Give your gift and reveal yourself. After much anticipation from shopping and guessing your Secret Santa, give your present to your unsuspecting friend and await to see who got you!

A Secret Santa can be lots of fun as long as everyone follows the rules to a tee. It can also become a Holiday tradition to look forward to!

Give Back. This is definitely the most rewarding aspect for me, and it can be for you too! Though we all have started out with nothing, many Neopians have turned their newbie pack into a vast fortune. If you are someone with a little extra NP floating around, then I have a few suggestions on how you could easily give some holiday cheer to someone who is less fortunate than you.

• With a donation of a thousand NP to the Money Tree, you can feed four pets for two months! Not to mention have money to spare to spend on toys, books, or accessories.

• Pick a category of items (like plushies or slushies) and buy up to ten to put up in your trades. Write a holiday greeting in your wishlist and take the first bid you get. If someone wants your items, or needs them badly, it will probably be the person who offers first!

• Take 10-30 minutes and stop into the Newbie and/or Help board. Here you can welcome new Neopians, share strategies and tips, offer advice, or make a new friend! They will appreciate your advice and you’ll feel great for helping!

I hope this list helps you on your quest to find some holiday cheer. Remember, the Month of Celebrating is called that for a reason. If you wish to contact me, you can find me in Terror Mountain playing Igloo Garage Sale, sipping on some Zafara Hot Chocolate. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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