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Masy and Li - The Beginning and The End

by i_love_aisha_000


The downpour of rain was never-ending, just like the thoughts swirling through my head. It was time to go to the pound... whether Folor liked it or not.

     I'm getting ahead of myself. I'm Masyrocksyoursocks, or Masy for short. I am a green Gelert, with an owner who... but I’ll get to that later. I’ll explain what happened from the beginning of the night.

     Earlier in the evening, my pink Uni sister Li had extracted her report card. Her grades were good, a few A's, more B's than A's, and a C. I got all A's.

     Li showed our owner Folor her report card, and he looked amazed as he read it.

     “This is outstanding work, Li! I’m very proud of you.” At this point he hugged Li tight, nearly strangling the small green Uni.

     I tugged at his shirt, shoving my report into his hands. He swatted me away, still beaming at Li.

     “But Daddy, what about me?” I asked helplessly, but he ignored me, waving me away while still looking proudly at his Uni.

     “Not now, Masy,” Folor whispered fiercely towards me, not even looking at me as he said it. I felt like crying. ‘Why is Daddy being so mean to me? What did I do wrong?’ I thought back on the last few days, but nothing came to me. Finally it hit me. ‘Why does he care whether or not I bought a Sparkly Birthday cake, but not shared any with Li? I had saved for months to buy myself a special treat for all of my hard work that was never rewarded? Folor never cares how good I do or what I do, as long as Li does well, he’s happy. He doesn’t care heads or tails if I do badly,’ I thought angrily. I had been sad to start with, but now I was angry. Even before he created Li, he still didn’t care about how well I did or how happy I was.

     “DADDY!!” I yelled as loudly as I could, jumping in between him and Li. I pushed Li away, and glared right into his face.

     “WHY DO YOU CARE FOR HER SO MUCH MORE THAN ME?! WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS?! You don’t want me, you only want her.” I looked teary eyed at Li, hoping she knew it wasn’t her I was mad at.

     Li was looking at the ground. She knew it was true, and we had talked about it several times. No matter what Li told Folor about fairness, he never paid any attention to her when she said that, and afterward he would tell her, “You’ll understand one day,” then walk off. Li then looked back up at me, tears in her eyes too.

     Folor gasped and ran over to Li. “Are you okay, honey? Why are you crying? Masy, you are grounded! You should never make your sister cry!” Folor looked strictly at me, and suddenly I felt hopeless.

     My entire body seemed to give way, and I had no idea what to do. When I got sad, Folor didn’t pay attention. When I talked to him about it, with Li, he ignored me. When I got angry, he got angry back at me without even noticing my rage. I felt without purpose. No matter what I did, it was never enough. I could never give enough. I could never please him.

     “If that’s the way you want it,” I said, looking down, “then that’s the way you’ll get it.” I looked up with fire in my eyes. Folor shrank back from my anger. I had never before been so angry, and Folor was very surprised.

     He picked Li up and stepped backwards, then, trying to calm me like I was a dangerous animal. “Masy... calm down...” Folor tried, but I was beyond that now. My ears were flattened back, my tail was sticking straight up, my eyes were on fire, and I was tense throughout my whole body.

     Surprisingly, I could speak normally and not yell, but with a firm tone in my voice. “Now you notice me. Now you notice me when Li is in danger.” This wasn’t true, but I knew that’s exactly what Folor was thinking. That’s all he ever thought about; Li. “You only pay attention to me when Li is either in danger or I have something Li wants. Even if she says she wants one, instead of buying one for her, you take it from me immediately, without thinking how I feel. I don’t even know why you keep me! Wait, I do know. Li likes me. She wants me to stay, and that’s the only reason you keep me. Well, you don’t want me; you never did and never will, so I’m sorry, Li, but this is my only option if I want to be loved. Your love means everything to me, but I can no longer live in the same house as this monster.” I spat at Folor’s feet when I said ‘monster’.

     Folor looked at his feet, and Li looked disbelieving at him. “Is it true?” she squeaked, her voice barely audible. “Do you really only keep Masy for my sake? Do you really hate Masy so much? What’s so hard about loving her?” Li asked, knowing the answers all along. She knew ever since she was made, but I was the first thing that greeted her when she was created, and she loved me more than she could ever love Folor, though she still loved him.

     She struggled out of Folor’s grip, and trotted over to me, then glared at him as though she were me.

     Folor looked helplessly at his two pets, in complete disbelief, “But... Li. Why? I don’t understand why you like her so much," he gestured towards me, “because she’s the most annoying and mean pet I’ve ever had. But you are nice and sweet; the opposite of that good-for-nothing pet." He paused for a moment, and then said, "Li, I know what's best for you. I'm sorry if this pains you, but I'm going to abandon the Gelert." '

     He didn't even use my name!' I thought. 'I'm right here, and he takes about me as if I'm part of the furniture!'

     Li hugged me tight, saying, "If you abandon her, I'm going with her!"

     Folor fell back as if shocked, then said in a small voice, "You're picking that thing over me? Your owner? The one who created and loved you for your whole life?"

     "Yes," said Li defiantly.

     Folor shook his head, as if this were all a dream he could wish away. "Fine, the pet stays. Now, go to bed. But it has to sleep on the couch- no bed for it tonight." While saying this he didn't even look at me or admit my existence.

     I shook my head, and Li stopped hugging me, realizing I was about to make a huge decision. "I don't want to live in the same house as you. I'm going to the pound to put myself up for adoption whether you like it or not. Li, are you going to come with me?" I looked at her, as did Folor.

     "Li.... Please," he begged, his arms open wide, ready for her to embrace him.

     Li looked from me to him, but the decision was almost immediate and, for me or anybody else who might've been watching the scene, predictably, Li said, "I'm going with my sister, Masy."

     Ignoring the stunned look on our owner's face, Li and I walked out of the room and into the wide world, ready to seek our new owner, and hopefully a better life.

The End

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