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The Mystery of Talisman Beads Revealed

by jillian3_3


Are talisman beads wearable?

Your pet sure would look sharp strolling around Neopia with a lovely talisman necklace. He or she would be the envy of all the other pets. Sadly, they are not wearable by your pets.

Can my pets eat them?

No, and good thing too as they taste terrible! You may however find your pet with a petpetpet in its mouth. This is a known side effect from attaching too many beads to your talisman. Those silly petpetpets are attracted to the pretty colors. They can't get enough of the talisman beads! The only cure is to buy more beads.

What are talisman beads?

They are beads that attach to your talisman. Your talisman is located on your user lookup under site event trophies. Handy, isn't it? Beads are rumored to give more random events and increase the amount of neopoints you win playing games. You can attach a bead by clicking on it and selecting attach to talisman in the pop-up window.

Oh the pretty colors!

Beads come in sets of five shapes to a color. The shapes are Mutu, Ranaka, Oranu, Urapa, and Tongi. The colors are blue, red, yellow, and green. Each color carries with it a special trait. Blue is for diplomacy, red is for strength, yellow is for speed, and green is for luck.

Which shop sells beads?

I wish it was that easy. It would be nice to buy them in a Neopia shop. However, if everyone had them, that would make them pointless. They would not be the rare and wonderous items they are. You can get them from a random event or the mobile game. The Tongi beads can only be received by referring someone to the mobile game. You can also get a Tongi if someone refers you. When you receive a Tongi bead it attaches itself to your talisman. You can also buy basic beads on the trading post or in auctions. It is also possible to find one on the shop wizard. This is due to shop owners' mistakes. However, I wouldn't count on it. They are very rarely priced incorrectly.

The price of being beaded

"How much do these amazing beads cost?" you wonder. They sell between 150,000np to 600,000np on the trading post depending on the bead. "That is outrageous!" you proclaim. Yes, the price is quite high but there is hope for those who are shy on neopoints. You can haggle the price down a bit if you neomail a few of the people selling them. Many talisman bead dealers offer a discount if you buy two or more beads. In some cases, it is a better value for your neopoints to buy an entire set of a color. Another option is to bid on a bead in the auctions. My advice is to only bid on the lots that are 30 minutes from closing. This way your neopoints are not being tied up for 24 hours if a better deal comes along. Set a limit to your spending and don't overbid.

Is buying beads worth the cost?

Some Neopians say they are not worth it. Do not listen to them. The are trying to hoard all the beads for themselves. The Meepits told them to do it. To me, beads are like the stock market. The are a long term investment. If you are patient they can help make you rich! If you play a lot of games you will make your investment back over time. The same holds true if you do things that refresh the page often such as restocking or posting on the neoboards. When I received the shop increase random events, my shop was costing over 20 thousand per upgrade! That is more then sixty thousand I saved. The two fountain faerie quests painted my pets Darigan and Island. The paintbrush cost for both is well over 2 million neopoints! Well worth the bead investment in my opinion. The beads never go away. A new fountain faerie quest or paintbrush could be waiting for you on the next page refresh. Based on my experience, the beads pay for themselves.

More random events and neopoints

This is what you have been wanting to hear. Yes, you will see a big increase in both. The more beads you attach, the more random events you will see. I used to get spilt neopoints in amounts of of 50-100np. I still get these, but I also find 500-1000np more often. I have found 3 petpetpets and another talisman bead while restocking my shop. I have received two fountain faerie quests and a space faerie quest while posting on the boards. My shop has increased in size three times while I was restocking it. That one is really rare! I hear you get main shop discounts as well. I can't say for certain on that one as I shop so fast! I do know, the more beads you have the better they work for you. People have even reported special drops such as paintbrushes! I personally have seen a huge increase in the amount of faerie quests. These faeries are asking me to get their missing hairbrushes five to ten times a day. They are always losing things! They keep me pretty busy. It is a wonder I had time to write this article! Just remember, refreshing is your friend. Keep yourself busy restocking, posting, and exploring. Good things will come.

I attached beads and all I am getting is bad random events!!!

That is the luck of the draw, I'm afraid. The beads bring you more random events. Some events are good while others are bad. I have gotten three times the amount of map drops. Codestones fall on my head daily. I also get bad random events such as "Bullies hold you upside down and steal all your pocket money!" That one is my personal favorite. I have seen entirely new events since I attached my beads. You have to take the good with the bad and laugh about the cosmic joke. I can't wait to see what comes next.

I want to give a bead to my friend but I can't take it off my talisman!!

Sorry, once a bead is attached, it is there to stay. You can however, buy a new bead and send it to your friend. What a nice person you are!

I do hope this guide was helpful to you. This is my first Neopian Times article. It will not be my last. Thank you to my guildmates for the encouragement and support. * Jillian3_3*

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