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Get Organized, Stay Organized

by lytening10


Your Neohome is a mess, you have lost your textbook for the thousandth time, and your safety deposit box is so full that you are tempted to rent out another one. If this sounds like your situation, then rest assured that your problem can be solved. You are simply lacking organizational skills.

Granted, it seems like some Neopets are just born organized. Everything is lined up meticulously and they always seem to know where everything is. Why can’t things be like that for you? There is good news! It is possible to become organized, no matter your species, gender, or color. Organization can be achieved by any pet who truly attempts and all it takes is a few simple steps.

Step 1: Realize

What exactly are you supposed to realize? As a matter of fact, there are a couple of things you must admit to before you move on any further. First, realize you have a problem with organization. Second, realize there is an answer but it will take a tad bit of work.

Once you are comfortable to admitting to both those concepts, you are prepared to continue to the next step.

Step 2: List

No doubt, the task is monstrous and daunting. So, you'll need some tools to assist you.

Blue Broom

This trusty tool of the trade is easily recognizable and the perfect tool for quickly sweeping up those beautiful hardwood floors you will soon be able to see. Brooms are quite easy to use and don't take much talent, making them perfect for the... er, not-so-bright pets around.

Got carpet? Then, check around with your friends. You may be able to borrow their Vacumatic 9000 robo petpet (for a price, of course).

Wooden Mop

As a cousin to the broom, the mop will make those floors shine. Used in a similar style to the broom, simply dip in water mixed with soap to produce beautiful floors in very little time. Be sure to allow the floor to dry before walking on it. You don't want to have to mop over your footprints, would you?

Ultra Fashionable Potato Sack

Even the most frugal pet can afford this piece of clothing. By using it outside of its convention, ripping it apart, and soaking it in water, these potato sack strips create the perfect rags when dry. Simply dragging them across the surface can do wonders for the dusty furniture.

Green Grundo Bath Sponge

Some things just won't come off with the rag and will need a little bit of muscle to get them off. Get that extra power through a sponge dipped in a water/soap mixture similar to the one used for mopping. Then scrub, scrub, scrub at those harder-to-get-off spots and stains.

Boxes and Containers

You're going to need plenty of these in varying sizes. Use the largest ones for the reduction boxes discussed in the next step. The smaller ones will be used for categorizing, discussed in-depth in step 3.

Step 3: Reduce

Begin with an area that is simple and familiar to you. As an example, we will use your very own bedroom. Look around. Most likely you will see clothes scattered about, rubbish here and there, and possibly some things you just do not recognize. This is fine and, quite frankly, expected. Begin in one area of the room. Remove everything from that area and gather it into one large pile. Then, grab three boxes and mark them as Keep, Deposit, Donate, and Rubbish. Hopefully these are self-explanatory. Begin going through the pile that you have created and stash away all the items in one of the boxes.

If you are a hoarder, it may be difficult to part with some things. But, think about it. Yes, you may be a diehard Moehawk fan, but how many band shirts do you really need? If you can’t seem to part with them, compromise. Keep two shirts (one to frame and one to wear) and donate the rest. Other Moehawk fans who receive them will adore you forever.

And, please. If piles of dung have gathered in your room, gingerly place them in the ‘Rubbish’ box (or donate them to the disturbing friend that collects them).

Continue this method until every area in the room has been completed and then move on to the next step.

Step 4: Clean

While the room looks beautiful, I'm sure, there is a way to make it better. It's now time to bring in those items we listed earlier. The first tools you will use are your paws (or claws). Pick up all the big pieces of paper, knickknacks, and whatnots off the floor and dispose of them. Next, grab your broom (or Vacumatic 9000) and sweep up a bit, until the floor is visibly clean. Grab your homemade rags and your sponge and get those surfaces and hard-to-reach places. For posterity, break out the mop and make that clean floor shine! Be sure you clean after you reduce every time, so you'll be ready to categorise.

When finished, go ahead and take a break. Admire the floor that you have not seen for months, get yourself something to eat, or a take a little nap. You deserve it. When you feel refreshed and ready to go, pack away the ‘Deposit’ box and drop off the ‘Donate’ and ‘Rubbish’ boxes at their proper locations. Then, continue to the next step.

Step 4: Categorise

By now, you should have only one box to tackle in a fairly clean room. Take a scanning look at the items in the box. Items have a tendency to relocate to improper places. If something does not belong in the room that you are currently in, remove it immediately to the room it belongs in. When you are certain all items in the box belong in the room, go ahead and dump it out. No, seriously. Dump it out. This will give you a sense of what goes with what. From the giant pile that you have just created, make some smaller piles around it, placing like things together. Clothes go together, books with books, and schooling items should have their place.

Once everything has been placed in their piles, put away what you can. Hang your clothes in the closet or place them in the dresser. (Be sure you put them in neatly!) Find a place for your shoes and pair them with their companions. Place books on the bookshelf in an attractive order. Whatever you do, be sure where you put the items is the place they belong and be sure you put them away neatly.

Continue the aforementioned steps for every room or area you with to organize. Once absolutely complete, celebrate with your friends or relax in your clean new home. A job well done!

The next step is to help you keep your newly organized life organized forever!

Step 5: Schedule

Of course you adore the way everything is so neat and organized now. But it doesn't stay that way by itself. Cleaning and organizing should be much easier from now on as long as you remain on a constant schedule. Choose fifteen minutes out of the day to go through and tidy up a few things. Spend an hour or less on the weekend doing a more thorough cleaning. That's really all you must do to live your new, organized life.

Understandably, you are very busy. So schedule in that time. Fifteen minutes isn't really too much time if you force yourself to put it in your agenda. After all, consider the days you have just spent cleaning and organizing your place. Now, how much time do you have to spend tidying up? Fifteen minutes. Days to minutes. I'd choose the minutes any day.

It comes down to a single principle. If you don't do it little by little (the easy way) then you'll do a lot by a lot (the much more difficult way). It all depends on what you choose.

Best of luck to you on your road to organization!

Author's Note: I, in no way, claim to be an organizational expert. In fact, I am nowhere near one. But, it makes for a fun time writing and I've had terrible writer's block. Thanks for reading!

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