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Xweetok Collage

by dopey_opey


With Xweetok Day approaching at a great speed, it’s about time somebody decided to poll Neopia on their favourite colour options for the Xweetok. This my friends, is my job. Throughout this article, I will be talking to average Neopians just like yourself and polling them on what their top five favourite Xweetok colours are. I will also be giving my own thoughts on Neopia’s top picks. Now it is time for you to sit back and take in the wonders of one of Neopia’s favourite pets, the Xweetok.

Number Five: Shadow

The Shadow Xweetok was definitely a shocker in making it in the top five of our list. Shadow is just like any other option; it just makes your pet darker and their personality may have an evil touch to it! One Neopian said “I love how the eyes just pop!” referring to the bright blue eyes contrasting the dark tone of its body. That alone makes this one of Neopia’s favourite Xweetoks.

My Thoughts: I am very glad that a not so popular colour made it on to my countdown. Shadow is an awesome colour choice for any pet but the Xweetok is one of my favourites. I do agree with the Neopian who said that the eyes pop because the eyes are such a deep blue. The deep blue looks amazing next to the black. I think Neopia deserves one high five so far. *slaps Neopia’s hand*

Number Four: Baby

Now what Neopian can resist any adorable baby! Baby is one of Neopia’s most sought after colours, Xweetok included. The Xweetok is simply adorable with those eyes, tail, and mane of pale purple. The small blue ribbon in its hair amplifies the urge to want to have this Neopet. All in all the Baby Xweetok is definitely one of its best colour options.

My Thoughts: I think the baby Xweetok is amazingly cute. If I had one I could stare at it for hours. You can just get lost in those lilac eyes. It makes me want to walk over and pick it up and not put it down. *picks up baby* I think Neopia made another great decision for the countdown. Neopia earns another high five, but the baby Xweetok fell asleep in my arms, so how about a brain high five.

Number Three: Island

Only one vote separated the third and second pick. The Island Xweetok is popular because of its many tribal markings drawn on its legs and face. A Neopian said, “The Xweetok just looks like it should be painted Island!” Others liked how its mane is made out of thick grass instead of fur. If you can afford to buy an Island Paint Brush then you should give your Xweetok the Mystery Island feel!

My Thoughts: I love the Island Xweetok. I was on Team Mystery Island during both Altador Cups, so I love this pet. I like the colours and tribal markings. I especially like its mane; it gives me a feeling of fear like it might be ready to pounce. Neopia is doing well so far! *high five*

Number Two: Pirate

Arrr! My countdown for top Xweetok colours would not be complete without a Pirate or two. Pirates are very popular throughout Neopia and Xweetoks are no exception. The Pirate Xweetok is the only colour for Xweetoks who look like they need to have a haircut. They wear a bright red headband and a red and yellow vest. They also have been branded for life with their skull and crossbones tattoo on their upper right leg. Many Neopians said that their favourite part of them was their vest and “rogue-like grin.” If you are ever lucky enough to win Buried Treasure you should consider painting your Xweetok pirate.

My Thoughts: This is probably my favourite Xweetok! It looks like a very tough and evil pirate. I love its scar on its face. I think it has won a couple fights at the Golden Dubloon before. I also like its vest. The blood red and old gold compared to the newspaper black and grey looks really sweet. Congrats Neopia, you have earned one humongous high five from me. *humongous high five*

Number one: Faerie

Who didn’t think that the Faerie Xweetok would be number one? The Faerie Xweetok is not only the most unique Xweetok choice, but it's also a very unique Faerie. Its brown and green colours oddly enough go together. One Neopian said, “I love how it is so much different from the other faeries, like it’s not Pink and Purple!” Many Neopians agreed with this quote. Other Neopians love its wings and antennae because it reminded them of a small bug. Last but not least the thing that put it over the top was the light blue eyes. Quite a few people loved the colour of the eyes and said it completed it. Faerie Xweetoks rule Neopia!

My thoughts: Believe it or not, I actually like the faerie Xweetok. I am a guy but I do like it. The colours are just right together. I do agree with the Neopians who said it looks like a bug, which is probably why I like it. The transparent wings are also pretty snazzy. I like your final pick, Neopia! *Gives one last high five*

I think there are a couple overlooked colours. The first one is fire. I like the fire Xweetok because flames come off of its mane and back and there are only a couple other pets who have that. I also think the Mutant was overlooked. Looking at the Mutant Xweetok I can’t help but crack a smile. Finally I think the Camouflage Xweetok was overlooked. I think camouflage is simply remarkable so I was disappointed it did not make it into the countdown.

There you have it, folks, your top picks for Xweetok colours! I hope you found it very entertaining and enjoyable. Please join me next time as I count down yet another pet and your top five picks!

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