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The Total Terror Mountain Guide

by emilia444_69


Hi, I'm Emilia444_69. (NOT my real name.) I have been on Neopets for ages but the best thing about it isn't Lost Desert, Meri Acres or the Art Gallery. No sir, the BEST bit is undoubtedly TERROR MOUNTAIN! This guide to Terror Mountain will tell you about EVERYTHING there is to know about Neopia's best (and most freezing) destination.


This part of Terror Mountain is where the most stuff is, and you won't have to climb that far to find it. Bruces and Blumaroos galore visit this place, especially in the Month of Celebrating.

Wintery Petpets: The petpet store

This little petpet shop stocks lots of adorable (and freezing) little petpets, from the Fir that looks like a mini Christmas tree, to the Gabar (a white-furred gorilla). Whichever new best friend your neopet craves, they can (eventually) find it here!

Merry Outfits

This very merry little stall unfortunately does NOT sell cute Christmas clothes (although I wish it did). However, it does show a list of pets that can be painted with the ever-popular Christmas paintbrush. You should see those pictures- cute x 100000000000! (Apologies to Ogrins, Xweetoks and Jetsams- you can't be painted yet.)

Gift Tags

Here, you can download fantastic gift tags for your Christmas presents! Styles vary from Taelia tags to Christmas Illusen tags. You'll have to look elsewhere for your gift tags, neopets. Sorry! Humans, why don't you get some great neopet toys as well?

Ice Cream Cart: The Kid's Fave!

Run by Mr Chipper the Lutari (the only Lutari in Terror Mountain), this happy little cart will satisfy your ice-cream needs. You need ice-cream coupons though- you can get these from Taelia the Snow Faerie. If you don't have any, don't go near the cart or else BAD THINGS WILL HAPPEN. I won't tell you what they are; you'll just get nightmares.

The Slushie Shop: Great for typical Mountain days!

Many kinds of slushie are made here, from the Sludgy Slushie to the Space Slushie. (If you find the Space Slushie, you've struck gold. It's a gourmet slushie.) Terror Mountain residents regularly visit this famous store of slushies, and strangely, they keep them warm! (So that thing your Neopet said about hot slushies wasn't a joke.)

Snow Wars!

I've only just tried this game, and it's TUBULAR! I'm on level 2 and I got two wet snowballs for finishing Level 1! It's based on Battleships, and it's pretty easy and very fun! I'm aiming for trophies- how far do I have to go? Neomail me please!

Advent Calendar

This gives out awesome free prizes during the Month of Celebrating, including Christmas clothes, food and toys. Great for owners low on Christmas neopoints!

Terror Mountain and Ice Caves Signposts

These automatically take you up to the higher floors of Terror Mountain. We'll talk about those later.

Snow Wars 2

In my opinion, Snow Wars 1 is better. But this game of quick thinking should be checked out. I guess it's OK- and at least you don't have to pay any NP to play!

Rink Runner

The last game in Happy Valley. Quite hard- but very fun. Try it out!

Now that we've covered Happy Valley, let's check out the next destination of turbulation.


This is worth climbing to. It has a battle snow store, a rare negg store and a dangerous Winter snake!

The Ice Arena: The Coldest and Best Battle Arena!

Be careful you don't slip, or the floor melts. This is a fab arena for the pets with thick coats that are used to cold conditions. But spectators, be careful you're not trampled on in the stands!

Scratchcards: Try your luck and get rich!

This game of luck and chance is guaranteed to fill you with hopes for being rich. You have about 25% chance of winning a rubbish prize, and 0.1% chance of winning NP. To be honest, I think you should buy your scratchcards in the Lost Desert.

Ice Crystal Battle Snow Store

Ice arena- snow items! Some great, powerful items can be bought here- but be careful you buy the right thing or else you might end up with a bottle full of dirty snow- YUCK!

The Neggery

Fed up with boring old neggs? Why don't you trade your worthless neggs for cool ones? Each negg you buy is worth a certain number of negg tokens, which you can use to buy neggs that can increase your neopet's statistics!


This ice snake is EXTREMELY dangerous. But if you visit this infamous snake when he's sleeping, you can get a share of his stash of treasure! He has some pretty rare items!

OK, now it's time to visit the last floor of Terror Mountain. Heave yourself up to the place of amazing sunsets and snowy scenes, cos' it's time to visit the mountain top.


We've made it finally to the top. Let's admire the view and see the shops, games and pages of fun!

The Garage Sale: bric-a-brac!

Those cute Chias, Mika and Carassa, need to put their stuff somewhere! So they put it on a stall. Help them out and take some of their stuff off their hands.

Toy Repair Store

Got an old toy that's become broken? Just come here and fix them! The grumpy old shopkeeper has to do something! Give him something to do so his face won't scare the little petpets.

Snow Faerie Quests

Taelia needs lots of exotic foods. Don't ask why, I don't know. But she'll reward you with neggs, tokens, Battledome items or NP if you can bring her what she needs.

Shop of Mystery

This has lots of mystery items. Try and go for the cheaper ones- the expensive ones are usually tricks like rainbow guns and piles of dung. Ewwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!

Snow Food

Chia pops and, well, snow food is sold here. Chia pops are usually tangy and delicious- but if you don't fancy eating snow, then I do not recommend the snorange.

Igloo Garage Sale Game

Based on the actual Garage Sale, this game is FAB! I love catching the great bric-a-brac and getting loads of NP.


This luck game is good, but I don't think it's worth the 30 NP. Try it though- it is quite good for avatar lovers.

Colouring Pages

Younger viewers will love these pages. Download the pages for hours of colouring fun.

Well, we've covered the whole of Terror Mountain. I hope that you will learn from my guide that Terror Mountain is great and you should visit it sometime.

Thanks to harris_owner for the inspiration. ~ Emmy

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