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Does Your Shop Need A Theme?

by nascar_24


Do you hate when fellow Neopians do not know how to categorize their shop? I know I do! I do not mean to hurt your feelings if you know that your shop is not categorized correctly. That is what I am writing this article for, to help new-to-Neopia Neopians find what they want to sell and how to decorate their shop according to what they are selling.

In front of you, I have made a guide on how to decorate your shop. I'm only using nine examples, but if you want to know more, just neomail me. Read on to find out what name to choose, what shopkeeper to choose, and what items to choose to sell.

1. A Bit of This and That is the name that you have chosen for your shop. What items do I sell in my new shop you may ask? I am here to tell you. The name A Bit of This and That tells a Neopian that you are selling things that are totally different from each other, so that is what you should be selling. Sell things from furniture to food, to grooming supplies, or even battle items. What should my shopkeeper be? Since you are selling different items, you should stick to a plain Neopet with a plain color. How about trying a Blue Kacheek, or how about a Red Skeith?

2. Delicious Stuffs sounds like the right title for you. To a Neopian just browsing different shops, it sounds like you are selling delicious foods. So, that is what you need to sell. Please do not sell gross foods like Infested Peaches or Recycled Candy Corn. Sell foods like Mint Ice Cream or a Chocolate Lupe. Your shopkeeper should also give the illusion of deliciousness. How about trying a Chocolate Kacheek, or if you are doing a health food shop, an Apple Chia?

3. Treasure Island is a great, exciting title. It tells someone that in your shop are great treasures that you would find on Mystery Island. Sell things that you would find in Tiki Tack or Tropical Foods. Maybe you want to sell a Bottle of Blue Sand or Corn Balls. An Island Princess would be a good shopkeeper, or maybe an Island Gelert for a splash of color.

4. Delightful and Delicate is a title that matches your personality. Your items should match that soft, flowing title. To me, delightful means beautiful, and beautiful means well-groomed. You should be selling grooming items. A couple of my favorites are Pink Eyeshadow and a Blue Short Hair Brush. When a Neopian thinks of delicateness, she thinks of a cloud. May I recommend a Cloud Acara?

5. Ohhh... Shiny *_* is a title that matches the category of your items. If you don't know what these items may be, i will give you some examples. Use a Stunning Silver Ring or a potion in a shiny bottle. We all come across Healing Potions that only cost 10 NP, so we buy them, just use those useless potions in your shiny shop. Now for your shopkeeper. Ice is shiny, right? Use a shiny Ice Bori to represent your slick, shiny shop.

6. My Neopets Shop is a cute but simple name for a shop. In your Neopet Shop, I would recommend selling several totally different items with one main Neopet theme. If you love Peophins, use Peophin as your main theme and just use different items to represent that one theme. Whatever Neopet theme you are using, make sure to use that same Neopet as your shopkeeper.

7. The Book Repository is definitely a noble name for a shop. Make sure your items match that noble name. Sell books!!!! The BOOK Repository means that you are supposed to be selling books. I do not think that I need to say more about that. Also be sure to choose a noble shopkeeper too. I would most likely choose the Ixi from Brightvale Books.

8. The Dark Forest is a very dark name. Your items should be as dark as that name. Try selling Dark Faerie items like a Dark Faerie Pencil. Or if you want to sell food items, sell dark chocolate items like a Dark Chocolate Blumaroo. Your shopkeeper should be deep and dark. Use a Darigan Kougra, or possibly the Dark Faerie herself.

9. Faerie Glen is another recommendation for a shop name. In this happy little shop, you should be selling all kinds of Faerie items, from Faerie Toast with Butter to a book on Faerie Tales. Keep that happy faerie theme going with your shopkeeper. My shopkeeper if I had this shop name would be a faerie Neopet, such as a Faerie Cybunny, or an actual Faerie herself. My first choice for a faerie shopkeeper would be Fyora, the beautiful, wonderful, purplish-pinkish faerie.

10. Sunny Fields is my final recommendation for a shop name. Neopians think of happiness when they think of sunshine, so fill up your shop with happy items, not dark, creepy items. I predict that most happy Neopians love music. Why not put a few music items into your shop? How about a Blue Kacheek Group Poster? Or a Chomby and the Fungus Ball T-Shirt? Those are items that would make me happy! Your shopkeeper should match the happiness that has already started to spread. How about your favorite Neopet with a home-made "Welcome" sign?

So now you have heard my top ten recommendations for shop names. You have learned what you should be selling in each of the shops, and which shopkeeper to have with each shop. I hope you choose one of these I have worked hard on. Just remember that you do not have to choose one of these 10, because I have not even listed all the names. I want to encourage you to make up your own shop category, and to neomail it to me so that I can write another article like this to help more new-to-Neopets Neopians. Neomail me if you use one of these recommendations. I always love to know when I help out a fellow Neopian.

Good Luck, Neopians!

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