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Faerie Cloud Racers Uber Guide

by skittlesrock10292


Hey, fellow Neopians. I’m sure you have seen the game Faerie Cloud Racers and played it, but I am sure some of you are not happy with your scores. I am here to show you some good, useful tips to help you get a better score in this game.

What the game is about

In the game Faerie Cloud Racers, you play as a faerie, flying over Faerieland, trying to out fly and trap your opponent. You use your arrow keys to fly your car around, leaving a trail behind you, as your opponent does.

The object of the game is to trap your opponent in your trail, making them crash into either their trail, or yours. I will get to technique later.

Game Setup

Okay, in this game, there are levels and rounds. Each game you begin on level 1, round 1. To get to the next level, you must beat the faerie three times. Hence the rounds of each level. So say I beat the faerie once, then I lose, then win the next two, I can move on to the next round. So, you just need to win three times to move onto the next level where you will then verse the next faerie. Be careful, because if you lose to a faerie three times, it’s a game over.

Playing the game

Okay, before you play, it is a good idea to clean your arrow keys, especially if you play a lot of games like I do; your keys can get sticky or whatever. So to clean them, very gently pop out your keys with a knife. You do that by putting a knife on the edge of a key, and gently try and bring the key up on each side, until it comes off. Then take a cotton swab and dab inside of the key, and where the key rests. Then just push the keys back into place. This is will make for best possible gameplay.

Okay, now that you are all ready, and know what the game is about, you can play! Okay, now an important part of the game is choosing what faerie you would like to play as. The faeries go as follows: Fire Faerie, Snow Faerie, Earth Faerie, Water Faerie, Tooth Faerie, Dark Faerie, Space Faerie, then Light Faerie. Each faerie’s car is different, and so is their trail they leave. Now if you are like me, and need to be focused while playing a game, you should definitely choose the right faerie to be. I am usually the Water Faerie or the Tooth Faerie as their trails are very simple and not distracting. I think the most distracting faerie is the Space Faerie. So if you need to be focused, test out the faeries and see which one fits you best.

Okay, now play the game a few times; see what your score is. Try to come up with a technique to playing. But just in case you’re having trouble, here is my technique.


Okay, when I play this game, I use a box technique. Basically, you just box your opponent in, forcing them to crash into something.

So you start the game flying out straight, and obviously you will have to go up or down, but I always wait and see what my opponent does. So if I’m the Water Faerie, and I am playing the Fire Faerie, I wait to see which way she goes, and I go the same way. So this technique I find easier explained if the two of you go up, but if you go down, that is fine too, but harder to explain in words, so the next few paragraphs might be a little confusing.

If you and your opponent go up, then you want her to turn right, that way you can create the third wall of the box. (The first wall on the bottom was created by your opponent when starting out, the second on the left side is you two going up and now once she turns out, you can create the third wall on the top.) Then fly down to create the fourth wall on the right, and fly through the one spot where there is emptiness when she first started out. That way you have created a box and eventually force her to crash into something. And once you have flown out the one spot at the beginning of her trail, then fly somewhere in the open and create neat lines, just to pass time while the other faerie is being trapped. Just make sure you don’t box yourself in. ;)

But if you and your opponent go down, you make life just more complicated. Just like left handed people do. Just kidding :) You will pretty much do the same thing, but the walls will be different. The first wall will still be the trail she created, but it will be the top of the box. Then when you guys go down, you will create the second wall on the left, and when she turns into the box, you fly right, and create the third wall, then up creating the last wall on the left, and fly out of where her trail began. Then just fly to the top of the screen and make neat lines to pass time while she is trapped, eventually going to crash.

So, that is the basic technique. But one thing that changes during the game is the speed. In the first four levels, the speed is very gentle, and at a good pace. But then once you have beat the first four faeries, the speed changes dramatically. It pretty much doubles and is very fast. It takes a lot of practice to get used to those levels, but you can do it.

And the Light Faerie is not the last faerie; there is the Queen Faerie you play after, but you are never allowed to play as her.


Okay, so now you know the game, and hopefully you will achieve a better score that you are more proud of. Maybe you can even get a trophy, or enter World Challenges. Oh, and you can type in a secret word any time during the game to restart the round without any trees. Thank you for using my guide, and feel free to neomail me for help. Thanks!

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