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Where There Are Wheels, There Are Ways

by sylviau


Wheels. Neopia is full of them. Almost every world has their own. But WHAT wheels am I talking about? The game wheels of course! These wheels require a small fee to spin, but can reward you with AMAZING prizes!

So here’s a guide dedicated to help you find out the best, the priciest, and the most absurd wheels ever created! Along with some other honorable non-wheel mentions.

NOTE: ? represents the question mark icon.

Let’s get started! (Yeah, I KNOW I use waaaaaaaaaay too many !’s and capitals).

Note: Neopian Times submission rules prohibit me to tell you how to get the avatars from these wheels. So I will merely tell you how many avatars can be won, on at the very bottom of each wheel. (For information on how to get these avatars, ask the meepits!)

The Wheel of Misfortune:

Location: The Deserted Fairground at the Haunted Woods.

Description: This wheel is full of surprises. It can do both good and bad. Here is an actual quote from the Neopedia: “You never know what the wheel might give... or take away.”

Prizes: This wheel can give you petpets, a random gift (usually it’s a worthless mutated plushie, but I’ve gotten an apple lantern table too), neopoints, a visit from the Pant Devil (he’ll take away an item), an illness for your pet, neopoints taken away, one of your items turned into sludge, or a book having been unread by your pet.

Cost: 100 NP

Spin frequency: Once every 2 hours

Avatars: 1

The Wheel of Knowledge:

Location: Brightvale

Description: This wheel is one of the pricy ones. Many underestimate it and think that there’s no point in visiting it, but remember: this is King Hagan’s wheel.

Prizes: This wheel may give you books, a bit of advice from around the site, a free spin, ornate windows, a healing from a faerie, job coupons, wisdom from King Hagan himself, and much, much more.

Cost: 500 NP

Spin frequency: Once every 24 hours

Avatars: 1

The Wheel of Excitement:

Location: Faerieland

Description: This wheel was voted the most popular from the random polls. Most people visit it daily while stopping by the Healing Springs and Rainbow Fountain.

Prizes: This wheel can hurt your pet, set the Pant Devil on you, heal you, give you a disease, give you a bottled faerie, NP, a secret item, or ?

? is probably the most infuriating, because it usually turns out to be 47 neopoints or so.

Cost: 150 NP

Spin frequency: Once every 2 hours

Avatars: 1

The Wheel of Mediocrity:

Location: The Tyrannian Jungle

Description: This wheel is considered the “cheapest” by many. It is in fact the least expensive to play, but it also gives out the worst prizes. Not many visit it as often as the Wheel of Excitement, but the avatar is still really cute.

Prizes: This wheel, as I said, gives out the cheapest prizes. It mostly hurts your neopet, but can also give you neopoints (not much of a profit; the highest I’ve gotten is 150 NP), the jackpot, *cough* some food, and more.

Cost: 100 NP

Spin frequency: Once every 40 minutes

The Wheel of Monotony:

Location: The Tyrannian Plateau

Description: This wheel might have been the ultimate wheel; it can give out a paint brush, but you need patience and determination, so don’t expect to win one soon. *coughbadpuncough* This wheel takes FOREVER to finish spinning. (I am NOT kidding; it usually spins for more than two hours for me.)

Prizes: As I said, you can win a Tyrannian paint brush, but I’ve been spinning months at a time, and have only ever won it once. You can also win a petpet paint brush, a petpet, merchandise (toy, furniture, book, etc), a free lottery ticket, NP, a blessing from a faerie, a codestone, gourmet food, weaponry and armour, a trip to the beast's lair, and more.

Cost: 100 NP

Spin frequency: Once every 24 hours

Avatars: 2


It is now time for the part of this article that mentions the other terrific dailies that are not wheels.

The Fruit Machine:

Location: The City of Sakhmet in the Lost Desert

Description: This machine may not be a wheel, but the actual description clearly states: “You get one free spin per day, so what are you waiting for?!?” Instead of spinning, you get three cards, a fruit painted on each one. If all three match or just the first two, you get a prize! NOTE: This machine is AWESOME!!!

Prizes: For getting the first two cards matching, you can get 50-750 NP and the fruit that was on the cards. For getting 3 matches you will get 400-1000 NP, 2500 NP and a Neopian petpet (angelpuss, warf, cobrall, poppit, etc.), 10000 NP and a battle muffin, or even 15,000 NP and a paint brush! (I got a glass paint brush, which is pretty cool even if you can’t use it. WOW, I have great luck with paint brushes, don’t I?) NOTE: The prizes you get depend on the fruit cards matched up.

Cost: Free

Spin frequency: Once a day

Tiki-Tack Tombola

Location: Mystery Isle (or Island, whichever you prefer)

Description: This tombola stand is legendary around Neopia. People come from far and wide, just to place their hand (or paw) into the tombola to pull out a number. Anything ending with a 0, 2, or 5 is a winner. Faeries, food, and codestones are given out to the winners along with 107 NP or so. But even a few losers get a booby prize. This generous stand is funded by helpful Neopians, who donate some neopoints when funds are low. Who is the kind soul who runs the stand? Nobody knows. He is a mysterious being, neither neopet nor petpet. His face is always concealed behind a smiling wooden tiki mask...

Cost: Free

Visit frequency: You can play once per day.

Well, there you have it. The wheels and the ways, along with two honourable mentions. I hope this guide has helped you decide where you should go daily, but you can always visit them all anyway. Thanks for reading!


This has been my third publication in the Neopian Times. Make sure to look for my next series of guides titled: They Just Want to Be Loved.

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