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How to Survive your Post-Halloween Candy-Fest

by evie_firebolt


Post Halloween-weekend is a bittersweet time for all of Neopia’s sweet-toothed: the greedy, surrounded by all their empty candy wrappers, suffer from nausea, stomach-aches and bloated belly, the needy regret scrimping on trick or treating and beg their friends for candy, and the seedy resort to stealing candy from all the rest. Then, there are those that rationed their candy sensibly, sampled a few and saved the rest of their stash for later. We must all take note from this latter group, for they are the ones who enjoy Halloween to its fullest, without queasiness, sugar withdrawal or desperation. But the day after Hallow’s Eve often starts with a morning of regret, and I’m here to help you pull through your post Halloween weekend.

For the Greedy

We know you’ve got a sweet tooth, and we don’t blame you for getting a little too enthusiastic and over-indulging in this once-a-year event. Waking up bleary-eyed and ready to puke out the prior night’s candy binge can be soothed with a restorative cup of Steaming Green Tea (3500 NP) and Green Tea Capsules (200 NP). You’ll feel like starving throughout the day to compensate for the chocolate chompfest, but the only way to deal with the sugar excess is to balance it out slowly with light meals. Try downing one or two Tea Biscuits (1000 NP) or better yet, a Boiled Egg on Toast (700 NP).

Another cup of green tea and a relaxing bath will refresh you before a long walk. Douse some of your favourite bubble bath into the hot water (we recommend Superstar Bubble Bath at 4000 NP) and slip on a Relaxing Eye Mask (10000 NP) or opt for the far lower-cost Cucumber Eye Cream (5 NP), courtesy of Illusen’s Glade. Don’t forget to keep your teeth sparkling white by brushing your teeth with Peppermint Toothpaste (750 NP) and flossing with Mint Dental Floss (3500 NP).

Once you’re set, a casual stroll through Meridell’s lush greenery will help burn off excess sugar. Keep a bottle of water at hand and steer clear of busy shopping streets like Neopia Central and the Marketplace, where sugary scents from the Bakery and Chocolate Factory could bring up the nausea once again. The Haunted Woods is another obvious no-go: radioactive Meuka Drops and the mere sight of the Brain Tree are repulsive enough on any given day, let alone post candy-hoarding.

Spend the rest of the day sipping a pot of chamomile tea (800 NP) or mint tea (700 NP), whether in the comfort of your Neohome or at the Coffee Shop. Be warned though, glazed Tigersquash Swirly Cakes and Tigersquash Iced Buns are definite no-nos... stay off sugar intakes and settle for a light Celestial Salad (1000 NP), Snowmuncher Salad (100 NP) or a Fresh Garden Salad (1000 NP). A helping of Tea Jelly (4400 NP) is an excellent semi-sweet dessert that will set you on the right track to a balanced meal, and if you can manage, substitute jelly for a piece of fruit (nothing too acidic!) for a healthier fix. A comforting cup of Hot Soup (700 NP) in the evening can serve as a nourishing supper, and help yourself to a slice of Ionic Bread or Altadorian Bread (30 NP) with your soup and/or salad.

When it’s time to face the aftermath of your pig-out, throw out all unnecessary candy wrappers (there’s no need to keep them as keepsakes, unless you’re inviting unwanted bugs) and consider giving away your leftover candy to, say, the Money Tree. Abandoned pets at the Adoption Agency as well as needy Neopians can then enjoy the holiday as much as you did, while you safely avoid emulating a piñata.

For the Needy

So you thought you were too old to go trick or treating and decided to be a scrooge and boycott those ‘silly’ Halloween parties. Besides, with the groaning and moaning Neopians all around, complaining of headaches, stomach aches and other ailments, you haughtily point out that you are above all this. Then again... there’s still that uneaten pile of candy your Meerca hasn’t stuffed down his throat... that inviting, shiny aqua-blue wrapped Peppermint Praline Bar, a couple of Liquorice Twists, and even that Toffee Apple you’ve been eyeing since the night before.

Another glance at your Neopet’s burgeoning belly confirms that the candy will only be wasted. Thoughts run through your head. The simplest task would be to walk over, ask for some candy and have your problem solved. The trouble is, most of us live with at least one greedy Neopet—the one who resolves to eat ALL of their candy hoard, whether it results in a rainbow display of vomit or in utter sugar-induced collapse. In this case, you’ll be lucky to score a Poisonous Lollipop. What then should you do? Sneaking a bite or two while your Neopet isn’t looking would officially push you into the seedy category—after all, if you’re too cowardly to admit something as simple as wanting candy, or too desperate to buy your own from the Chocolate Factory, things aren’t looking good for you.

Herein lies the definition of the needy—those unfortunate Neopians caught between the greedy hoarders and the seedy scoundrels. To solve this dilemma, we must unearth the root of the problem: a desire to satiate your sugar depravity. But to ensure that you do not fall into step with the greedy and stuff your face with leftover confectionary, try this slightly healthier route:

1) Start off your day with a scrumptious Raspberry Faerie Crepe (950 NP), which gives you a good dose of sweetness and fruit. If you’re desperate for a chocolate fix, have a small helping of Chocolate Omelette (3000 NP), but balance it off with a calcium-laden glass of Kau Kau Farm Milk (200 NP), or even better, Low Fat Milk (1000 NP).

2) After a quick shower, treat yourself to your favourite candy fix—just ONE bar of chocolate, handful of jelly beans or assorted candy, and go about your day as normal.

3) Should you find yourself bombarded with thoughts, scents or images of candy cornucopia, head down to the Coffee Shop for a heartwarming mug of Strawberry Butter Tea (2000 NP) or a lip-smacking cup of Lemon Meringue Tea (950 NP), both sinfully delicious but not quite as sinful as an entire bag of chocolates.

4) It’s okay to help yourself to some candy, but if you intend to pay a trip to the Chocolate Factory, be warned. Most of their seasonal items will be sold out, and you will be tempted to splurge on unnecessary expenditures that won’t satisfy your craving. Remember, Chocolate Beef Custard does not equal Chocolate Aisha Sundae! Stick with your classic favourites and avoid the adventurous Chocolate Taquitos.

5) Instead of binging, space out your candy munchies into small portions throughout the day, to ensure that you can enjoy without ill consequences. Don’t skip meals in favour of Caramel Creams (3500 NP) and Humbugs (4000 NP), or you’ll pay for it later.

Most of all, celebrate Halloween and all of its candy galore, even if you are a day behind. Better late than never!

For the Seedy

You know who you are—maybe you’re a little too greedy and needy for your own good. You’ve probably gone through all your candy in the first hour alone, craftily swapping a Ghost Techo Lolly for those Chocolate Gormballs (3000 NP) in your friend’s goodie bag. Maybe you’ve gone as far as to fake fainting spells, crafting wild schemes to steal your neighbour’s candy, or even taking candy from baby Boochi. Though no one can ever accuse you of a lack of ingenuity, your friends will soon catch on and realize that you’ve been up to no good and confiscate any remnants of Halloween you’ve got left. Despite your grumbling reservations, there are ways to battle those sugar blues.

If you’re cleaned out of candy (as most Seedy Neopians are), you’ll be wide-eyed and clamouring for more. I bet you never knew that Tea Waffles (6500 NP) are an absolutely heavenly breakfast dish. Sinful? Not so. With a generous dollop of tea-infused ice cream, these are no average waffles. Better yet, finish off your delightful tray with some Breakfast Tea (250 NP) or Earl Grey Tea (800 NP), but remember to drink in small sips, not gulps!

Now that you’re settled, take a day off to picnic in Roo Island or meditate in the Eastern regions of Shenkuu, but whatever you do, stay far, far away from any sweet shops. It’s a good idea to pack a picnic basket in advance: Dewy Apple Sandwiches (700 NP), Vegetarian Kyrii Sandwiches (650 NP) and Left-Over Turkey Sandwiches (450 NP) will boost energy levels, and a thermos of brewed Spicy Herbal Tea (1400 NP) or Black Cherry Tea (15 NP) will soothe your frazzled nerves.

Keeping yourself busy by studying lunar patterns, enjoying the scenic view of Shenkuu, or bouncing about like a Blumaroo will take your mind off sweets, and before you know it, the day will be over. Better yet? Your friends and Neopets won’t be so inclined to shutting you into a pyramid in Sakhmet.

Whether you are greedy, needy or seedy, surviving your post-Halloween candy-fest is no simple feat. Let’s all hope that you exercise enthusiasm a little less vigorously next time around, because nobody likes a grumpy pumpkin.

Author’s Note: Thanks for reading my article, hope you had a fun Halloween! Feel free to neomail me with comments and feedback.

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