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Whirlpool: The Official Game Guide

by jockylocky


MARAQUA - For years, Maraqua has been plagued by mysterious whirlpools that appeared out of nowhere and scared its residents for a long time. But now, Maraquan petpets have strayed out of their homes in this underwater world, and are in danger. It's up to you, yes, you, to help these petpets make it back to their owners!

There are five different types of whirlpools: a movable green whirlpool, a movable blue whirlpool, an unmovable green whirlpool, an unmovable blue whirlpool, and the evil red whirlpool.

Each whirlpool has its own abilities. An unmovable whirlpool, believe it or not, is unmovable, meaning that you cannot drag it with your mouse. It stays in the same position for the level. Get it? Good! A movable whirlpool can be dragged with the mouse to where you want it! An evil red whirlpool will eat your petpet! And that means loss of score for you, so watch out!

As you noticed, there are also colour combinations. A blue whirlpool, (regardless of movability) moves the petpet to the left, while a green whirlpool moves the petpet to the right! (Also regardless of movability.) Not knowing these features can result in frustration in your game of Whirlpool.

Fortunately, this game is actually quite easy, with some practice, of course. For those not too skilled at games, I recommend you give this a shot; you might be surprised! I know I was the very first time I played it.

Now, try beginning it, without reading further. It's best to get used to the speed, and not to aim for high Neopoints or a trophy! That's saved for later. Focus on where some things are, what they look like etc.

The game starts off quite fast, and there are fifteen levels in total. The game slows down within the levels, but I guarantee you won't notice anything! So with this knowledge in, let's prepare ourselves for level one!

Level 1: The Beginning

Looking at the sidebar, you will see a number dwindling down very fast under the words "bonus"! This is the amount of points you get per round; the faster you get, the more points you earn! So watch that counter constantly; if you're slacking off, you might want to pick it up!

So in the middle of the screen, you will see your very first whirlpool! It's blue, so from our knowledge from above, the petpet will circle around it counter-clockwise, or, left.

Click on the whirlpool, and drag it toward that shell house. A little to the right of the door should be fine. Notice that the petpet will move toward the door, but maybe not quite. Our goal is to make the petpet go in through the door. Experiment a little bit with this, once the petpet is in, you are done level one!

A Word Before Continuing With Level 2

Congratulations, I do hope the guide is helping so far. Fortunately, by finishing the level, you now have a small break. Now, you can figure out why your mom has been hollering at you for the past two minutes, or you can take a look back at this guide!

Now, you should have some points. Because of the simplicity, I'd say you would you should be in the four thousand point range. If you are not, don't be embarrassed! Reset the game, and try again! Hopefully as you get a bit more practice, the game should be a bit easier! The game is going to be a bit more tough, as more petpets will need saving, so it's best to practice now!

Level 2: Let's Get a Bit harder, Shall We?

First off, now you had a chance to hear this delightful music! Doesn't make you want to dance? I know I want to! Feel free to dance with the music in your chair; it is a bit addicting!

...Moving on, now you have to save four petpets! And, you have three movable whirlpools! My advice for this level, is to once again, move a whirlpool right of the door, and make a row of whirlpools sticking out. This way, the petpets will go to the whirlpools, get carried along, and into the door! Hurray!

Hopefully you got some decent points! If you didn't, it's still early in the game, so feel free to reset anytime!

Level 3: The First Two Unmovable Whirlpools

The title of this section says all! This is the time where we see two unmovable whirlpools! Hopefully you will notice the difference between the movable ones, and the unmovable!

The unmovable whirlpools actually help you, not to get in your way. Of course, this can happen throughout the game, but in this level, it really helps.

Firstly, the petpet surrounding the upper whirlpool will need to be brought to down to the one at the bottom. Use your only movable whirlpool to do so. Once completed, put your whirlpool next to the right of the door, again. The ones circling the bottom pool will come up, and go straight into the door! Hurray!

Level 4: Seeing Green

Level four is the first level where we see green whirlpools! Remember, green whirlpools move the petpets to the right, don't forget!

This level is fairly simple. Move the blue whirlpool to the right of the door, and then use the green pool to guide the remaining petpets to the blue. With the current of the blue whirlpool, they should go straight inside the door, where it's safe again!

Level 5: Whoa! Enough Whirlpools?

Your first instincts seeing this level may be "Wow!" to this. In fact, you generally don't need these whirlpools. Just two! The rest are for splitting up the petpets into two groups.

As said, the petpets are in two different groups! We are also depending on the two bottom blue whirlpools to help us. Move a movable blue whirlpool next to the right side of the door of the house. The petpets surrounding the bottom two unmovable whirlpools should go up, and inside.

Now, use a green whirlpool to direct the upper whirlpools to come down to the blue area; do not guide it in the door by itself. It's a lot harder, and this guide is supposed to help you. Moving the petpets can take a while, but you'll get the hang of it soon. Once all the petpets are successfully in, it's time to go to level six!

Level 6: Lots of Petpets!

Warning: Don't be alarmed at all of the petpets! This might be to scare you, or this might be for fun; no one really knows! Weird, huh. I'm still trying to figure why they needed so many petpets in this level... when it's so simple!

And yes, I am being serious. All you need to do is move one whirlpool. Amazing, huh? Just move a green whirlpool to the left side of the seashell house, and you're set! Just watch the petpets go inside, guiding one or two if needed, of course!

Level 7: Evacuation Needed! Whirlpool Surrounds House!

Uh oh! Looks like some whirlpools surround an innocent house! How that many petpets got outside of that is a mystery to me! Let's just continue with the guide.

Really, all you need is a blue whirlpool. Guide the petpets till they are all circling the house in the currents. Once that's completed, then stick the blue whirlpool in the right side of the house, between two green whirlpools, best at the southwest corner. Sit back, and watch the petpets go back in the safety of their own home!

Level 8: Round 'Em Up!

The very first 'herding' level, this can cause some hassle to some players, namely me. It took a while to figure out the best way to do it, but I found that practicing this level made me better at it.

First, put a green whirlpool near the left side of the door. Putting a blue whirlpool on the right side would make the petpets collide with the bottom of the screen and miss the door.

Secondly, get rid of most of the movable whirlpools now, except for one. This will be the 'herding' whirlpool. Getting rid of most whirlpools possible makes rounding the petpets a lot easier! Now, use the whirlpool to guide the petpets to the green whirlpool near the house, and if placed correctly, it should go in straight away.

Level 9: A Replica of Level 2

Level nine is one of my favorites, actually. It's quite easy. Most of the whirlpools are located near the house, for great access!

Like level two, move the blue whirlpools till they're sticking out. Make sure the whirlpools are leading up to the three unmovable green whirlpools where the petpets are circulating. Once done, use a green whirlpool to guide the petpets into the blue whirlpools' currents. They'll slide right into home where it's safe! Hurray!

If you are at this stage, good job! There are only six more levels to complete, so good luck!

Level 10: The Evil Red Whirlpools Appear!

This is the very first occurrence of the evil red whirlpools. You have three whirlpools to help save them, and two evil whirlpools are near the house! Fortunately, they can be stopped!

That's right. They can be stopped! But how? Well... fight fire with fire! That's correct; use a single whirlpool, any colour, and the evil whirlpool's effects will be gone. Well, at least until you move the whirlpool on top of it!

So, moving on with the guide, move a whirlpool on top of the evil red whirlpool, and repeat for the second one. Make sure you have at least one green not guarding anything! With all the petpets swarming that one whirlpool, drag it down near the left side of the house, just below the once-evil-whirlpool. All petpets should go in the door!

Level 11: Petpets All Over the Place!

Wow! Petpets are everywhere! But fortunately, the level is easier than the first impression. You just need to do a lot of rounding up!

First things first. Immediately cover up the evil red whirlpool with a green one! Once that's done, like levels two and nine, make the three blue whirlpools at the bottom into a nice line. This will help ease the pain of rounding all the petpets up. Next, dispose of most whirlpools that petpets are circulating; just toss them up into a corner or something. But keep one! This one will be used for rounding up the petpets. Guide the petpets into the blue whirlpool line, and watch them enter their home, again! This may take some while, and that unmovable whirlpool in the bottom right hand corner gets annoying. Best of luck!

Level 12: More Evil Red Whirlpools!

They don't get that annoying... until now. You're faced with two evil red whirlpools, and two movable whirlpools! Unfortunately, that means one of the whirlpools will remain evil.

The guide to this, may seem fairly simple. Cover up the top evil whirlpool with a blue one. A few seconds, and the petpets from the top right hand corner will go in the door. Switch whirlpools, so the free one is now blue, and the green whirlpool is hiding the evil red pool, and guide the petpets through the north-west area of the house.

One or two petpets may resist, which becomes quite tedious, but in the end it should go over well.

Level 13: Another Easy Level!

How the petpets got out of this house and made it alive... astounds me. I thought for sure they'd be trapped with the evil red whirlpool!

But nonetheless, this is still very easy. The first thing, as always, is to cover up the evil red whirlpool with a green one! Once completed, remove the other whirlpools to the top corners of the screen. The petpets will move into the series of whirlpools, and enter the house! Told ya it was easy!

If you're still keeping up with me, good job! Two more levels, and you're done! Good luck!

Level 14: Four Evil Red Whirlpools!

That's right; four red whirlpools, and four movable whirlpools - you can't cover them all up! But it actually doesn't matter really, because you only need to worry about the bottom two.

Move two green whirlpools to the evil red whirlpools at the bottom. Do not worry about the top two; they can't get in your way. Once done, trash a blue whirlpool in a corner somewhere. Move the other blue whirlpool to the right side of the house, near the door. Hopefully the petpets followed; if not, use the trashed whirlpool to gain them back, and it should be easy as pie!

Level 15: The Last Level!

Finally! The last level is here. It's not that hard either, but rounding up the petpets is a bit tedious. They're not that nice in this game, really.

With a green whirlpool, clog the red whirlpool at the bottom near the house with it. Unfortunately, with two petpets, if one gets eaten, fifty percent of your points is gone! (Not total, just for this round.) With your blue whirlpool, guide the other two to the house. It's simple, yes, but sometimes it can be a bit tricky. Good luck!


Congratulations! You have beaten the game, Whirlpool! And now this guide is rather worthless, unfortunately. Now that you know what's coming up, feel free to try again, for a better score! Who knows? You might be able to take home the trophy! Good luck!

Author's Note: Thanks for reading! Feedback is much appreciated. -Jockylocky

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