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by rebeccarabbit4


The blue Aisha watched as her sister, Morguss, changed into the monster that she had always been inside. Yet she had always been welcoming to Idrasena. Now that one small virtue was gone. And it was Idrasena’s fault.

     Idrasena sank to the ground, sobbing. Why, oh why had she chosen to place this terrible curse on herself?

     She quickly dried her tears. She had done it for her family. But they hadn’t kept their promise. They had promised to keep her family safe. But now Morguss was gone. And she knew that it wouldn’t be long before it happened to the rest of her family. She collapsed again.


     Masila strolled along. The green Acara was going home, after waiting for her sister, Idrasena for an hour. Idrasena had been acting oddly for the past month. She wondered why.

     And Idrasena watched, from the shelter of the trees on the side of the path, as her younger sister’s contented smile turn to an evil grimace. She lost no beauty, as had Morguss. Maybe she grew even more beautiful. But you could tell by just looking at her she had devious thoughts going round her head. She smiled again, a greedy glint in her eye, and then slipped away into the shadows.

     Idrasena slipped down until she was sitting. She didn’t want to see what Eliv would become. But she had to, just in case she met him in her travels, and didn’t recognize him. She didn’t want to accidentally kill her own brother.


     Eliv was relaxing in his room. His books were strewn around him; he was reading Illusen’s Novel. It broke Idrasena’s heart to see him so content. He didn’t know what was to come.

     Eliv began to change. When he was fully mutilated, Idrasena looked away. She hoped she would never see him again. Well, maybe not. Maybe if she could cure him, she could bear the sight. Just maybe.

     That left Kiosk.


     Idrasena’s owner, Kiosk was reading the Neopian Times. Her blond hair darkened to black striped with purple. Bat’s wings sprouted out of her back. Her hands glowed. She cackled, burst from the Neohome, and flew away.

     Idrasena, who had been watching from the window, burst into tears. That had been the last of her family.

     I have to find help, she thought, and fast.

     She searched the house for things she would need. A blanket, pillows, lots of food, essentials. She strode out the door. She didn’t look back. She knew that if she did, she’d never leave. She didn’t even know if she would ever come back.


     Idrasena waited in Her Majesty’s chamber eagerly. If anyone knew how to cure this terrible curse, it would be Fyora. She was ushered into the chamber by a beautiful light faerie.

     Fyora sat on her armchair behind her desk and looked up from a book she had been reading. She was wearing half moon spectacles, and looked very kindly at Idrasena.

     “Little one, what is your name?”

     “Idrasena, lady.”

     “What is troubling you?”

     Idrasena struggled with her tongue, but it wouldn’t move, wouldn’t tell the Queen about the pact she had made with them, how they had broken their promise.

     “I’m sorry, lady. They enchanted me. I can’t tell you what’s wrong. Only that I’m very sad, and have no family.”

     “Well, if you ever need something done that won’t get in the way of your enchantment, come to me. I’ll try to help you.”

     “Thank you, lady.”

     Idrasena turned and walked out of the palace, guided by the light faerie. She was very disappointed. The enchantment of her tongue was an obstacle she’d have to overcome sooner or later.

     And Idrasena set out on the journey of a lifetime.


     Idrasena had traveled Neopia, looking for anybody who could lift the curse upon her family, and herself. No one could help. All the faeries in Faerieland were completely useless. She had tried them first. She had even gone to see Illusen and Jhudora! But they told her sadly that they couldn’t help. (Well, maybe not so sadly in Jhudora’s part.) She had found a desert land that she hadn’t known about. The people seemed wise, but no one had the knowledge of a curse like the one she had. She traveled all over the globe, discovering new lands and new people, but no one had the information she sought.

     She had learned what her family had become. Eliv was now known as a genius, able to solve any puzzle in the world. But he was miserly and greedy.

     Masila was a thief, also known as the mistress of the double-cross. She was power hungry.

     Morguss was a hag. She helped kings rise to power, and when they fell, she went and helped another.

     And Kiosk was the Darkest Faerie. She was pure evil, seeking to destroy anything that got in her way.

     Now Idrasena knew. After exploring the world for three years, she knew what she had to do. She had to go ask them. They wouldn’t listen, she knew, but it was her last hope.

     She set out on the winding track that led from the Haunted Woods up to the very northern patch of dead trees. As she proceeded, the air grew colder. A dead silence fell over the track like a blanket of absolute stillness. The only sound in that dark place was the soft crunch, crunch of her footsteps on the dead leaves that decorated the path. It seemed to echo in the complete silence of the place. She came to a complete circle of trees. It was their lair.

     Idrasena was scared. No, she was terrified.

     “What do you want, Idrasena?”

     Idrasena looked around fearfully for the owner of the feminine voice, but there was no one there. No one at all.

     “I-I’ve come to ask you to lift the curse.”

     “Really, child, did you think we would do that?”

     Idrasena didn’t answer.

     “Well, I will reward you for your bravery of coming to us,” said a deeper voice. “You shall be able to change the curse into something less dreadful, at your choosing.”

     “But it must be approved by us. And you can’t lift the curse. You can now tell everyone and anyone about the curse. But you can’t tell about us. Be gone, child,” said another deep voice.

     Idrasena turned and ran.


     Idrasena was again in Her Majesty’s chamber.

     “So you see, I can change the curse now. And I-I want to be able to see the future. Like accidents. Because they wouldn’t approve if I could see good things.”

     “That is a good choice, Idrasena. But do they approve?”

     Idrasena heard something whisper in her ear. “Yes, you can have that curse.”

     She answered Fyora. “Yes, they do, lady. But lady...”

     “Yes, Idrasena?”

     “Can you-can you change me into someone else? Take away my memories? Let me start afresh, even though I’m still cursed?”

     “I can do that, little one, but are you sure you want this?”

     “Yes, lady. I do.”

     “Then it shall be done.”

     Idrasena disappeared. Her wish had been granted, for, in Maraqua, a young sea Aisha named Caylis, was born.

The End

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