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Paint Brush Polls: Tyrannian

by kallykat_03


Ugg ugga naka-bo wuggu doo-vah! Translation: It’s high time for another Paint Brush Polls!

With all the exciting changes that have been taking place around Neopia and especially the fashion industry, it’s important not to forget our roots, that’s why this season we’re going back... way back... to bring you Neopians’ favorite vintage looks of all time. Today we’re taking a look at those prehistoric prodigies who’ve revolutionized the world of fashion with their flaming hot throw-back styles. From shimmering scales to thick fur coats, Tyrannian pet fashion is known for its simple, practical expression of the bestial instinct within every pet. It reminds pets and owners of their primitive origins, and does it in a totally chic way too!7

With your help, 10 out of 36 Tyrannian fashions have been voted a cut above the rest. So if you’re looking for a change of attire this fall, searching for the most ferocious Halloween costume without all the frills, yearning to reconnect with the past, or simply trying to ease your Paint Brush Obsession, you might want to take a look below. Because even without trendy tees or awesome accessories, these masters of style are in no danger of extinction on the runway!

#10--Elephante (310 points)

At number ten in our countdown is the hefty Tyrannian Elephante sporting a gorgeous set of long pearly white tusks (quite possibly the longest and strongest of any Tyrannian pet). Tusks, along with spikes and horns, are a key element in prehistoric fashion. Not only are they a status symbol amongst pets of a particular species, but they come in handy in a friendly tussle or Battledome fight. Other interesting features of this pet include the jumbo white toenails (which, like everything else about him, are quite hardy), the shaggy fur-covering in a rich shade of brown to blend in with the barren plateau landscape, the thick tuft on his head--a much more appropriate replacement for the usual head-piece his species wears--and, finally, the undersized wings, fluffy tail, and friendly yellow eyes that keep him cute even in his immensity.

User Comment: “There’s just something cute about the fluffy fur and the little wings on the back that just make you want to hug it. I’d watch out for the tusks though.” --pencilbeaver

#9--Aisha (330 points)

A much smaller, yet no less furry, fashionista is the Tyrannian Aisha. Unlike the previous pet, his coat combines several shades of brown (starting with a rich golden one) and includes a delicate speckling across the body and cheeks--nice touch! The shaggy mane ringing the neck is a common feature for Tyrannian pets, even those species that don’t normally sport one; it gives the illusion of size and ferocity as well as serving to indicate a feral nature. The pointed teeth, sharp claws, and spiked tail are the finishing touches for this fabulous feline.

User Comment: “Tyrannian Aishas are FIERCE. Love the fur.” --karaokediva5

#8--Acara (340 points)

No heavy shag coat for the Tyrannian Acara, oh no! He’s chosen a much sleeker look that doesn’t detract from the full mane or get in the way of his fierce yellow and brown eyes. A little scar on his ear and various pieces of body weaponry give this pet an edge. The three sharp horns (two sturdy ones up top and a smaller nose horn) form a triangle that points the eye down to his thick black claws, a lovely addition to the yellow-brown color palette. The brown mottling on his tan skin creates unity from head to paw and adds a bit of excitement to the look.

User Comment: “Tyrannian Acaras pwn! I love the curiosity in the way they tilt their heads just so, and the way they hold themselves... The little horn on the tip of the nose totally tops the look off!” --neographix97

#7--Draik (350 points)

The red-eyed Tyrannian Draik is one of those pets that just makes an impression. He starts off with the usual brown color scheme but adds a light grey accent for the wings and belly to make the brown pop. His claws, as well as the horn on his nose, are two-tone and sleek, which gives him a slightly lighter feel than many pets of this color. However, he makes up for this with the huge spiked plate on his forehead which constitutes a sort of natural headdress. There are also numerous spikes running along his spine all the way to the tip of his spiked tail which emphasize his lengthy body. Overall, he’s one of the most upscale Tyrannian pets around.

User Comment: “I love this pet! Its shield-like head looks so realistic, as well as the brilliant claws!” --mattdavies360

#6--Cybunny (410 points)

Scraggliest of his species, the Tyrannian Cybunny spends hours every day perfecting the worn-in look of his fur coat from the bushy tail to the mottled mane--the more matted the better. His padded paws are rough from all the work he puts into them each day by hopping in circles on the dry soil of the plateau. But the attribute on which he prides himself the most (and spends most of his time grooming) is a pair of delicate fangs. They’re not the longest or the strongest, but they seem to keep his enemies in their place. At least all his hard work is finally paying off with a little recognition!

User Comment: “I mean, come on, it’s a saber-toothed bunny! What’s not to love?” --talei11

#5--Krawk (775 points)

Talk about taking it back, just look at this pet’s back! The stunning orange sail on the back of the Tyrannian Krawk is a unique feature worn by no other pet in Tyrannia (or the whole of Neopia, for that matter). One thing it does is allow this pet to look large and menacing while maintaining a lithe body that lets him maneuver quickly and skillfully in the Battledome or at home. As for aesthetics, the dark stripes on the sail tie the look together by continuing onto the body where they take on a dull golden shade. Typical Tyrannian accessories such as sharp teeth and claws are also utilized.

User Comment: “There’s something in the eyes that gives the impression of mischief. Or could it just be that it’s really, really hungry?” --wicked_summer

#4--Peophin (860 points)

Not all prehistoric pets have to look dangerous, as the pretty Tyrannian Peophin proves. The silver spikes on his tail are more for show than actual battling and create a balance with the silver stone facemask. The ears and fins are pointy and sleek, except for the tail fin which is jagged--the only rough thing about him. The belly is a dim peachy color that brings life to the grey-brown coat with its dark brown markings. But what really draws attention to this pet is his thick red mane with its glamorous shine, free-flowing waves, and dark, rich hue. And just look at that confident gleam in the eye. This is one classy and sassy redhead!

User Comments: “Wow! This is a really creative and cool style TNT came up with! It almost looks more elegant than a regular Peophin.” --toky_222

“The beautiful red mane says it all!” --lettersfromjellygal

#3--Uni (960 points)

Speaking of redheads, the next pet on our countdown has not only a “red head” but a red body as well. The Tyrannian Uni combines both red and white hair into a silky shag that’s all his own right down to the tousled goatee. The cloven hooves (great for Tyrannian terrain) and single horn are colored off-white so as not to create a distraction while the bright green eyes are a focal point. You might think that he would get hot under all that hair, but not this pet! On leathery wings he soars above the scorching ground with a cool breeze in his face and rushing through his coat. He’s the most stylish stallion in the skies!

User Comments: “That ‘old and wise’ look is so cool! Very unique!” --one99five

“I just love those giant luminescent green eyes.” --ilovetoread_247

#2--Lupe (1000 points)

The Tyrannian Lupe is a rough and tumble pet with a nose for fashion. Just one glance at his secure smile and stance and you know this pet feels ready to take on the world with his gorgeous curved tusks and large strong paws. His fur is a dark violet-grey with a light speckling but is hidden except for on his legs and face by a thick overcoat in a lighter shade with speckling as well. This outer layer is thickest around the face, which gives him the savage edge, particularly when it bristles up as his mood permits. The belly, underside of the tail, and insides of the ears at the tips are white and not quite as course as the rest of the overcoat. His typical runway walk is an energetic flounce with occasional pauses to strike a pose and give a devious yellow look from under his bushy eyebrows.

User Comments: “The bristling mane and curved tusks add a fabulously wild aura to the Tyrannian Lupe.” --ramsheadrange

“I have a thing for wolfy-type Neopets, and this guy radiates ‘alpha-Lupe’.” --c_i_before_e

“The devilish grin is what really draws attention to the Tyrannian Lupe. That and those tusks that give homage to the one and only Sabre-X.” --silenangel

#1--Kougra (1560 points)

With a much slinkier, but no less proud, runway strut comes users’ number one choice for Tyrannian fashion icon, the Tyrannian Kougra! This pet struts his stuff in a bright yellow coat which not many could pull off. His shiny black claws quite literally tear up the runway as he announces his presence with a plaintive growl. The belly, inner ears, padded paws, muzzle and area around the eyes are a paler yellow shade that doesn’t detract from the rest of the coat and illuminates his best features, including the slanted copper eyes, sensitive ears, and dangerous weaponry that make him a ferocious foe and skilled hunter. The strategically placed black stripes are jagged to add that Tyrannian touch and set off the yellow brilliantly. But what users admire most are his not-too-long, not-too-short pearly whites that complete the look and make him a very fashionable feline indeed.

User Comments: “The yellow and black are really striking.” --flower_girl__

“Looks classy and primitive at the same time, LOVE it.” --samanthais4me

“Its vibrant yellow sticks out greatly against the black stripes, the ragged fur makes it untamed, and the fangs are not something you want coming at you.” --fantastica107

“Now THAT’S a cat.” --arah_n

Boo-ugga nak-tan doo! Translation: That’s all, folks!

So grab your friends and head on over to the prehistoric land of Tyrannia (after prowling around Serbris’s petpage to find out how you can participate in the next Paint Brush Polls, of course). The food may be raw, the activities may be primitive, and the shopkeepers may be hard to understand, but the fashion is where it’s at. A mammoth thanks to all who sent in their votes and comments and have a fabulous fall!

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