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What Not to Eat Before a Big Night Out

by savannah812


I'd like to give a big thanks to the school pizza that inspired this article!

You’re about to go to the chocolate ball in your brand new gown (straight from the NC mall, naturally) and you're just grabbing a bite to eat before you leave for a night full of splendor; with dancing, and music and all kinds of fun. You pick up that warm and delicious piece of pizza and take a bite.

SPLAT! You look down, and there, on your gown, is a big splot of tomato sauce. What are you going to do? The ball starts shortly, and you can’t possibly wear that kind of food to the ball. There’s no time to get a new dress and change. Your evening is ruined!

So, what is the question to be asked? What not to eat before your big night out! Below is a list of the top 10 foods you should most probably avoid before that special night!

10. Dirt Pie: A squidgy slab of dirt complete with roots and all!

Hum... Who wants to eat dirt? While no one really knows who’d eat this pie, it’s a big no-no before the ball. Dirt is bound to get on your fancy attire, and you’ll look like you’ve just finished finding wormoebas in in the garden! A dirt pie is disgusting and messy, so keep a distance!

9. Strawberry Kau Cream Cake: Thick delicious strawberry flavored cream made from real Kau Kau farm milk!

A delicious treat for those Neopians who have a sweet tooth, this treat just may ruin your night. A big pile of cream on top is delectable, but dangerous. The reddish pink color could leave a terrible stain in any outfit! Leave this treat for after the event!

8. Lenny Strawberry Ice Cream: Made with only the ripest berries.

Yet another dangerous strawberry treat! Though everyone loves ice cream, this particular shape and color poses a terrible threat to any dressed up Neopian. Lenny ice creams have a Lenny-shaped form. The tip of the Lenny’s beak often drips the pink colored ice cream, leaving a stain. Maybe try a vanilla milkshake instead?

7. Sparkling Sroom Fruit Juice: A wonderful drink that sparkles and fizzes as you drink it, now served in a special year 9 glass.

As you can see, red is a very dangerous color. This particular drink could leave a horrid stain in only one drop of its fizzy goodness! Especially make sure it doesn’t fizz over, leaving a worse blotch of red on you. A better solution would just be water or any clear liquid. Using any kind of straw can lessen the threat also.

6. Pomegranate: Fun to eat, but even more fun to throw at people.

Our fourth and final red danger, this fruit seems innocent on the outside, but everyone knows about its deadly stain contained inside. The juicy seeds of these delicious fruits always make a stain even with the most care. They also take a very long time to eat. Try an apple, or even better, a banana instead. These fruits are quick to eat and not nearly as juicy.

5. Chilled Eyes with Clam Sauce: A startling treat for anyone, this clam shell is filled with eye balls and covered in a tasty clam sauce.

Although this avoided dish is served in a clam shell, the clam juice and the eyes come out of the shell, and will unfortunately roll onto your skirt. Not only does this leave a sticky residue, but who wants clam sauce or eye ball juice on them? Thankfully this shouldn’t be a problem, though, considering you shouldn’t be eating this in the first place.

4. Mini Egg Taco: These tiny little eggs are served on a bed of grass inside a crunchy earth taco shell.

All tacos can be very messy due to the risk that the food will pop out the end you’re not eating out of, and as can be seen in the picture of this food, eggs are very messy. When broken, who knows where that yolk will go! The earth taco shell can be easily broken too, leaving the eggs and everything else in the taco on you. Besides, who knows where those eggs are from! You can never be sure enough that you’re not eating a baby Pteri!

3. Cybunny Pancakes: Start off Cybunny Day right with these cute pancakes.

Pancakes are a wonderful way to start off the day, and why not eat cute little Cybunny ones? But, there is a danger: syrup. Sweet and delicious, syrup is one of the worst things to get on your outfit, being the sticky brown substance it is. Stickiness can get on your hands, making it hard to let go of anything.

2. Sauce Drenched Pizza: Left to soak in sauce overnight, this pizza has a very strong tomatoey taste!

Any kind of pizza can seems innocent, but can spit up on you when you least expect it, leaving that glob of tomato sauce on you. But what about a pizza with sauce everywhere? This is sure to leave many little red-orange spots on your evening wear. Try pizza with no sauce at all for pizza without the mess.

1. Sticky Glob Sticks: A favorite amongst young Kreludans, these are VERY messy to eat.

That pretty much says it all. These are brownish, sticky globs of mess, just waiting to ruin your evening. Trust me; little sticky blobs do not compliment any evening ensemble. No matter how much you want to eat this treats, they are the most sure way to make a mess.

So, now let’s recap. Here are the most important things to remember when choosing what to eat before that big event:

1. Avoid anything that’s runny, melted, etc.

2. Deep, dark colors are dangerous, especially red.

3. Sticky things are to be shunned as well.

Now that you know what not to eat, here are some things that make a safe snack:

1. Non-Juicy fruits

2. Raw vegetables

3. Non-crummy cereal

4. Clear liquids with straws

5. Crackers with easily wipe-able crumbs (in case they get on you)

6. There are tons more possibilities, so be creative!

Well, best wishes and don’t say I didn’t warn you when that special day comes and your clothes are ruined.

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