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A Guide to Poogle Racing

by ginelga


Let's admit it; at one point or another in our lives we've all been addicted to gambling. Whether it be playing those infamous Black Pawkeet Slots or an ever frustrating game of Round Table Poker, we’ve all done it. There’s something about the risk and the excitement which draws Neopians worldwide to such games, and Poogle Racing is just one of the few games which falls under this category. The excitement of seeing your chosen Poogle cross that finish line well ahead of the others, the sense of victory after retrieving your well earned neopoints... what’s to hate?

To do this famous game well, I decided to write a well constructed guide on the art of Poogle racing. Whether you are looking to bet a bundle of neopoints or are just looking for a fun night out, here’s a guide to fit all your needs. I will give you a thorough explanation of every Poogle in the race and a bit of expertly advice on who to pick. With this guide I’m hoping that the addictive game of Poogle Racing will attract more Neopians, and, of course, more winners!

Okay, let’s start with a brief explanation of the game. It’s quite simple and will only take a few minutes. First of all (for all you newcoming Poogle Racing fans), the Poogle Racing track can be found in the heart of Faerieland, always with a number of Neopians flailing their arms this way and that as they watch their favourite Poogle win, or, more commonly, lose. Just follow the groans and shouts of excitement and happiness, and you will find your way there. So, every fifteen minutes in Faerieland, a new race begins. This is a favourite of almost all Poogle Racing addicts. If you happen to lose quite a bit of Neopoints in one race, you can gain it back and perhaps double your amount in just fifteen minutes! The games begin at 0, 15, 30, and 45 minutes past every hour of the day in the Poogle Racing Stadium. If you prefer to watch the race, it is mandatory that you arrive at the stadium within the first five minutes of the race. Remember, if you happen to arrive late and miss the beginning of the race, play by play re-runs are shown which will show you the outcome of the race.

Alright, done and done! Let’s get to the good stuff, the stuff which will get you choosing your Poogles and perhaps even winning more neopoints than you ever imagined. Here are thorough explanations of all the Poogles in the race. I will outline each Poogle's negative and positive aspects, accompanied with my personal opinion on whether the Poogle is a good choice or a bad one.

Poogle Number One

Clad in Black, Poogle Number One is most often the favourite of Neopians. When a race begins and this Poogle walks onto the track, the Poogle Racing Stadium always erupts with cheers and excitement. This well-trained Poogle is known to be the fastest of the bunch, with exceeding odds. He can jump extraordinarily well over jumps and is known to beat out other Poogles by landslides. Although he does have his bad days, most count him as the best. He is no doubt a favourite of the bunch. Odds 3:1.

Poogle Number Two

Always wearing blue, Poogle Number Two is one confusing Neopet. As fast as - if not faster than Poogle Number One - this cheery chump has one fault. He is easily distracted, and therefore during races his attention is easily drawn to other things, which causes him to slow down and often lose the race. Though he does have his good games and proves to be the best of the bunch when not distracted, I would not recommend this rather hyper Poogle. If you're a risk taker and are looking for a suspenseful and action filled race, choose Poogle Two. Whether you win or lose, it's always fun watching him speed through the stadium. Odds 4:1.

Poogle Number Three

Poogle Three is known as a fast Poogle, but come time to get over the jumps, he fails miserably. Ordinarily he can keep pace with Poogle One and Two, but it is typically the jumps which fail him. Usually I wouldn't suggest you bet on Poogle Three, but it is known that he puts forth great amounts of strength and confidence when a decent amount of Neopians bet for him. I suggest you bet for him once in a while; perhaps if enough people do so, he can win! If you're looking for some fun and aren't betting too many neopoints, I also suggest you bet on this clumsy Poogle, as it is always fun to watch him barge through the stadiums and try miserably to get over jumps. You can find him on the track with his navy blue racing uniform hanging off of him, usually torn in pieces after races. His clumsiness is one of his faults, and so makes him lose many races. It's pretty cute, actually! Odds 5:1.

Poogle Number Four

Ohh, Poogle Number Four. Always wearing green, this Poogle is one of the most famous racers in all of Neopia. Many older Neopians have fine memories of this once marvellous and lightning quick Poogle. Once the best racer in all of Neopia, Poogle Four has aged in years, and his once famous talent and speed has been turned into an infamous slowness and laziness on the track. It's a true shame, but he has much to be proud of. Still to this day, Neopians bet on him to commemorate his career, and I must say he deserves it. Otherwise, I suggest that you keep all your neopoints away from even the thought of this Poogle. I guarantee you that you will regret it if you decide to bet on this elderly Neopet. Odds 7:1.

Poogle Number Five

Compare Poogle Five to Poogle One and you will observe such drastic differences that your head will spin. The chubbiest of the bunch, this Poogle can hardly fit in his dark blue racing uniform. When not racing, he doesn't care much for exercising, and it shows drastically in his performance on the track. I could not stress enough that you do NOT bet on this Neopet, unless you are willing to lose copious amounts of neopoints. Odds 9:1.

So there you have it. Hopefully by reading this guide you will have a thorough representation of each Neopet available to bet on. Choosing which Neopet to bet on can be a hard decision, especially when money comes into the picture, but with the help of this guide I will hopefully make that decision much easier for you. In my opinion, Poogles One through Three each show copious amounts of skill, and are quite hard to choose from. The outcome of each race really depends on what kind of day each Poogle is having, and sometimes it just takes mere luck to win.

So, what are you waiting for! Get over to the Poogle Racing Stadium and bet on your favourite Poogle! With this guide, you should be an expert on Poogle Races, and hopefully it will show in the outcome of each game.

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