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Year 9's Top Trends for Halloween Costumes

by evie_firebolt


Planning to go to one of the year’s biggest Halloween parties? If you thought you’d rummage in the attic for your mouldy costumes, think again! This major fashion faux-pas is a thing of the past. You’ll want to know what to wear: what styles are in, what colours to choose and who to dress up as. From colours to fabrics, we’ll show you what’s hot and what’s not. Leading the pack is the #1 trend for Halloween:

1. Super Heroes: Their Much-Needed Comeback

This is the year for Neopia’s Super Heroes, making an agile comeback from their brief stupor. Last year’s villain blowout reminded our favourite super heroes that justice is served best when it’s fierce. No longer content waiting for Neopian citizens to come to them, the Defenders of Neopia are taking assertive action. From hosting their very own Halloween Haunt at Headquarters to slamming nefarious villains where they belong, Judge Hog and the rest of his team are back, bigger and bolder than ever before. With a swish of their mighty capes and a stomp of their leather boots, these heroes mean business. What better way to emulate their power and thirst for justice than dressing up as your favourite superhero?

Heroic Colours: Royal Cerulean, Scarlet & Fierce Yellow

The days of clunky, heavy armour are long gone. Meridell’s finest heroes are legendary, but dressing up as Jeran and Lisha are ancient history, though they may be resurrected next year. Until then, the Defenders of Neopia take center stage, headed by prominent leader and spokesperson Judge Hog. It is only a testament to their efforts that the other Defenders are rarely seen, but consequentially, rarely thanked for their dedication. Silky capes in cerulean blue, scarlet or fierce yellow are this year’s biggest hits—think bright and strong enough to thwart evil. If your Neopet is shying away from slipping into those tight tights, fear not. Mass-produced body suits are quick and easy to step in and out of and give you the impression of being muscle-bound without the hours spent at the gym. With the bright and bold colours of your suits, mischievous villains will stay far, far away.

2. Faerie Frivolity: The Unsung Heroes

This year’s costumes pay homage to the infamous Faeries that don’t reside in their motherland. Psellia, Illusen, Jhuidah, and the Soup Faerie. Let’s not forget that these unsung heroes often retreat into their respective coves and slave away throughout the year to make Neopia a better place. Since Year 9 is all about our Super Heroes and paying tribute to those important historical figures we hardly see, it’s only natural we look to these Faeries for inspiration.

Faerie Colours: Vivid Pink, Grassy Green & Aqua Blue

These four Faeries each have their own unique styles that require a keen eye for detail. Psellia’s airy grace and beauty can be emulated through gauzy chiffon fabrics and sheer faerie wings. A difficult balance to strike between elegance and power, Psellia’s strapless gown is of a delicate aqua blue colour; her wings and scarf a similar hue, rumoured to be a mélange of pure clouds. Illusen’s asymmetrical, earth-bound frock is far more accessible, woven from her Glade’s natural leaves, acquiring the fresh grassy-green glow of Meridell’s nature, while her wide-buckled belt is typically bound from oak wood. Your own attachable Earth Faerie Wings add just the touch of authenticity needed to emulate everyone’s favourite Earth Faerie. Not to be outdone, Jhuidah’s costume is deceptively simple—a pair of coconut shell-halves, a grass skirt and voila. Not quite so. Her vivid pink wings complete her look and are a definite must-have for any Jhuidah fan. The Soup Faerie’s humble outfit is achievable by slipping on your favourite pink Fyora shirt, a pair of blue overalls, an aqua-blue apron, and a scarlet & white polka-dot bandana. Don’t forget her fierce yellow faerie wings!

3. Venomous Villains: It’s Good to Be Bad

While this might be the year of the Superheroes, we know you just can’t resist putting on those fangs and flitting into the moonlight like Count Von Roo. That’s why dressing up as Neopia’s Venomous Villains still reigns at #3. The major difference in this year’s trend is to look good while being bad. Dr. Sloth? So over. This year is all about the good Faeries gone bad, those malicious Dark Faeries lurking in the shadows, just waiting for their comeuppance. And their self-declared Queen? None other than Jhudora.

Sinister Colours: Malicious Mauve, Toxic Green & Poisonous Purple

Matching their heroic counterparts, Neopia’s Darkest Faeries know that malicious mauve, toxic green and poisonous purple are just the colours to exude a little bit of evil everywhere they go. Complimentary on most Paintbrush colours, the Neopets choosing to go sinister may have a wild streak. Take a leaf from Jhudora’s book, painting your claws or talons in the same complimentary hues. Rich velvet and damask silk, torn in just the right places will give you the regal air to rule your own citadel. Stay away from slime-green shades, lilac and lavender. You don’t want to be mistaken for Meuka or Queen Fyora.

4. Confectionary: Chocolates Galore & a Dollop of Whipped Cream

Neopia’s obsession with chocolate has reached an all-time high. Yes, this year’s Chocolate Ball announced the highest gross profit margins since the Chocolate Factory’s opening, and with newer confectionary stores like Kiko Lake Treats available, it’s no wonder we’re satisfying our sweet tooth with more and more. Why not declare your love for chocolate by dressing up as one for Halloween? That’s right. Neopia’s crème de la crème are gearing up for their fine festivities and have already ordered custom-made gowns and tuxes in the delectable rich hues of dark chocolate. Topped off with a classy, cream-coloured top hat or wide-brimmed hat embellished with a strand of cherries, this look boasts perfection. Spun from real confectionary or faux fabric, this trend will have you sailing through the neighbourhood with bags of candy cornucopia.

5. Shiver me Timbers: Pirates Rule the Seas

In the final trend of this Halloween season, those swashbuckling pirates of Krawk Island are classic favourites. From Cap’n Threelegs to the willowy Fontaine Sisters, pirates rule the open seas. If you’re planning to attend Cap’n Threelegs’ Halloween Haul, take note on what to wear. You don’t want to be caught in last year’s tattered tunic.

Piratey Colours: Grey is the New Black

If street fashion is any indication, grey is the new black. Faded, ripped, torn and disheveled, Krawk Island’s pirates know how to get the best mileage out of their clothes. However, you don’t want to be thrown out of the Golden Dubloon for indecent exposure. Wide-buckled belts will keep those pants in place and leather Wellington boots are part of the package. Tying the look together is a simple white tunic; the Sinister Neovian Shirt will do, though you will want to purchase one from a vintage store or create your own disheveled look with rips and stains. Eyepatches are no longer mandatory and should only be worn if you really are missing an eye—as always, pirate hats complete your look. Look out for trousers, hats and boots in grey shades, and you’ll fit right in this Hallow’s Eve.

That’s it for Year 9’s Top Trends for Halloween Costumes, I hope you’ll be on your way to choosing the perfect costume for your Halloween bash. Just remember, whenever in doubt, stay classic. You don’t want to risk arrest from the fashion police.

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