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Your Guide To Year 9's Spookiest Halloween Bashes

by evie_firebolt


If you are reading this article, you or your Neopets are thinking of attending the darkest Neopians’ biggest gala—Hallow’s Eve. Deciding which Halloween party to attend is no simple feat. There are many things to consider: where to go, who to go with and what to wear. But what about the more conspicuous events? We’re here to show you the good, the bad, and the ugly—the parties to hit and the parties to miss. If you’re lucky enough to receive exclusive invitations to any of Neopia’s biggest Halloween bashes, still waiting on your empty mailbox or are planning to sneak into any of them, this is the guide for you! Plus, tips and tricks to score that elusive invite! Let’s get started.

Hit : Jhudora’s Annual Masquerade Ball

Where: Jhudora’s Cloud, Faerieland

When: Hallow’s Eve, begins at 10 pm and continues through the night.

Dress: Regal, Sinister-Chic

Attendance: -Invitations Only- (OR ELSE)

Jhudora’s Annual Masquerade Ball is a veritable who’s who event for the most evil denizens of Neopia—no one invited has ever passed up their invitation... no one alive that is. This swanky soiree, hosted by the self-declared ‘Queen’ of the Dark Faeries, is held atop her hazy cloud, draped in damask and malicious-mauve velvet furniture from Jhudora’s own collection. Dark Faerie Sofas and Rugs are precariously perched in dark corners, lit sinisterly by toxic-green and poison-purple light cast from Jhudora Lamps. The ‘Queen’ herself sits atop her custom-made Throne, surveying all her guests with her Evil Eye and ensuring that her Dark Faerie sisters slave away on numerous Jhudora Cookers. The upside? The most heavenly (or should I say hellishly?) Dark Faerie Sundaes, fresh-baked Jhudora Cupcakes, Toffee Rolls and Wraps, all tinted in Jhudora’s favourite colours. If you’ve managed to please this Dark Faerie in the past, whether it be running her errands or defeating the Light Faerie, you’ve earned yourself a ticket into this ball. Still not invited? Rumour has it that Jhudora’s lost her Petpet... finding this little critter will definitely put you in her good books, plus get you past the velvet rope. The trouble is, you’ll never know who you’re talking to since ornate masks are a definite must-have. Nevertheless, look out; you never know who’s lurking behind that mask.

Miss: Dr. Sloth’s Grundo Gabfest

Where: Virtupets Space Station

When: Hallow’s Eve, begins at 6 pm and ends at world domination—err, 12 am.

Dress: Futuristic Chic

Attendance: -Limited to Grundos-

Mysterious invitations have appeared all over Neopia, addressed exclusively to Grundos everywhere. “Dr. Sloth’s Grundo Gabfest”, written in a childish scrawl atop each invitation, is rumoured to be the nefarious villain’s comeback, though his intentions are questionable. Some say he meditated in the Eastern caves of Shenkuu and achieved inner enlightenment; others think he’s up to his old tactics. Unsure of what to expect? Hot Chocolate Bath Tubs, marshmallows and S’mores are unlikely. Think more along the lines of Evil Robots, Killer Clones and other weapons of mass destruction. Until he’s declared his mea culpa and saves Neopia from destruction, your safest bet is to destroy your invitation (you never know what kind of tracking chip he’s put on those things) and hide.

Hit: The Chocolate Factory’s Hallow’s Eve Gala

Where: The Chocolate Factory, Neopia Central

When: Hallow’s Eve, begins at 8 pm and ends at 12 am.

Dress: Costume Ball—the more delicious, the better.

Attendance: -Chocolate Connoisseurs-

Neopia Central’s very own Chocolate Factory is hosting what may be the biggest Hallow’s Eve Soiree of the year. Formal invitations are circulating Neopia this very minute: gold-embossed chocolate that the Kiko Master himself baked to perfection. These elusive golden tickets are so rare that even the most eligible chocolate connoisseurs are vying to get their hands on one. How then, you ask, could your Neopet find one at the palm of their paws? By sampling all of Neopia’s finest chocolates, a feat that, sadly, a few mere weeks cannot afford. My eyes and ears have informed me that a golden ticket was glimpsed at the Neopian Auction, bidding upwards of 1 million NP. But do not despair. The Kiko Master has snuck 9 gold-embossed invitations into various chocolate wrappers... 9 chances at attending the gala of the year. Trust me, the sight of bubbling chocolate fountains, enormous pumpkins coated in rich dark chocolate and all the indulgent goodies you can imagine is well worth the wait for the sweet-toothed. Oh, and don’t forget to whip up your own Chocolate Factory-inspired costumes, whether it be dressing up as a Milk Chocolate Aisha or a Bag of Humbugs. How sinfully delicious.

Miss: Edna’s Witchin’ Hour

Where: Edna’s Tower, Haunted Woods

When: Hallow’s Eve, begins at 12 am and ends sometime before dawn.

Dress: Tattered robes, pointed hats & broomsticks (Free Parking available)

Attendance: -Neopia’s Witches & Warlocks, R.S.V.P.-

The Haunted Woods’ infamous witch was spotted brewing cauldron after cauldron of mysterious potions. With her unique cuisine, often reported to contain what were once live Neopets, it is highly suggested that you eat a full meal before visiting Edna. Innocent Blumaroos have bounced innocently into her Tower, only to be sent out into the market the next day as slabs of steak. Other odd creations include Meerca Pie, Snorkle Pudding and Pickled Eyeballs. If this is your cup of tea, R.S.V.P. to Edna immediately, so she can cook up extra batches of Eye Candy. Err, yum. Activities are unknown, but most likely involve cackling, spell-casting, broom-flying and potion-brewing. Invitations are strictly limited to witches and warlocks in Edna’s circle, but if you show up with a broom at hand, you may just be able to slip through the door.

Hit: Cap’n Threelegs’ Halloween Haul

Where: The Golden Dubloon, Krawk Island

When: Hallow’s Eve, begins at 7 pm and ends when the last pirate leaves.

Dress: Arr, yer Piratey Best!

Attendance: -All Invited-

The beloved Master of Krawk Island’s Swashbuckling Academy is hosting his very own Halloween bash, where else but at the Golden Dubloon. Wannabe pirates across Neopia can journey through the seven seas and enjoy the merry festivities of Halloween with a tankard of grog and a platter of Shiver Me Shrimp. Short on Dubloons? Not to worry. On this very night, your meal is gratis, thanks to the generous Cap’n Threelegs, who’s footing the entire bill. The Fontaine Sisters are hard at work preparing a special menu, though all your favourite classics, including Barnacle Bill’s Belt-Busting Burger and Cap’N Threelegs’ Cutlass Crusade are still available. With great food, great entertainment and great service, Cap’n Threelegs’ Halloween Haul is the place to be for any piratey Neopian. Bring yer friends and yer appetites!

Miss: The Brain Tree’s Monster Bash

Where: Brain Tree, Haunted Woods

When: Hallow’s Eve, all night.

Dress: Tattered & Gory. Shabby Chic.

Attendance: -All Invited-

If you’re daring enough to visit the Brain Tree on Halloween, you may find yourself the proud owner of an Official Brain Tree Plushie, Muffin or assorted weapons. As always, the Brain Tree does not give away for free. You’ll have to solve a riddle, and maybe even pay a visit to the Esophagor. Where is the bash, you ask? With all the monsters lurking about, you’ll be lucky NOT to be bashed. If you start feeling peckish, the Deserted Fairgrounds offer a variety of questionable Spooky foods, but don’t eat too close to the Brain Tree. He’s known to lash out and slam his branches on passers-by, and with all the monsters around, you may just wake up to find yourself a Werelupe.

Hit: Defenders of Neopia Halloween Haunt

Where: Defenders of Neopia HQ, Neopia Central

When: Hallow’s Eve, begins at 4 pm and ends at 12 am.

Dress: Suit up as your favourite Neopian Super Heroes!

Attendance: -All well-behaved citizens of Neopia-

If you thought all the biggest parties are in the Haunted Woods, think again. The Defenders of Neopia are inviting all well-behaved citizens to their Halloween Haunt. But don’t let the name fool you. Hosted by Judge Hog, the D.O.N. are asking for your help to patrol (or haunt) the streets of Neopia to ensure our safety and wellbeing. While keeping an eye out for pesky trouble-makers are a top priority, this fun party is an excellent opportunity for you to meet and greet Neopia’s greatest superheroes. As for refreshments, you can bet on hearty Hero Gyros and other filling Altadorian delights. Oh, and don’t forget to suit up as your favourite Neopian Super Heroes. The Defenders of Neopia favour the well-behaved.

Miss: Pant Devil’s Pants Party

Where: All across Neopia

When: Throughout Halloween, beware!

Dress: Optional

Attendance: -Innocent Victims-

It’s not so much a party for you as it is a party for the Pant Devil. Like never before, the Pant Devil intends to stake out key locations all over Neopia to strike out unassuming Neopians, stealing valuable possessions and/or their pants. He’s rumoured to have teamed up with the Tax Beast for even greater loot, so watch out! Constant vigilance will keep you safe, and the Neopian Bank and Safety Deposit Box are both open 24/7. Purchases of coveted paint brushes and other pricey merchandise should hold off till this tricky duo return to their regular schemes.

Hit: Kalyssa Kelp’s Hallow’s Eve Soiree

Where: Kelp Restaurant, New Maraqua

When: Hallow’s Eve, 7 pm – 11 pm

Dress: Formal-attire. Costumes optional, but must be elegant and tasteful.

Attendance: -Invitations Only-

It’s hard to say which restaurant will be earning top marks at this year’s Hallow’s Eve festivities. Both the Gourmet Club and Kelp are vying for the title of Neopia’s premiere cuisine, and these contenders are pulling out all the stops. New Maraqua’s swanky Kelp Restaurant is famous for its reservation-only policy, a list which often requires booking MONTHS beforehand. Unfortunately, attendance to heiress Kalyssa Kelp’s soiree is, once again, by invitation only. While knowing Kalyssa Kelp firsthand does help, Scorchio Manager Humphrey Toddings also sought out the restaurant’s most loyal customers and issued special invitations by mail. Head Chef Fred Coral purportedly planned his unique dishes months ahead in preparation of this elegant soiree, and a one-of-a-kind, never-to-be-seen-again a la carte menu is already finding its way on Kelp’s five-star tables. The Neopian Philharmonic is already booked to provide live entertainment, and the festivities you’ll find will be on your plate. If you should find yourself holding an aqua-blue envelope bearing the letters ‘Kelp’, make a quick trip to the bank and buy yourself some new threads. You’ll need it.

Hit: The Gourmet Club’s Ghoulish Banquet

Where: The Gourmet Club, Neopia Central

When: Hallow’s Eve, begins at 9 pm and ends at 12 am.

Dress: Formal-wear, Costumes Optional.

Attendance: -Gourmet Club Members only-

Hosting parties at Neopia Central certainly seems to be all the rage this year. Hosting their annual banquet since their opening, the Gourmet Club knows that tried and true wins the race. However, with stiff competition from Kelp Restaurant, The Gourmet Club is stepping up its game. With a red carpet entrance and a selectively chosen menu, the kitchen staff are wary of prior mishaps, including serving questionable dishes such as Intestines and Marinara (still considered a delicacy at the club) and Hostile Quiches. Importing dishes from the far ends of Shenkuu and Kreludor, the Gourmet Club may well serve a sumptuous seven-course meal to their members’ liking. With live entertainment from the Jazzmosis Band, a rousing game of Gourmet Club Bowls and other planned activities, The Gourmet Club will be decked in all its finest this Hallow’s Eve.

Wherever you choose to wander this Halloween, be sure to keep your eye out for lurking villains and enjoy your bags of goodies. I’ll be hitting all of Neopia’s biggest bashes and giving you the lowdown on the best of the best and each party’s surprise guests, highlights and swagbags. Until then, enjoy your Halloween!

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