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My Top Ten Spooky Food Picks!

by pokemon12345566


‘Ello, fellow Neopians. Pokemon12345566 here. Oh how I do love spooky food! The greatest and yet strange combinations of food… What do you mean it is gross? I mean, the spooky shake isn’t that bad, is it?!? Ah well, moving on…

This article will tell you what food is the best of all I’ve ever tasted in my life! Where to buy them you say? Well, they are located in the Haunted Woods, inside the Deserted Fairground. The spooky food cart is easy to find. ;)

Now, all of you Neopians-who-are-going-to-go-to-another-article-to-read-about-something-else, what I’m saying is that not all spooky food is made out of eyeballs or slime or… anything else that I’m not going to say! They are all just regular food looking gross-like!

Back to the topic of sharing, these are my 10 picks of all the spooky foods I’ve ever tasted:

10) Devilish Cake

This shall satisfy your sweet tooth. Over heavy with icing leaves you flapping and begging for water. Spongy and creamy, this can substitute any chocolate treat. Unfortunately there may be a 50% chance of you rushing into the bathroom and staying in there doing… your… stuff… I’ve said too much! Next…

9) Bat Cookie

Leathery and a cookie. This is better than an ordinary biscuit but leaves you chewing for about 15 minutes. This can be a good use when you ran out of chewing gum! The orange stuff is the… flavouring! Yummy orange flavour cookie could give you some vitamins!

8) Chokato Ghostkersandwich

Your regular Chokato jam sandwiched between two slices of bread, shaped like a ghostkerchief and with mint leaves! Very tasty, with the tomato and chocolate flavour going well. To finish, eat the mint leaf. There is a downfall though to this sandwich. First, it will stick between your teeth and you will have a visit from the tooth faerie. And second: you will hear wailing in your nightmares after you finish. I’ve still haven’t figured it out yet. But I say it is rare to see a spooky food topped with a mint leaf…

7) Eliv Thade Sludge Shake

Repeat after me: The green stuff is just from the spinach smoothie. A cup shaped like Eliv Thade’s sleeve, how cute… I mean, cool! The mixture of spinach smoothie and a few bits of corn in it! Satisfyingly, the smoothie shopkeeper is responsible for this. Mistaking corn for lime (he was half asleep to do this, restocking!), he didn't mash the bits of corn well and so, it is not teeth but corn. The downfall? You will start to talk in anagrams. It will last 24 hours, so stop worrying! I did it, made my friends insane. You should try it! Oh and the straw… it is just a straw that is made like that.

6) Halloween Candy Cane

Description: Fresh pumpkin, Cobrall venom and a dash of chocolate go into this candy cane.

o_0 No Cobralls were hurt while making this… Who doesn’t like candy canes? It is just pumpkin and chocolate. Excellent choice for Halloween candies. Oh, about the Cobrall venom, it is just in code. Here is the translation: Cobrall venom = We accidentally added some spices to it so have a cup of water with you. There, proof in your face. It is not poisonous, just a little spicy.

5) Pink Spooky Popcorn

It is just regular popcorn, folks. Just some pink food colouring. Spooky you say? It’s pink! PINK I TELL YOU PINK!! ZE COLOUR OF EVIL!!11!!shiftone!! *cough* It is bright pink and may give you an eye injury. Just wear sunglasses while eating this. What flavour? You’ve got to be kidding me. It is not poisoned or anything. It just tastes like REGULAR popcorn. Just a hint of cotton candy, though…

4) Pumpkin Pie

Description: Legends say that they used to make these pies out of something other than pumpkin in the past....

Other than pumpkin is correct 100%. Wheat, flour and other stuff used for pie pastry. Jeez, you guys crack me up; as I said, spooky food is just REGULAR food. The red stuff is just ketchup. Badly spread ketchup, that’s why the marking is like that. Ketchup, pastry ingredients, an ordinary pumpkin, period.

3) Spooky Shake

Ah yes, the milkshake of all. I’ve mentioned this one a while ago, did I? Back to the topic: It is just a pumpkin milkshake. Very tasty, foamy and creamy. If you look closely, you can see a small pumpkin resting on the foam. “How cute!” you might say. It is very cute, gives the shake the ‘feeling of pumpkins’… if you understand what I meant. Just be careful when handling with the cup. It should be number 7 but the cup is… really awesome! I’d love the maker’s autograph! It is made out of pumpkin and… WHAT?!? ‘Swirly stuff’ -_- That ‘swirly stuff’ in the description is talking about the liquorice flavouring or, liquorice black ‘swirly stuff’ in the shake. Strange but tasty combination that will quench anyone’s thirst.

2) Spoooky Muffin

Yummy, pumpkin goodness again. Pumpkin muffin is the best dessert ever in my life! Once I sank my teeth in it, pumpkin and plain muffin flavour swirled in my mouth. It was delicious. I was semi-hooked (this is not the #1 on the list you know) to it. Eating this 3 times a week. This is addicting but any muffin fan will adore it. Oh, and by the way, take off the wrapper before you eat it. It makes it much yummier. ;)

Now, we’ve reached the final and most delicious spooky food I’ve ever eaten in my whole life time. Put your hands together for, the yummiest, spookiest *cough* food I’ve ever eaten! Last but not least:

1) Magic Ghost Marshmallows

Everyone loves marshmallows… right? They smile, they shine, they… make good smores! These fellows are soft on the outside, gooey on the inside. Satisfying anyone who is addicted to stuff like this. Plus, they look so darn adorable… I mean, frightening! I mean, look at their eyes, pure innocence! Just like meepits! They will take over NEOPIA!! *coughcough* Sorry, let me rephrase that, regular marshmallows. They are marshmallows shaped as ghosts. Once I was introduced to these things, I thought they tasted horrible until my tongue had contact with one. Sweetness of marshmallowness went tingling to my brain and throughout my body. I was thoroughly addicted to them. Eating them after every dinner and (probably) making my super-gooey-spooky-smores. And magic? Ho ho, they don’t do anything! Honesty! *shift eyes*

There! *whew* I’ve hope I’ve cleared this up to you! Spooky foods are foods, not random combinations of things that Edna randomly conjuncts in her pot. There are many, many more spooky foods for you to enjoy and eat for snacks, desserts or at tea times! Now be a fellow and pass me a ghost marshmallow. *wink* I hope you enjoyed it! Neomail me if you can!

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