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Paint Brushes: Neopia's Top 10

by shaddykins


Paint Brushes. Some of Neopia’s most sought after items. Everyone has one favorite pet colour or another, but has anyone stopped a moment to appreciate the Paint Brushes themselves? Sure they can make your pet look pretty and impressive, but these delicate items themselves are a work of art.

I embarked on a quest to seek out which of these Paint Brushes the general public found the most appealing as an item and what they liked most about each of their choices. Below is an accumulated top 10 ranked list based on my notes and observations from the Neoboards.

Top 10 Paint Brushes:

#10 Maraquan Paint Brush

This deep sea Paint Brush almost looks like one of the seashells sold at the Collectable Sea Shells shop in Maraqua. It is more a work of art than an object to be used upon a pet. Highly coveted by Neopians, it has a very high price and gives the added bonus of allowing your Neopet to take to water like a fish.

Popular Maraquan Pets: Gelert, Grarrl, Shoyru, Cybunny and Uni.

#9 Lost Desert Paint Brush

This Paint Brush is lost no more, and it’s just as well. Branded with the hieroglyphs of the ancient Lost Desert upon its handle that no average Neopian can decipher, this Paint Brush earns its place justly due to its simple yet elegant design.

Popular Desert Pets: Krawk, Hissi, Scorchio, Meerca and Ruki.

#8 Mystery Island Paint Brush

A day at the beach will never be the same after your pet gets hold of this Paint Brush. Decorated with the floral heritage of the isles and tribal markings on its handle, the Mystery Island Brush is a beauty to gaze upon.

Popular Island Pets: Krawk, Uni, Hissi, Kacheek and Lutari.

#7 Usuki Paint Brush

Are you sure you want to take this mint condition Paint Brush out of its box to paint your pet? The Usuki Paint Brush earns its placing for being the most unique of all the Paint Brushes. Its only disadvantage is its limited compatible species, the Usul and Quiggle becoming a Usuki and Quiguki respectively. USUKI!!

Popular Usuki Pets: Usul and Quiggle.

#6 Plushie Paint Brush

It’s squishable and huggable and as an added bonus it can make your pet the same colour as its favorite toy! Just be alert not to pull out the careful stitches. This Paint Brush took a slight popularity hit when customization came into play.

Popular Plushie Pets: Gelert, Shoyru, Zafara, Bori and Kougra

#5 Darigan Paint Brush

A Paint Brush can’t be evil... can it? This Paint Brush features the traditional Purple and Black colours of Darigan himself and has a large clasp encasing a purple orb on its end. This wicked Paint Brush also sports a pair of leathered wings on its handle, so it's best keep a tight hold on this devious Paint Brush.

Popular Darigan Pets: Draik, Peophin, Bori, Hissi and Ixi.

#4 Pirate Paint Brush

Yarr, here be the Pirate Paint Brush in fourth place. This Paint Brush features a wicked hook for a handle (so do be careful when handling one) and a distinctive red and white colouring. This Paint Brush has a very high price tag, enough to make any pirate want to stash it away with the rest of their plunder. After all, Pirates pwn Ninjas... don’t they?

Popular Pirate Pets: Krawk, Lupe, Eyrie, Xweetok and Poogle.

#3 Royal Paint Brush

With the elegance only a member of royalty possesses, the only thing anyone could complain about is how it only managed to only come into the list at third. Adorned with gold and a purple hue, this Paint Brush was placed carefully upon a red cushion with care by Fyora herself. Many Neopians save their neopoints for the day they can scale the Hidden Tower for this treasure.

Popular Royal Pets: Krawk, Kyrii, Zafara, Flotsam and Peophin.

#2 Baby Paint Brush

Between all the cooing and baby talk, the Baby Paint Brush comes in a snug second most popular placing. Many voters stated that the colours of the Paint Brush were very cute and the ribbon bowtie was an adorable touch. This Paint Brush comes in at a nice stable price due to its Hidden Tower status and earns its place well.

Popular Baby Pets: Lupe, Kougra, Gelert, Ogrin and Cybunny.

#1 Faerie Paint Brush

This high flying Paint Brush soars into first place with flair! After all, it’s the only Paint Brush that grants all pets the ability to fly! Its handle is adorned with tiny wings; keep a tight grip on it or else it's likely to flitter away. This Paint Brush is classed as retired, so if you get one you are very lucky!

Popular Faerie Pets: Xweetok, Bori, Lenny, Pteri and Draik.

Alas not all Paint Brushes are revered by the general Neopian. Below are the bottom five ranked Paint Brushes. Keep in mind this is an accumulated result, not necessarily my own opinion or yours.

Lowest 5 Paint Brushes:

#5 Speckled Paint Brush

Too similar to spotted? A lot of Neopians believe so. It may look pretty but it tends to portray a diseased look, especially being a rather interesting shade of green...

#4 Glowing Paint Brush

Why do some pets glow? Most say it’s a result of a life long diet on Glowing Jelly; others tend to believe it’s a result of this Paint Brush. The eerie green glow of this Paint Brush gives off a radioactive feel, and its basic look puts this Paint Brush in the least favored heap.

#3 Purple Paint Brush

This Paint Brush both has a lot of history behind it, and for that same reason is disliked by many. This Paint Brush tends to leave obvious orange spots behind and although it is a sign of peace between the Orange and Purple Grundo of Kreludor, many feel purple should be a single solid colour.

#2 Invisible Paint Brush

Voted second worst overall due to being misplaced often and lost. Many do not see the point of it. (Ok, lame joke. Feel free to bombard me with rotten fruits.)

#1 Stone Paint Brush and Glass Paint Brush

Voted in as equal last, stone and glass take home the wooden spoon. Of all available Paint Brushes, stone and glass are the only ones that also have the retired colour status. This means the Paint Brushes cannot be used to paint pets anymore. It is due to this nature many Neopians question why it is still active as a prize from chance games. If it’s a small compromise to anyone who has won either, it does make a pretty gallery addition.

Many thanks to all who aided me in accumulating data; without you, this article was not possible!

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