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The Glass Prison

by vaargon


The yellow Lutari looked through the steel bars that made it impossible to enter through the window, whether the glass he had cut out was there or not. It was a dead end to any average vagabond or robber, but to this Lutari, it was simply another obstacle, quite similar to the three Faerie guards that lay sprawled out on the ground to the left of him. He had felled them with simple yet effective poison darts. They would wake up hours later from their deep sleep, and the only effects that would appear would be the splitting headache they would suffer soon after. Focusing his attention back to the bars, he reached into his black backpack; his so called ‘base of operations,’ and produced a menacing gun-like object. It was a gun, but the projectiles that would shoot forth when the trigger was pulled were not hard or lethal, but liquid and extremely corrosive. He aimed the nozzle of the gun towards the pink steel bars, and squeezed the trigger. A torrent of glowing green water erupted from the gun and covered the bars. Immediately a quiet hissing noise was produced and the bars began to dissolve and weaken, unable to withstand the power of the acid.

     “Easy-peasy.” The Lutari reached out and gripped the bars. “Lemon-squeezy.” Without any effort at all, the Lutari was able to pull the bars from their concrete fixing. The bars landed on the floor with a clink, and as quiet as a Psimouse, the Lutari entered the Hidden Tower.

     He lowered himself down into the building, and proceeded to remove the goggles off his head. Those goggles that were in his possession were one of a kind. No one else, as far as Krawnor knew, had in their possession goggles which allowed them to see the Hidden Tower. Once again he focused back on the task at hand - robbing the Faeries of a item so powerful that it would allow him to become the single most powerful Neopet on all of Neopia. He began to creep up the stairs towards the item he had come for, enveloping shadows keeping him out of sight. He did not fear the Faeries that patrolled the tower, or the powers they possessed. With the inscriptions engraved into his necklace and bracelets, he no longer feared the faeries’ wrath; no, he was in control now.

     He had reached the top of the stairs and had his hand grasped on the golden door handle. With a turn, the door opened, and a room filed with the greatest and darkest treasures of Neopia lay out before him.

     Like a kid in a candy store he walked through the isles of waist-high shelves packed with dark wonders. He continued his patrol through the room, and at last found what he had come to take from Fyora. The item in question was encased in a giant steel vault that weighed too much for Krawnor to remove by himself.

     “The vault will stay, you will go,” Krawnor said quietly with a smirk. “You’re too precious to leave here all because of a box of thick steel.”

     About twelve minutes passed and Krawnor had breached the vault’s door using the same acid as he had used to enter the building in the first place. He reached into the vault with both hands and scooped out the object of his desires.

     The object he had gone to all this trouble for.

     A voice sounded behind the Lutari, causing him to jump. “Ah, well, hello there,” Of all the voices in Neopia, this voice was different - it was Fyora the Faerie Queen. “What would you be up to in here?”

     Krawnor grinned evilly and replied, “Faerie, sadly you are too late; I have completed my goal and now I must bid you farewell.”

     Fyora glared at him from across the room. “Now that you have a specific item of great power, I mustn’t let you leave. My apologies.”

     Krawnor reached into his backpack and produced three objects, and five seconds later, all were flying in Fyora’s direction. “Oh, but I insist!”

     With a flick of her finger the objects stopped in mid air and hovered before her face. “You try to harm me with books, you fool?”

     “Read, Faerie, and you too shall understand...”

     Fyora’s gaze fell upon the books and she gasped. The first book was filled with maps of the Hidden Tower and all its secrets; the second book was a list of faeries’ weaknesses. The third, however, was entitled ‘The Darkness Scarab.’ “Y-you..”

     “Me,” Krawnor said with a grin, and then proceeded to lift the darkness scarab up and aim it at her. “And now, Faerie, you get the honour of witnessing the birth of the greatest Neopian Villain, ever.”

     The queen gasped and stepped forward. “You fool, you have no idea the evil inside of that object - it seeks to destroy, not create!”

     “That’s not what this book says,” Krawnor held the scarab in one hand and reached into his backpack with the other. He pulled out yet another book, entitled ‘Faerie Diary.’ “This book, written by one of your kind, tells me otherwise.” He dropped the book and grabbed the Scarab with both hands, and it began to pulse with un-natural energy.

     “No,” Fyora yelled out. “The book is a lie; it was written by a dark faerie as a trap, so that you’d come for it! You fool, you have doomed yourself over your quest for power!”

     “Liar! You are just trying to -” Krawnor was cut off mid-sentence as the scarab began to shake violently. He tried to release the object, but it had fused itself with his hands. “I... I c-can’t let g-go of it!”

     Fyora reached out and began to cast magic in an attempt to stop the scarab, but then stopped. “My magic... it’s not working on you!”

     Krawnor looked down in horror at his bracelets and necklace. The runes were glowing yellow; they were doing exactly what they were supposed to as well - they were reflecting faerie magic.

     What had once protected him was now only dooming him further.

     Krawnor’s eyes looked from the glowing inscriptions to Fyora’s face. “W-what’s happening to m-me?”

     “I’m sorry you were deceived, young Lutari.”

     The scarab stopped shaking, and then began to make hissing sounds. And to his astonishment and horror, Krawnor’s hands began turning into glass, starting at his finger tips. It spread slowly, up his wrists and past his elbows. All the while the greedy Lutari attempted to hold the object fused to his hands as far away from his face as possible. It was all in vain, as in moments, the glass-changing effect had reached his toes, and the end of his now still tail.

     A faerie flew into the room and stopped behind Fyora. “What in Neopia happened here, my Queen?”

     “A young Lutari had broken into our tower and made an attempt to steal and use the Scarab. He turned himself into glass, after being lied to about the object.”

     “Oh my.” The Faerie cringed. “Is he... dead, Fyora?”

     Fyora sighed, “No, he is still alive, but cannot move; he can hear us right now. It’s a simple binding spell, but alas, the necklace and bracelets he is wearing have a spell of their own that prevent it from reversing it.”

     “Greed got the best of him, I do suppose.” The faerie flew over to the glass encased Lutari. “Shall I remove him then?”

     Fyora looked into Krawnor's eyes, then looked at the Faerie. “No, he has now become an artefact; he has become something quite similar to what he had intended on stealing.”

     And with that said and done, the two faeries left the room.

     Krawnor still remained in the Faerie’s Hidden Tower, and still does today, what he though would give him power, instead cursed him to an eternity in a glass prison.

The End

All right! First time in the NT!

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