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Radically Insane Extreme Potato Counter Game Guide

by chaos_lives


MERIDELL - One angry Neopian said to the other: "Man, if only there was an easy way to earn a couple thousand Neopoints in less than ten minutes, I would start taking my pet to Kelp on a daily basis!"

The other frustrated Neopian replied: "Hey, cheer up already!"

Jeez, if they only knew about this guide, they wouldn't be stealing from the Money Tree on a daily basis...

Anyway, have you ever needed to make a quick 3,000 NP in order to finalize a trade, to hurry back to a shop to snag a good deal, or to win an auction with a little bit of extra cash? Well, look no further! Yes, that's right; take a minute to listen to what I have to tell you. I finally got control of my better half and decided to share this information with you, because why should I be raking in all the benefits?


With a 10:1 Neopoint ratio, the payout for playing Extreme Potato Counter is way above average when compared to most of the other games. Even though the new ratio system was implemented, the payout has seemed to remain the same, but keep checking for updates! Even if you only can survive the first round, and counting a total of ten potatoes, you will earn 100 NP. Doing that a total of three times in one day can earn you a total of 300 NP within one minute! However, if you are as greedy as I am, 300 NP does not suffice. This guide will help show you how you can earn a total of 3,000 NP from this game in ten minutes or less, so once again, drop whatever you are doing and pay close attention.

Did you just hear what I said? Perhaps some Asparagus will make your decision... easier? (:


Since the only tools needed to play this game require no purchase necessary, keep them in good shape. You do not need to place your eyes right up against the screen to successfully count the potatoes. Stay calm and focused, and the less you blink, the better off you are.


The first few rounds are rather trivial when compared to the later rounds, so take it for granted and be ready! The potatoes enter from completely random angles and directions, so stay focused. If you blink your eyes one too many times you can easily miss a potato.

Focus ALL your attention to the four sides of the screen. A potato can fly across only the corner of the screen so if you are focusing your attention to the middle, you will most likely miss it. Try to count the potatoes as soon as they enter the screen and then ignore them once they are accounted for. Did I mention to keep your focus away from the center of the screen?

BEWARE of the hidden potatoes! There are two ways that this can happen. Case 1: A smaller potato can be hidden behind a larger potato. If they are moving the exact same speed and in the same direction, then today is simply not your day...

*thwomp* RELAX... take a deep breath... and repeat this sentence to yourself ten times. ‘No matter how many potatoes I see spinning around my head, their eyes cannot deceive me.’ (Get it? That was my subtle little joke for those of you who are paying close attention.)

Ok, are you back in reality? Good... *phew*... that was a close one. Snargan always manages to muster up some extra neopoints somehow and now he is currently trying to design a new potato launcher. It is pretty accurate, huh? *gigglesnort*

Anyway, remember to keep an extra-keen eye on a big potato that might be overlapping a smaller one. Case 2: Keep an eye out for two potatoes moving in the same direction with very similar color structure. It may look like one potato, but on closer inspection, there in fact can be two moving side-by-side. Be sure to try and block out all other vegetables flying across the screen.

REMEMBER, this is Extreme Potato Counter, not Extreme Potato Carrot Corn Eggplant Onion Counter.

The game tends to move at a pretty quick pace. You only have fifteen seconds to guess how many potatoes you have seen once they are done flying past the screen, and the next level begins once you are ready to play.


I'd say once you get to Round 7, things really start to get hectic. Lots of objects are flying around to distract you and the potatoes are moving at a pretty rapid speed. However, if you can muster up 100+ points during the game, you have earned yourself 1,000 NP. If you are in the later rounds and completely miscount the potatoes and you are sure of it, guess. Estimate the range of potatoes for that round so you can make an educated guess as to how many you have seen. If you are shooting for the avatar, you need to achieve a higher score. There are a select few Neopians out there who have managed to make it up to the twelfth round, so it isn't impossible. It takes a little bit of practice, patience, and luck to get through the later rounds. Not wanting to stab a potato with a dull butter knife would also be to your benefit.

66.73% of the gaming population said that making sure younger siblings are not doing any math homework works best when trying to get a high score.

21.24% of the gaming population said they only score high when listening to Virtupets Themed elevator music.

12.03% of the gaming population said they love donating all their game winnings to Sloth Funds Inc. for no good reason at all.

NOTE: Dr. Sloth provided the previously stated statistics and they are most likely deemed as false, irrational remarks.

I hope you enjoyed reading my game guide as much as I enjoyed writing it. Good luck!

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