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Xweetoks on Strike

by heartswishingstars


“We must show that we are not going to stand for this!” yelled Kipper the elder Xweetok.

The other Xweetoks that were gathered in the secret meeting tree all ceased their chatter. When Kipper raised his voice, all knew it was a matter of great importance. Kipper was the oldest and wisest member on the underground Xweetok Council. He had led the Xweetoks to greatness, and all of the species relied on his good judgment in matters such as these. Kipper stood proud and tall. His silvery white fur shone brilliantly despite his old age. His eyes had seen many things, yet they never ceased to sparkle as if he were viewing the world as a baby.

In a quieter tone Kipper continued his speech. “Xweetoks are being misrepresented in Neopia, and we have allowed ourselves to be forgotten. Our population is increasing, yet it is harder for us to survive with the markets stocking for the lesser known species. In order for us to have a future, we must show we are a united force. A strike is peaceful compared to a war. We are not equipped for a battle. Nor would we win.”

Whispers swept through the masses like a gentle wind. Few have ever dared to question Kipper’s decisions; however, now there was a brash young red Xweetok named Cimora who was known to reject all ideas from the elders. She now walked forward to stand beside Kipper, ready to begin her debate. Cimora was petite compared to the others in her species. Perhaps that is why she had become rash and outspoken. She had become a daunting adversary, even though she looked fragile standing next to Kipper now.

“If the world has forgotten us, then would they miss us if we were to go on a peaceful strike? The markets are making their daily profits on other species. They would only take a small fall without our commerce. How can we hope to prove we are valuable when we simply walk away? We need to fight. They will fear us and bow down to us. Neopia will celebrate our cunning and we shall be victorious!”

Stillness fell over the thousands of Xweetoks gathered within the Tree of Secrecy. The history of the Xweetoks has never been documented in the Neopedia. However all of the Xweetoks knew that they have never once uprisen against the other species. Now in the desperation to be considered equal, the Xweetoks congregated here were unsure of which leader to follow. Kipper had never failed the populations of Xweetoks, but in the same, he has never had an issue such as this to decree over. The other members of the High Xweetok Council looked to Kipper for a retort. To their surprise, he only smiled and nodded his head towards a higher branch.

With that signal, Xwitter made his way down, with a scroll held tightly in his mouth as he swung down to the branch where Cimora and Kipper stood.

Kipper waited until Xwitter was standing beside him before he spoke again. “Cimora speaks with a passion for something we all believe in. We all wish to be equals to the rest of Neopia. However she speaks with the angry heart of somebody who has been scorned. We are not gathered here today to plot revenge. We are gathered here to find a way for our survival. We have always been peaceful. We must always remain peaceful. First we will plead to the world of Neopia, and with the facts, we cannot be ignored.”

Xwitter twitched his tail in nervousness. Though he was known throughout the community as a great writer, he was also known for being rather recluse due to his shyness. He had a rather unusual color of fur. It sparkled like a diamond, yet shone black like an obsidian dagger. His eyes were black as night. Opening the scroll he began to read the plea that would be sent to the Neopian Times.


Xweetoks are ranked number seven in popularity of all the pets. There are over eight million Xweetoks within Neopia. However they are discussing a strike. The Xweetok population feels as if it is being neglected and forgotten. They feel as if they are being poorly represented, and are debating going on a world-wide strike until they receive equal appreciation as some of the lesser species of Neopia.

To demonstrate the discrimination of one of the most popular pets, the Xweetok community has compiled several facts to show how they are being ignored in the Neopian Community.

Although Xweetoks aren’t known for their strength or agility in the Battledome, several of the species have gained impressive scores with the right training and practice. However, there are no Xweetok challengers to be found in the One Player Battledome.

Going through the seemingly endless list of avatars, it was discovered that there are no Xweetok themed secret avatars to be found anywhere. In the default list of avatars, the Xweetok is represented by only one choice. And most Xweetoks feel as if it lacks a sense of creativity that would best represent them.

Browsing through the Neopedia, zero articles about Xweetoks were found. For being in the top ten of the most popular pets in Neopia, Xweetoks find this to prove they are not adequately displayed thoughout Neopia.

The Xweetok community would also like TNT to consider creating a game involving Xweetoks. The game can show how cunning Xweetoks are, perhaps something with trees and berry hunting.

They also ask that TNT release a few more paint brushes for the Xweetoks. Several have expressed wishes to be able to be painted colors such as skunk or Halloween for the upcoming holiday.

Xweetoks want to be active and valuable members of the Neopia world. They only ask that they be represented equally as some of the other pets.


Cimora bowed her head. She understood that they were not strong enough to rise up against the entire world. Her heart ached as she admitted defeat.

Softly she spoke to the council, “Kipper and Xwitter are the true leaders of us. They will wage a peaceful strike that will save our species. Somehow they will save us.”

Kipper smiled at Cimora. “Someday your passion will lead us into greatness. There will be a day when I am not here to guide our species, and perhaps you will have the wisdom to continue in my place.”

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