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Yoyos: The Good and the Bad

by twinkies0711


There are just so many yoyos around Neopia nowadays that not even the best Neopet can tell which can and cannot be played with. However fun a yoyo might look like to you, never underestimate how dangerous a yoyo can be, whether is it by accidentally hitting your head with it when you try to do the "Around Neopia" trick or by tripping yourself when trying to "Walk the Gelert".

The top 5 yoyos neopets should never ever play with are:

5) Broken Yoyo

The name says it all. Do not think that 'broken' toys are not dangerous. Baby Pteris have been cracked by them, hungry Grarrls have been chocked by them and worst of all, Adam's computer has created them! It may appear to you that you cannot do trick with it just because of an accident, but looks are deceiving. Baby pets, beware!! Having two baby pets have taught be to always be careful with this so-called "toy". The string is everywhere, the yoyo itself is in two halves and the thing is in a mess! Paws get tangled up with the string and get stuck, making it almost impossible to ever get untangled in this mess. So, playing with this messy toy is a definite no-no for every neopet.

4) Flaming Scorchio Battle Yoyo

One word: HOT! While its description says "Show off your yoyo skills in the Battledome with this amazing flaming yoyo", who would even want to buy such a yoyo to burn their neopets with? Snow pets are screaming in pain! The word "battle" may make you think, who would even play with this? However, yoyos are meant to be played with in the first place. Beneath the cool, flaming red outer ring, what lies beneath is a killing machine! Better not play with this battle weapon turned toy, as it not only burns, but also... er... BURNS!!

3) Pant Devil Yoyo

The evil eyes would scare even Dr. Sloth! No one would even dare come close to this "innocent" looking yoyo. The blue outer coating with contrasting red evil eyes, an absolute nightmare for all. The sinister grin is definitely going to make the Plant Devil's day. Plus, it always, yes, always stares at you when you try to play with it. Who would not be scared? The laughter of the Plant Devil can also be heard when played. Beware!

Recommended: Not to be played with neopets younger than four months old.

2) Glowing Yoyo

It is pretty obvious: Do NOT touch! Like any toy, "glowing" toys are unsuitable for any pets at all! Glowing pets may feel insulted, but Dr Sloth may attack through them! Beware! Pets who play with it have to wash their glowing hands with soap for days! Why do you think there is the creation of the Glowing Paint Brush?

1) Yoyo of Death

Need more explanation? Sold at the Hidden Tower, it is the most vicious toy turned weapon there is! To further convince you readers, it is sold at an extremely HIGH price to prevent too many Neopets-conquerer-wannabes from using it to do a far ranged attack to poke other innocent neopets' eyes. Want to try it? Why do you think Punchbag Bob is what he is now? Toys are toys, and this is the most obvious no-no there is! The so-called "attractive" appearance of the two bones that overlap each other shouts "Death" everywhere. Although it may seem nice to be played with, with the long never-ending strings and the cool blue coat it is painted with, it is just a scheme to pull neopets to play with the expensive yet dangerous weapon!

However, there are also great yoyos that everyone would just die to have! Ranging from the cute, adorable ones to be hard-to-get, cool yoyos! Not only do yoyos serve as toys nowadays, but also eye-candy!

The top 5 yoyos that should be always by your neopets' side are:

5) Fyora Yoyo

A yoyo that celebrates the presence of the Faerie Queen herself! Always remember, the more you play with it, the better chances of getting blessed with a great ability when you open a bottled faerie! Look at the pretty purple paint! *grins* Fyora looks so real and beautiful on it too!

4) Acorn Yoyo

What a great yoyo! Not only can you do great and wonderful tricks with it, but you can also remind yourself to buy some delicious real acorns to eat every time you mistake it to be one! But it is always wise not to put them in front of Skeiths or Grarrls or your yoyo will be another member of the BYOF -- Broken Yoyos Of Neopia.

Note: Do not chew when you put it in your mouth.

3) Cuddly Yoyo

Look at the kawaii (japanese for cuuutttteeee!!) yoyo! Do tricks with it, but just do not, I repeat, DO NOT let your pet Gelert see it! Everyone would fall in love with this small and portable yoyo that is just so adorable! The cushioned sides make it pet-safe, making it a must-have for every neopet owner! Also, just look at the cute shiny eyes!!!!!!

2) Smiley Yoyo

Doesn't it just brighten up everyone's day? The picture itself is able to make many Neopians rush into the Toy Shop just to get one for their neopets! Furthermore, the long strings, the comfortable hole for the finger and the bright and cheerful colours make it worthwhile to buy this Smiley Yoyo, don't you think?

1) Yoyo

A must-buy!!!!!The most traditional Yoyo must be bought waaayyyyy before every other yoyo, as it teaches the Neopets the most fundamental skills for playing with a yoyo. The red is a striking yet basic colour, making the yoyo attractive, yet not dull at all. There is plenty of string, so do not worry about the yoyo being too short.

So now that you know all about the good, and the not so good, types of yoyos, quickly rush to the Toy Shop to buy one for your pet today! (As long as you do not buy the first 5!)

Hope this article make you slightly more interested in yoyos as me! =D

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